Monday, December 27, 2010

Last post...for a while.... I will miss you!!

Last post for a while folks. You can email if you would like Having to shut things down here and not sure where the wind will blow. I will try and get in to the Library to check on all of my blog family.. I love all of you for the laughs and support!! Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Behold, I give you: The Circus Peanut

I would like to bring up a very important and socially relevant issue: Circus Peanuts. Now I know some of you are shaking your heads and questioning the logic behind a Circus Peanut being important or relevant in any conversation, but just hear me out. We give Circus Peanuts no consideration in the candy aisle. Many of you don’t even notice the fresh bag of peanuts you are passing buy at Walgreen’s and the crystallized sugar tears the Circus Peanut manufacturers shed due to the lack of patronage given to their pride and joy candy product. I feel it necessary to give you some things to think about the next time you shrug off this delectable confection made from the syrup of the heavens. And since it is the holiday season, think of the joy you will bring to your loved ones with a stocking full of Circus Peanuts!!

Let’s start our thesis with a look at the product’s name- CIRCUS PEANUT.

The name alone screams:

!! H A P P Y !!

I mean who is NOT happy at the Circus? (Except maybe the elephants, but they do look pretty contented when they are mowing over their abusers on a terrifying rampage!) And yes, maybe there is a clown or two whose face is PAINTED sad, but I am sure they are ALL smiling on the inside!! I know, I know, SOME kids are frightened of The Worlds Fattest Bearded Woman (with lobster claw hands), especially when she is married to The Worlds Shortest Man (who also is tattooed to look like an alien), but those people are happily in love and isn’t this more of a poor social acceptance issue, rather than a “I hate the circus” point?

Everybody loves a freaking circus!

And speaking of names, for the Circus Peanut to actually be named out of shape alone and NOT ingredient, well, that took a lot of kerbangers I’d say! There is nary a peanut product in a “Circus Peanut” but their trademark shape takes up the slack and fulfils any assumed name requirements.

I have never heard anyone complain about the lack of peanut product in a Circus Peanut and yes, children deathly allergic of peanuts can consume this product freely and feel normal for just a brief moment in time by saying:

“I am eating a PEANUT and NOT dieing or puffy!!”

(I need a minute here, this is a very emotional thing the Circus Peanut has done!)

What other product can do THAT???

Circus Peanuts also NEVER spoil, they crystallize, so if you are not storing pounds of them in your hurricane/bomb shelter, than you are missing out on the sustenance worthy of kings and queens and can eat beans for all I care, yes, the ones with the fake hot dog slices.

As an added bonus, if you ever wanted to sleep upon a therapeutic mattress but don’t have the financial ability to purchase one, Circus Peanuts make a lovely bedding alternative! They are the same exact consistency as memory foam and release a bonus whiff of sweet, sweet air with every usage. Also, to those of you who have ever had a strange dream and woke up in disgust chewing on your pillow, this would never be a problem with a Circus Peanut Pillow:

The outcome is ALWAYS sweet!!

I know I have given you a lot to think about and process, I would like to thank you for your time.

I sincerely hope that I have opened your eyes to a new world of true confectionery bliss.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The pursuit of happiness dating Supeheroes! (stealing their powers, to rule the world! The WORLD I SAY!!! (and a little for Superhero sex)

My Superhero self

After the first somewhat failed attempt at dating only Superheroes, (to steal their powers and take over the world... and also a little to get laid by a Superhero et. all), and since the above picture represents me as a Superhero, I decided I needed to take a more educated look at my next victims lucky pursuers and possibly get an expert.

To do this I did research on a few clairvoyant Superheroes that might be willing to work with me on this project.

I sent out a cry for help, my emergency signal to the world, a beacon of light which could be seen from millions of miles away!

It looked like this:

Yes, I thought it would be a little sexier too, or maybe even a Green Olive with fabulous sparkles, a green Jello cup would have been nice too, but this really goes to show ya, you really have to watch what signals you are sending the world!!

