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The Secrets of the Pinafore--Contest Even Newer and Improved(er)!!

I have gotten a two fabo additions to this story!! I guess it would be hard to pick up a story where someone else left off, trying to mirror the vision, but I still know I will get some awesome stuff, so I will leave the contest in tact, I'll even extendz it fer ya (thru Aug 15Th).

But Monday I will add another option that won't take too much of your time and hopefully will be much, much funner. And there will be TWO prizes. Still the same two (cat and Mermaid, but TRY to act sooper, sooper excited!!) The bigger Mermaid picture for the Pinafore story and the smaller but awesome HD cat in eye popping 3D. (which Georgina and Blase have already laid claim to) for the next phase of the Seductress writing contest extravaganza!!!

I'll give you a clue on the next's all about idioms..

So start making some up like:

.... a pathological liar with a medical journal, calling in for a sick day.

I didn't have an ending in mind when I wrote the first part of this story for you. I tried to leave it open for anything to happen. This is what I came up with last night.

So now,without further Adooooo,, please enjoy:

The Secrets of the Pinafore
(skip down to the new part if'n ya wanna)

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She was a small framed, but feisty addition to a world that laughed at her imagination and called her weird, but sometimes they called Emma quirky, she liked being called quirky.

Always finding ways to make her long brown hair fly in the wind, even when it stopped blowing one day, was certainly a wondrous task. No one believed she could see colors that never would exist in a crayon box or that she heard musical notes everyone else would refuse dancing along with, no one, but her grandma Rose.

Her grandma showered her with compassion and allowed her imagination to bloom and flourish off each precious page of life, as hers had always done, weaving tale after tale into the memory of her greatest doe eyed fan.

When her hero had grown ill and was put in a nursing home, Emma stopped skipping through each day. She visited often, sitting only a breath away, to hear every last drop of her grandma Rose's tea party fantasies and the daring battle adventures that even stinky boys weren't strong or brave enough to take on.

On her last day on this earth, her grandma gave her a clumsily wrapped present and shared her best kept secret. In the sweet words of her final sentence, and the passing of her last labored breaths, a magical gift had been passed down to another generation.

"Life has pockets of reality that help you along the way, making dreams come true. But for the special ones like us Emma, the secrets of fantasy can take on a life of their own. Some of these secrets are never shared, but you'll find all of mine, that I now pass to you, in the tree by the stream, on the blue side of the sky."

While wearing the little gift she was given, a blue pinafore with pockets galore, Emma dashed down to the stream, trying to hold back tears, and find the tree her grandma had told her about. Many dark, heavily branched giants towered over the banks of the stream. From every angle she tried, there was just one, on the East side, that she could see the shimmering water running past through the branches, surrounding the tree with the palest of sky blues.

"This must be it" she whispered, "the blue side of the sky".

She wondered how she would get "in" the tree. As she walked over and inspected the tree's huge roots, bursting of history and growth, she noticed an opening, covered with ivy, begging to be entered. After shimmying in, she looked up to a stunning view of seemingly never ending spiral stairs, enrobed in sparkle and indescribable color hues. It was bright, airy and magical in every way, beckoning for a loss of reality and the explosive fantasies of an inventive child.

This tree could transport a willing spirit anywhere it would allow itself to be taken. There were many places in her mind, Emma had only vaguely dreamt of, and now, she would experience them in Technicolor. Smells, sounds and tastes, all swirling around, ready to be stolen for a memory.

Tree Castle Pictures, Images and Photos

Odd little friends were hidden around each turn, for once, her quirkiness would be celebrated. The images and life lessons from the tree, would become fairy tales and legend, for future little dreamers. Many would be passed on again, to a lucky few, to be experienced as their own childhood realities.

And there was more, the pockets of the blue pinafore carried yet another of her grandmothers secrets. Anything she could ever need, long for, or just dream up in her already fantastical world, could be found in the magical pouches of her frock. Just place your hand in and close your eyes to wish, seconds later the item would materialize as a brightly colored, perfectly developed gift for each task at hand or outlandish whim.

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Emma looked up and noticed some bustling in the tree, amazingly there were quarters and residences on each level, but for what? For whom?

She decided to close her eyes and reach in a pocket to pull out a microphone. It came out pink and sparkly with a seemingly never ending jeweled cord, no need to wish for speakers apparently, because as she spoke into it, the tree shook a bit and the inhabitants all gasped.

“Uh, I’m kinda new here, and I don’t know any of you, I would like to meet you, if that’s OK".

"Grandma Rose sent me.”

The voices above rang out muddled and all strung together; she could only recognize a few sentences.

