Saturday, September 1, 2012

" Words With Birds", A story for your kids...

I wrote a little story to read to my 1st grade son to hype him up about going back to school. I hope you enjoy!! The picture took me forever or I would have illustrated the whole story. Maybe some talented (handsome, single) illustrator will contact me and offer their assistance!!

In a little spot of a rain forest called Sweet-lil-o-lee, past the crystal blue ponds and the crooked palm
trees,,, lives a family of sweet, happy tropical birds,,, who think they have learned some of our human words!!!!

There's one who's just sitting saying "I'm on a run!" and another who is sobbing but claims "This is SOOOOOO fun!!!!"

One keeps saying "COW" but then "BAAAAAAAA'S" like a sheep! That bright one is dancing, but yells "I'm asleep!!!"

Sunni claims she's a crocodile, but we know she's a bird!!! And when she thinks she is SCREAMING only whispers are heard!!!

Zeb swears he is painting as he breaks out in song!!!!! These birds THINK they make sense,,, but they're TERRIBLY wrong!!!!

And here comes the leader,,, but he thinks he is corn!!! He picks up a coconut to blow like a horn!!!

He tries to call for a meeting, but instead he screams "HOUSE"!!! He taps on a microphone which he then calls a mouse.

"This house is important!!" he says with a grin, "We're going to Mars,,, let the swimming begin!!!"

But what is this bird saying??? Does Mars have a pool???

Nah,,,,,,, By "swimming" he meant learning!!! And by "Mars" he means school!!!

The Bacon

(I mean "The End")