Rupaul came as quickly as a baby comet on acid! I was a little confused too, but I do think maybe he COULD have superpowers because he does look better in spandex than a lot of women do. But,, I was swiftly corrected, the Superhero I was ACTUALLY dealing with, was:


snowbird marvel Pictures, Images and Photos

Not to be confused with:

Weird right?

Anyways, I quickly apologized for my lack of couth in the mix-up and Snowbird took me back into her flock (as well as under her large masculine, surprisingly downy wings).

This was our conversation:

IS- Firstly, thank you very much for coming to my rescue!

SB- Will there actually BE any Circus Peanuts in this transaction or was that just a ploy to facilitate your sexual needs Seductress?

(awkward silence)

IS- I have the Circus Peanuts you are inquiring about Snowbird, I do not wish to mislead you, I felt that your clairvoyant skills and abilities to see the future might aid me in finding a suitable Superhero companion. On the last attempt I foolishly invited The Tick.

(Snowbird begins laughing)

SB- How'd that work out for you?

- The visit was somewhat fruitless. Although, The Tick DID deliver a very nice spoon bath, he is not much for marketable Superpowers OR intelligence.

SB- Did you evaluate his, uh, MALE MORTAL attributes as well?

IS- I did not.

(another awkward silence is interrupted by Snowbird's "Tick Member Measurement" demonstration using her wide outspread arms and many winks)

IS- REALLY????? Well, I'm Gobsmacked!!!!

- Well I did not come here to make you regret your lack of knowledge on the size or girth of a Superhero's member, what is it you need me to do for you EXACTLY?

Snowbird adjusts herself, and I am confused again, but must move on...

IS- (ahem) Snowbird, I thought you could use your clairvoyant skills to locate a few suitable Superheroes for me based on what you see in my future.

SB- A loser's dating game? A Catlady's LAST chance for mortal mating? A game of Old Maid.....

IS- I DON'T have any cats Snowbird!!!! This is just a PREPARED woman, making plans to take over the world!!!

(My theme music plays in the background, perfectly choreographed with the crackling of lightening strikes shooting from my now angered fingers, or,, at least that's how I remember it and you should really visualize it that way to experience the most enjoyment from this post)

SB- Dear sweet Spinster, Seductress....

IS- I have CHILDREN SnowBird, a spinster DOES not! They do not have children, which I DO and NO cats, may I remind you, I have NO cats!

SB- Whoa,,, CALM DOWN, INVIZZY!!! I see it now,,, You REALLY need to get laid!!!

- (cough)....Yes, and by a Superhero, it's the only way to separate them from their powers, can you help??

SB- I can. I will gather 3 Superheroes possibly worthy of de-cob-webbing your woman-lair, and we will have a meet and greet. Yes. This is promising!! A Superhero dating game of sorts, with me as the host, most DELICIOUS!!!

IS- AWESOME!! {{{whispers}}}...perhaps maybe the Tick could come back for another go, due to new pertinent information about his Superhuman capabilities and an openness to giving love a second chance??

(Snowbird starts laughing again)

SB- Dear, The Tick has been rocking back and forth in his jammies since the last time he met you, it IS true that he is endowed VERY nicely, it just scares him every time it, uh, makes an uprising, your blue heaving chest and lighted nipples were just too much for him!

IS- Oh, I see, but, maybe, I coul....

SB- NO! I will present you with your Superhero suitors soon. Whiten that smile, shave those legs, and start this extensive Kegal work-out dear! I will drop off my thigh master in a few days as well. Even though she is a mere mortal, EVERY Superhero STILL loves Suzanne Somer's Thighs!!

IS- Oh my, who knew???

Snowbird hands me a booklet with extensive Kegal workout instructions to build my sexual strength, and Kama Sutra: The Superhero Edition.