...Who is she?.. What is she?.. She’s ugly; I’ll say that, just hideously disfigured!!

Collective gasps grew from up above.

..."We don’t talk like that!" a strongly voiced reminder rang out.

... "Well, we should, I say!! Hmmpf!!..." griped the offending party.

Emma heard quick foot steps and a door slamming, the rest of the voices continued.

...We love Rose, what did you do with her?.. Did you step on her heart?.. We don’t like heart steppers here!!...

Whispers flew around in the air causing a slight breeze in the tree.

“She passed” Emma said solemnly.

...What is this "PASSING"??!!.. Was it a race?.. She was in a race and YOU won? You’re gangly you know, how ever did YOU win?.. Maybe she stepped on her heart FIRST!!.. Or her cape, are you a cape stepper? We don't like cape steppers here!!!...

“No, I mean she PASSED AWAY, listen, I can’t answer all of these questions at once, it’s too much, I’m gonna leave for now.”

Another voice rang down, a calmed one, Emma saw two purple striped legs dangling from one of the lofts and turned to listen.

"Rose is gone everyone. Humans fade after they share all of the brightest light in their hearts, that’s why some live longer than others, like our Rose.”

...Oh we loved Rose!.. We did.. We did.. She was special, reallllly special... And thicker than THIS one, I say,, just thicker...

The striped legs stuck straight out and darted off the edge, down to Emma, startling her.

The creature was all hair and wobble bits, but Emma recognized her somehow, she was from grandma’s childhood drawings, it was a beloved friend named Jazz.

“I know you!!! You’re Jazz aren’t you???” Emma queried hopefully.

I AM, and YOU smell like cotton candy, pink cotton candy, have you been eating cotton candy?"

"Hmmmm, have you?? It smells piii-ink!!”

All the spectators rambled in once more.

...We LOVE cotton candy!!! Love, love, love cotton candy, it melts, right there in your head, it melts!!...

The lofted residents all now celebrated their sugary sweet memories.

<span class=

“No, I haven’t” Emma giggled out loud at the thought, “But I CAN get us some!!”

"Emma has the Pinafore, Oh goody!! Emma has the Pinafore!!"

Jazz was busy dancing when she next proclaimed, "Cotton candy for EV-ER-Y-ONE!!!!!!"

Emma spotted many monstery things, waddling out to the edges, hundreds of unique faces, all shapes and sizes, every one now raining down millions of drops of drool on her head.

“Yes, we all look different here" Jazz mentioned catching on to Emma's puzzled demeanor.

"No two the same, ‘cept you, you look like Mute.. MUTE!!! COME OUT HERE!!” Jazz screamed.

Mute appeared from a shadow, looking NOTHING like Emma, except, he had one brown ponytail.

"HI!!!!! I’M MUTE!!!"


The tree rattled with the strength of his voice and an agitated "shushing" from the others.

I am vocally enhanced” Mute leaned in, trying to whisper daintily.

“Thank you MR. AMPLIFICATION!!” Jazz interrupted.

"See, he looks JUST like you Emma!!”

Emma gave a doubting expression, “Because of the pony tail??”

“Yep, dead look alike”

...Ooooh,, yes it is, yest it is,, she looks just like Mute, poor dear, thicker though, she's much, much thicker...

Cotton candyyyy” Jazz reminded, tapping a tiny clear shoe.

...Yes, yes, cotton candy, we love cotton candy, it melts you know!! That it does, melts right there in your head!! I love cotton candy head melting!!...

"Pii-ink??!!" Jazz strongly suggested.

Emma pulled out cone after cone of yes, "pink" cotton candy, from her pockets and tossed them into the air to be greeted with unrestrained screams of laughter and clapping.

<span class=

She grabbed a tiny heart button on her Pinafore placket and closed her eyes.

“Thank you, Grandma. I’m going to be just fine here.

The End
(for now)

5 Seducing Deductions:

Kal said...

Damn girl, you got some talents with the written word. You should be writing children's book or private pornography for me. Just don't mix them up.

Heff said...

Yes, Porn please, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well I had the winner.... and poof lost the pages!!!!

I would have tried to re do it but it would lose some of the sting....

and those peps dont have claim to anything...

Powdered Toast Man said...

You have some wild imagination. I loved it because it had capes in it. Idk what a Pinafore is though.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Kal-laughing-yes that would be a shocking mix up!!

Heff- you too eh?? ;}

Sir-I hope you do retry it!!

PTM- Capes are coooool!! A pinafore is a girly apron type covering that goes over a dress, a old timey Little House on the Prairie thing. It;s not normally as cool as a cape unless it's magic like this one..:)

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