<span class=

She then flies off, carrying a bulk sized bag of Circus Peanuts as advance payment for services to be rendered.

I sit now in the dark, rocking, and contemplating The Tick's Male Mortal Attributes for a few more hours. be continued

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The year was 1902. It was the last time I would have sex with a mere mortal.

**Names, dates, positions, orgasms, color, smell, sounds, locations and fruit are all fictitious. Any resemblance to actual characters is purely coincidental and BTW, it probably was NOT you, no, no it COULD have been YOU there in the blue spandex, YES YOU, THAT'S A NICE POWER PACK!!! But it was certainly NOT YOU there wearing the khakis and sandals! **

I decided at that last mundane sexual rendezvous in 1902 to pursue a different type of man, a man with the strength of 100 steaming locomotives, a man that can leap over tall buildings with a single bound, or just buy me green olives and mascara.

I will, from this time on, ONLY date Superheroes!

And I would capture their superpowers for my own usage.

This journal outlines the pros and cons of dating men with super human powers versus the average Joe (excluding GI Joe of course). I donned my own superhero garb (sparkles and leather) and "The Invisible Seductress" is now a comic book world reality.

The first hero I pursued was:

Here is his BIO:

The Tick seems to have no memory of his life before being The Tick, and indeed not much memory of anything; possibly due to frequent head injuries. In the original comic series, The Tick is apparently legally insane, having escaped from a mental institution located not too far from The City. He is well-intentioned, friendly, good-natured, high-spirited, frequently obtuse, and prone to quipping odd, dim remarks and "inspirational" speeches filled with bizarre metaphors. The Tick is known for his nonsensical battle cry, "SPOOOOOOOON!" which he decided upon one day while eating breakfast (specifically, the cereal Drama Flakes).

The Tick's superpowers are nigh-invulnerability, which allows him to crash and bang about without injury (though not necessarily without pain), super strength, and something referred to as "Drama power," or basically a tendency for The Tick's powers to increase as the situation becomes more dramatic. One of his only weaknesses is that he cannot keep his balance if his antennae are removed.

On date night, we decided that we should meet in an alley because Tick felt I should see him in his "natural" surroundings, being a hero.

This is our first meeting:

IS: Well Tick it is defin....


IS: That was one of my favorite episodes, I love your battle cr.....


I flash the Tick to catch his attention, I have painted my boobs blue to attract him to me even further, part of my diabolical plan to capture his super powers, taking them for my own.


IS: Yes, you like BOOOOOOOBS, don't you Tick? Will you be changing your battle cry now?


The tick shakes his head an looks down at his suave blue uni-tard to a rising matter of importance.

Tick: Arthur really needs to see THEEEESE, you may just be holding the secret to my everlasting-strength, My suit feels tighter around you, {{{{{{{{ARTHUR}}}}}}}}} Please come and see the secret to wielding my power stick!

Arthur flies down and stops dead in his tracks staring directly at my blue heaving chest, no one should EVER stare directly at my blue heaving chest!

IS: Good evening Arthur, I know you are the brains behind this operation, I have been waiting to meet you. Perhaps we should talk under a BRIGHT light. I have something to offer you.

Arthur: Uh, Tick, did you check this girl out? I am beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Tick: She was on the dating site I frequent: Single Women Pursuing World Domination. It said she was a Sag with vivacious plans to rein supreme over evil and idiotic men, she loves puppies and dancing in the rain and, and, and......She has a SPOOOOON collection Arthur!!!!


<span class=

IS: Arthur,,,, look at the lights....Looooooook!

I turn my nipple lights on to the brightest setting, reeling Arthur in, they flash in unison to the song "Hero" by Nickelback.

Arthur: Oh, I- I- I- like boooooobies, but,,, Not in the face!! Not in the Face!!!

The two are now under the trance of The Invisible Seductress, I toy with their
antennae to further lure them to my lair.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

After I have my way, I sprinkle them with the sparkles of contentment (which, by the way are aqua colored and just fabulous with dark blue eyeshadow!)

And then I send them out into the harsh night, none the wiser.

Now that I have captured the super powers of The Tick and Arthur, I do a quick check of my new strengths and deduce that next time, if I want to rule the world, I shall have to commandeer the superpowers of greater "heroes".

I start my research and stake-out watching a hero no doubt worthy of my attention:

Mister Fantastic!!

Mister Fantastic

Please enjoy this bonus video from The Tick:

I HOPE NOT!!! THAT'S WHERE I KEEP ALL MY STUFF!!!!!! (best line ever!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

May I spoon some applesauce off your wife's orthopedic walking shoe?

Yes, that is ACTUALLY the title of today's post!!

I have noticed something lately. I have not been clumsy in the last few months! This is a real breakthrough as usually I am walking into walls and using large glass jars filled with miscellaneous items as offerings to the cold W-mart concrete floor. I'm the girl that drops something and then as I try to pick it up, I kick it 3 feet ahead of me. Usually there are an average of three kicks and much spawn laughter until I sigh and say "Just get it, OK?!! Unless you would enjoy an extremely long stroll home, Mrs. Makesfunofmom!! (this is her Indian name)!!"

Well to me, going to the store at Christmas time is torture. Once I am in their however, I tend to roam aimlessly and scream "Oooooh,, shiny thing!!" because I was a crow in my former life. Being poor exasperates this as I know: I can haz no shiny things... (this is where you and I pout together and then you throw me a green olive from a few feet away and we celebrate that I caught it in my mouth as I did a triple back flip and an arabesque because, lucky for you, I wore my bedazzled Tu-Tu today!)

The girls want to buy things for their friends for Christmas, which I understand, but having no funds to back this up I have to get creative with my thinking and rope them into lesser items.

"So, how many friends are we talking about, DramaGirl?"

"Let me count" (insert Jeopardy theme)

Her eyes glaze over as her head tilts back and she goes into a trance where only her fingers and lips are moving. I stare at her feeling defeated every time a finger gets pointed and quickly calculated into the figure.

"17, and,,,,, maybe a FEW boys."

"There will be NO BOY GIFTING,,,UNLESS he is offering me cattle for your hand in marriage!"

(you see, I have figured out that my humor DOES have an audience, but it is normally NOT my children, yet still I expose them to it, because they are my only captive audience..)

"Huh? Cattle? What's wrong with you, mom?"

(these are the after-effects of "unqualified captive audience" humor, as you can see it's not very gratifying for me.)

"Never mind!"

(I now do the ceremonial plane trip with fingers over her head)

"How about you MsDebate?"


"Really? How did it just so happen that you have the SAME amount of close friends? Will I be getting any cattle with THIS transaction?"

(awkward silence as I hope the eldest would pick up on my humor attempt)

"I don't even know what you are talking about right now mom,,, seriously?!?!"

"Can we make them something?" I say in an attempt at being frugal.

(The following statement was said with heaping amount of disdain)

"Like a CRAFT????"

( I was not aware that this option had been officially rated "L" for --L-A-M-E--- by the pre-teen association of America, but it is! You may want to notate this if you have pre-teens!)

I smile, and once again insert undetected humor with a large amount of fake enthusiasm.

"YES, toilet paper cozies with pink yarn pom-pom's!!!!!!!"

"AGAIN, I don't even know what you are talking about, mom".

"Maybe food???"

MsDebate looks at me sweetly, as she touches my arm in a condescending way and says:

"If it will be burned, like normal, then NO...."

"NO mom!!!!" Squeals DramaGirl, in her typical over reactive manner.

"I won't burn it..." I say defeated as I stand wishing I would have eaten my young at birth.

Both children perk up to the thought of making food and eating the damaged food specimens. I perk up to eating copious amounts of raw cookie dough with no regard to my safety, thinking salmonella is also a fun word to say!

Food is always good, have you ever had anyone turn down a plate of cookies? I mean Fruitcake maybe, but not cookies or candies..

So the plan is set into motion.

"But Seductress", you ask while caressing my blog page: "I thought this post was about being clumsy" you say, curious of my lack of post continuity, and as you continue,,, YOU MOCK ME BY SAYING:

"I don't even know what you are talking about right now, Seductress!"


Here ya go....

Before I leave the store, I drop a jumbo sized jar of applesauce. It falls directly on its bottom, spewing forth a 360 degree volcano strength eruption. The 150 snowbirds in the aisle buying dried prunes and sugared dates have now been christened with applesauce from their shins downward. Here is a basic chart of their unhappiness, cleverly drawn in the form of an apple:

My children quickly walk away from me, the pool of sacrificial applesauce and the jaded Snowbirds. I smile and do that cute little "sorry" finger wave as "CLEAN UP AISLE 12" blares over the sound system, interrupting the jovial Christmas tunes.

Now....Off to buy supplies to make you Toilet Paper cozies with pink yarn pom-pom's!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some people get (ahem) frisky on chilly winter days!! (Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGERY included)

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

The image “$icons/calvins-snowmen.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

So I turned on my TV and we were having a severe weather warning. Apparently here in Florida this is a major deal. I hope nobody panics and gets the chains out for their tires or even worse this starts a Snuggie invasion (although I do hear there are some new fashionable designs!)!!


Because I heart my men followers
I need to issue a warning them and all who love them!!

It seems that there are other more serious issues we need to focus on this winter. I had never known that one of the scary side-effects of cold weather for men is a grand case of blue chilly balls!! I want to thank my local news station for making me aware of this.

Please be empathetic to the men in your life through these freezy winter days!

(not actual size)

I really hope it's not just me who sees the BIG picture here? Because THAT would be embarrassing!!! Now, I must go giggle like a teenage girl because this has been on my TV for hours and it is still making me laugh. It's gonna be a long day!!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friends don't let friends be depressed...

Let me be the designated depressed friend.

This is Gooble

And Gooble ALWAYS looks like this.

He is a character from Yo Gabba, Gabba and every time he comes on the show DJ Lance who looks like this:

..... has to explain to the other characters, who look like this:

..... why he is ALWAYS sad and no fun to be around. He goes on to explain that we need to accept our friends for what they are and still love them. The only other one who ever gets sad and fittish on a regular basis is Brobee:

I understand why Brobee is sad, the opening theme song says nice things about each character UNTIL it gets to Brobee. And it introduces Brobee in a whiny tone as: "The little green one". That's not much of an identity to feverishly cling onto. But still he trollops along and almost never bites or hits like a good role model.

I have friends that are down, I know the world seems dim to a lot of people (especially during the holidays) and I hate to see that. And look around and pay attention, it's easy to spot. I try to lift everyone around me up because for some strange reason even though I am petrified of my future, I feel useless if I am not positive. So I am a listener an empathetic non-judgmental ear for any who needs it. I don't share my reality with people like I do here. Possibly because I don't like seeing people's eyes shift into sad and worrisome. I will keep my mouth shut and just deal with each blow as it comes. Some how I am still standing, at night I collapse into tears and re-energize for the next day full of hope.

I would much rather you lust over me and my sparkles and perfectly applied mascara or have milk coming out of your nose because I am so danged funny (I am, what???? I don't remember ASKING you if you thought I was funny, I am stating facts and you are being hurtful....Timeout...1 minute for every year of your age! Hmmpf---but then come back and read the rest).

So now I am asking you to let me be your designated depressed friend. E-mail me if you need to talk, anonymously, or otherwise. If you feel alone. If the night stays dark too long. If it seems no one is REALLY listening, I will. I may not have solution. I can't financially bolster anyone. And it's not a physical hug that I can offer (sadly). But I can support you and tell you bad jokes. It may be all I have to offer but believe me, if you don't have that, you will be surprised at how much better it feels just talking about things with someone who cares.

A few months ago I started another blog: Here

The theory behind it was for people to have an outlet for unbiased opinion of their situations. They could email me anonymously and I would re-create their problem/question in the form of a short story and open the comments to respectful advice and support NOT BASHING (I would moderate). I am hoping to have some followers there so that I can selfishly feel like I am doing SOMETHING to help people and not feel like a slub. So yes, selfishly I need help too. Not being able to outreach and help others like I want is one of the hardest things for me.

I don't know where I will be in a few weeks, a lot has to change, but I will always take what my followers/friends have given freely to me here in blogland and be better because of it.

And for that, I thank you!

And now for a word from our sponsor:

Finally the carrots get tummy love!!! So yummy, so yummy!!

They show this clip to the patients of Celebrity Rehab to shock them into understanding food is NOT supposed to sing with you. So far it has not been successful as the patients realized hallucinations are freaking fun!! I'm having one now about a fresh green olive... Oh you Sexy alcoholic fruit beast you!! grrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Well Shave me and slap a MUPPET! (sexy repost I took down because I thought it was too sexy once, but now I'm a skank, sooo)

I got the newest edition of Cosmopolitan. Now I know that I am not the demographic they are reaching out for (example demographic provided below):

Polly Poodle -Law Student-26-from Chicago

So me tearing the mag apart really is not gonna hurt anybodies feelings.

I usually buy the read for the make-up tips and such and not so much because of the:


But whatever
...(whispers I know 102!)

This particular issue was "The SEXY Issue" and I knew I would be inside, so purchasing it was a no brainer. But ALAS ,,,, they failed to include me,,,, this oversight shocked me,,,, their sales would have skyrocketed,,,, but then I figured it out,,,, they are going for the understated beauty,,,, I would have been too obvious a choice,,,, I have forgiven them,,,, you should too.

Things you have to look forward to in this issue:

**The 7 BEST orgasm tricks!!!**

Which includes valuable information such as:

Chant a phrase during....... because it helps you mentally focus...

I prefer "ME-ME-ME-ME-ME-OOOOH-ME!!!!" because I am the only one there.

(quick fact-70% of men believe their woman never fake---51% do FAKE....hmmmmm)

**100 LOVE QUESTIONS....answered in 20-words or less....
Because no problem could ever be more than a two liner convo....duh...

(quick fact- One third of 20-26 year old men have sent x-rated photos
of them self via cell- Ok.....geesh..the pipe pics I got were all from men well over that age--this may be a problem guys.... it's not you.. it's me????... hmmmm)

**When you have a SEX GLITCH ......... (how to)....fix it fast....

Which includes such beauties as:

If your vibrator is out of batteries---use the base of your electric toothbrush!!

I can't even tell you what went through my head here..

......Are you KIDDING me??? Minty freshness is a perk though!!!

(quick fact- Apparently there IS an APP FOR THAT!!!....... MyVibe app on iphone...WTF???? Who Knew you could have sex with your cell phone!! ? Mine just receives pipe pics)

But something caught my eye...

It really does not take much to catch my eye,, I am like a crow... Ooooooh shiny...
.................I like SHINY THINGS!!!

It read:

(without bursting into tears)

And if you look through the mag they have even generously included this:

Artist's depiction


Here are the instructions:

Punch out the shape you desire......
( I punched out "heart" for instructional and demonstration purposes and because I heart you!!)

Place it on your nethers,,, trace it with eyeliner,,, pull skin taut,,, and groom......

!!!!!!! G E N I U S !!!!!!!

I can not imagine anyone opening this magazine and being stoked to find stencils to aid in their netherland grooming needs. How would that go down?

flip,, flip,, flip,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gasp,,, looks around:


I can TOTALLY rock a heart nether patch now!!! I have NEVER been able to draw a HEART on my own!!!!!"


Seriously,, if you having trouble with BASIC shape recognition and your artistic boundaries are being crossed while grooming,,, perhaps you should get one of these:

6.00 Pictures, Images and Photos

And do not hold razors.........

But the Coz's descriptions of each bikini line shape REALLY made me laugh!!!

Triangle- The ANYTIME classic----perfect beginner pattern for waxing virgins..

Thank God...Because the waxing virgins of the world all failed Kindergarten and were suffering with inferior knows

Sweetheart- Say I LOVE YOU "COSMO" style

......I heart heart shaped Nethers!!

Landing Strip- (And sadly, I quote) "It is a change your sex life kind of look.. He will play pilot all night!!"

Does this explanation ONLY creep ME out... Here comes the plane....

fbbbbffftt (spit engine noises)........ here comes the plane.....

...Open up!!!!!

my all time

personal flavorite



This Way for fun- (an arrow).... To start a game of naughty GPS..


(insert B rated porn flick music here)

If you need an arrow,,, I have nothing to say to you that you will comprehend.

If you want it to look like you have "Ang's" head from Avatar between your legs...

This WOULD be the shape for you!!!

Ang you go and have a good time!!!

(Get it??? I said Ang instead of AND...I slay sounded funny the first time, now you're just being cruel,, stop it,, I have feelings too!!)

Sexy Teacher Pictures, Images and Photos
Blog Students

.....Go get your COSMO ***THE SEXY ISSUE** and turn to page 152....

We are going to address some of the 100 LOVE QUESTIONS---

Slammin' Seductress Style!!!


#21. I always check my husbands Facebook profile,,, weird?

Cosmo- No

IS Answer-No-BUT If his updated status reads "Recently Widowed"........Use caution.......

#68. How do I up my chances of a second date.

Cosmo-Forget there might be one..........(brilliant)

IS Answer- Walk out- wait an hour- come back--if he is still waiting...bip-bang----you are on your second date!! NO FAIL!

#38. We've been dating for quite a while but I still have not met his friends. Why not?

Cosmo - He's not thinking long term

(good answer,,, but let's be honest and blunt here)

IS Answer - He thinks you are a MOPED---his friends all have MOTORCYCLES---mopeds are fun to ride---no one wants their friends to see them on a moped---Move on..... (I should be ashamed)

#76. How do I get him to help out more?

Cosmo- Flattery. Tell him " You are SOOOOOO good at...."
*Hint-This works with Toddlers and puppies too!!!

IS Answer- Uh.... ask nicely stupid,, and do housework nakey style!

#87. I am in my 30s and single, Is it likely I will never marry?

Cosmo- Most people marry

IS Answer- MOST PEOPLE...MOST??? sniffle -- sob--- Why are you so mean to meeeeee....... snort..... sniffle..... cry.....

I gotta go..... sniffle... I hope you are happy now COSMO!!!!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

To everyone I know that is hurting and scared.

Look up to the sun and notice that it hasn't stopped shining on you. The shadows will pass you by. The warmth on your nose and shoulders is there to make you remember that you are alive. If there were no shadows, you would never notice the soft touch of each sunbeam, formed just for you.

If the stars seem hidden tonight, they are only recharging for the next battle you have to fight. They will come out shining brighter than you have ever seen, shooting through the darkness, following each whispered dream, sparkling and waving to you. Let them speak, count each one from time to time with a thankful heart. Whisper dreams to them, they will listen.

White is falling now, it seems so beautiful at first, until it doesn't stop, burying your hopes for warmth. Notice that lone sparrow, digging through the glistening mounds, he finds a seed and waddles away to enjoy it. He sings in the brutal cold, sharing a sweet celebration for that one small offering. How much stronger should your songs be, with all you have been given? Throw seeds in the snow for all that you have, hear the true songs of happiness again.

The howling winds you notice picking up in your world, came to take away the pain you feel. Hold your hands up and twirl in it like a child. Let go. Hurt, like the burnt amber leaves of fall, will float away in time. New joy will eventually bloom and fill your heart once more.

Waves crashing on the beach seem detrimental to you now. White capped and angry, welling up and crashing when you crave stillness. But always walk patiently on the shore, picking up the jewels life has left. Perfectly painted treasure box shells with the secrets of the sea hidden inside them await to capture your fascination. Rejoice for each pearl of wisdom and acceptance, created just for you to cherish. Don't step over them in hurry.

The volcano erupts in a fiery rage, a temper tantrum staged when the elements are not lined up exactly as planned. Spewing the lava that will forever change the landscape as it escapes and cools. When it finally rests, its beauty is evident and marveled over. Without the fight, it would have died out and lost its passion. The battle awakens and celebrates life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

All about hallucinations/ EAT ME!

I never was one who took drugs. Especially ones containing hallucinogens. The only drug I almost overdosed on was love. That drug IS a strong hallucinate as it causes you to see a Prince when the guy is clearly frog pee.... (see what I did there? He wasn't even good enough to BE the frog!! I slay me!! I'm here all week, try the veal!!)

But, where was I going with this you ask,
while shaking your head at my less than normal antics.

Well, I was thinking that addicts taking drugs known for causing hallucinations have issues to deal with that those of us that don't would never imagine, until now, because I am going to make you aware of one of them, because I love you, and right now, because I overdosed on rancid spiked egg-nog, I am hallucinating that I see you in your skivvy's feeding Donald Duck chocolate covered strawberries while he swims circles in my gold leafed toilet.

No really, there ya are in crotch bejeweled BVD's, or did you think the duck part was weirder? I am still not sure why Hello Kitty is humping your leg


...but you are clearly enjoying it..

....soooo anywhoo....

If you think about advertising campaigns these days, every product has been made anthropomorphic...

Join me in welcoming the official professor for The Invisible Seductress.

Professor of oddities and bad smelling pits, explain to my readers what Anthropomorphic means.

Wait, you're a calculator!
Can I get a REAL Professor up in this blogizzy?

Thank You!
Professor, the floor is yours!

Anthropomorphism is a term coined in the mid 1700s to refer to any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed or believed by some to belong only to humans) to animals or non-living things, phenomena, material states and objects or abstract concepts.

Wonderful! I think advertising for many food products have turned up anthropomorphous to appeal to children and small lap dogs.


In a hallucinating drugged state, you decide you are hungry, can you imagine the horror when these guys show up?

They start flashing you their 8 layers and your moral dilemma starts. I mean come on, you are already a drug addict and probably stole your momma's debit card to buy the cereal, but does that mean you should snuff the life out of these characters who are clearly only trying to prepare you for a vigorous day of twitching on the couch and watching Springer?


Wow, that was weird!!!

Man, now,, you are freakin' PARCHED!

Perhaps a fruity beverage?

You skip this guy because he is frighteningly sexy to you right now...
(Dude, seriously, you're Kool-aid man and your cup is empty? NOT COOL!)

Instead, you opt for something a little calmer.

Maybe a tropical Hawaiian beverage would be nice.

Great idea until...

Punchy, the Hawaiian Punch mascot,

struts in and beats the living daylights out of you!!

And then.... You start to feel woozy and a bit congested, perhaps more drugs would help, legal ones this time though, maybe you decided to change your ways after crapping pissed off pastel frosted mini-wheat characters.

This guy walks in
hands you a bottle of cough sizzurp...

Crap, Crap, Crappity, Crap!!
(not your actual words)


Maybe you should just go to bed!!


Dr. Drew doesn't seem so
anal retentive and crotchety NOW,,



Whatdoya say???

See ya next season on the VH1 spin-off :

(Not so Celebrity) Celebrity Rehab!!