Thursday, July 22, 2010

OMG!!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU!!!!!!!! (Guest Poster(s) needed)

Go tell ALL of your bloggy friends that you are going to be the guest poster on The Seductress' blog TOMORROW!!!! ----AND--- In a strange twist,,, they can be my guest poster too!!!!!

Yes, I know I did not give you very much time to put a slammin' post together, but that's because I know you will:

(assuming you write your posts in sidewalk chalk on your driveway prior to posting them like I do)






It's because this is my blog and I pretty much Y you all except for the kid that farts on my posts but leaves the blog before I can yell at him and all of my followers get caught sitting in his butt funk air (yes that's what THAT was,, sigh),, you know who you are,, I don't like you,, at least be PROUD of your Bassett Hound farts,,, geesh!!

Wait for it,,,, wait for it,,,, NOW:

It's a contest TOO!!!!!

I know what you are saying!!! This is already better then my first "soap opera" kiss with Chris Crumbly in a ditch in the 3rd grade!!!

But now,,, it's a contest too???!!!!!

OK,, so maybe that's what I'M saying and NOT you, but still, I KNOW you're as excited as a porcupine on a first date with a cactus....

....someone's getting poked!!

Maybe you'll say the following instead:

"Well, slap a Muppet and fix me a hot dog!!!!" (no really, I'm sorry, that was ME again, please fix me a hot dog though, I'm stahvin' here!!).

What's the prize you ask??

It's always about you isn't it??

What if someone else has a question??

Anybody else have a question?????







Here's a pic of the prize,, OH selfish one:


Well OF COURSE it IS!! I made it!!

What is it???
(You're pretty mean ya know)

It's a:
Double Paned
Painted Glass
Seductress Made
Art Extravaganza Piece
AKA: Cute cat dust catcher..

...and it could be YOURS!!!
...there are even some sparkles in there fer ya..

.... so you can...
get your "Seductress Sparkle" on!!!

(no stop it, sit down, no ovation needed, no really, just make me a hot dog!! How many times do I have to ask??)

How do I win????

Oh,,, I SEE,,, NOW you have a question.....

Well, I'll tell you. I am going to make a Fantastical, Seductress Insanity Approved, Totally Out Of The Realm Of Rational Thought, Awesomely Twisted, post tomorrow.

Your job??

..Finish it..

At key points I will leave blanks that I need filled by your Wonderfully Wacky Unrestrained Humor and Nuttiness (almonds I hope or maybe filberts).

I'll write my ending too, but you cut and paste the story with YOUR genius additions on your blog site (just leave a link for me) to get more votes for your entry OR just post your story in my comment section, if you don't want it on your blog.

You could even email me with it to: and I will post it.

This is about fun, not blog blasting, I just wanted to do something fun with you all!!

I will post all of the fantabulously, slap ya momma revised stories and my followers and Lovers Of The Spectacular or "LOTS" as I call them,, will vote to select the winning post.

Let's say we end this in about two weeks, say August 7Th.

... Earlier if no one plays with me.. (insert sniffle here)

At that time, I will post your masterpiece again, send you that one of a kind cat picture and all of my love.

About a month later, I will show up for my hot dog and stay on your couch for a few weeks. (totally a lie, I will want steak and I will expect at least a futon)

YOU IN?????

Please say "YES" the last time something like this happened I was the only one dressed up as a hooker and things happened I wish not to talk about,, EVER.

Note: I won't really show up a your house, don't be scared..

14 Seducing Deductions:

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Yes, yes, of course - yes. None could compare to your humor and creativity, though. But I can offer you a couch, and I'll put a piece of steak on it. Shall I cook that for ya? I'll even kill the cow with my bare hands.
That painted glass is very very cute!
Love to you,

Blasé said...

That 'dust-catching-pussy' is MINE.

It's ON!

The Bipolar Diva said...

This is way too cool idea! I love it. I want in, although I usually have to be in an ambien induced state to be creative these days.

That artwork is freaking AMAZING!

The Bipolar Diva said...

Ok, I'm officially an idiot. After the Word Verification came up and I entered it for some reason unknown only to the espresso gods, I almost put an exclamation point after it. Yes, I'm hyped on espresso and excited for the contest, here's where I'll insert said punctuation!!

IT said...

I can't promise anything but I'll give it a shot.

Slyde said...

i wanted to make a joke about how much i liked looking at your pussy, but then thought that would be rude and childish...

Anonymous said...

I was in but then if it isn't personal delivery I dunno.

I'll play but if I win I'll give it to Bi-Polar, no way I could splain that here at the house!

Kal said...

I will only do this to prove to everyone how ridiculously funny I am. Might at well pack it up with my address on the box and you stuffed inside - extra packing peanuts in case you get hungry on the trip.

Dutch donut girl said...

You made it? You have so many talents.

mac said...

If your kitty was at my house, no way it would catch dust. It would be too busy ;-)

...What? I have a dog that would chase it around. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Cheeseboy said...

Well, slap a Muppet and fix me a hot dog!!!! So funny! Where do you come up with this stuff???

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm in! What a great idea and I am sooooo going to win that stained glass art ***elbows all the other commenters aside and barges through***. - G

The Invisible Seductress said...


BLASE- Of course I mean the picture....*awkward silence*

BIPOLAR- I am so glad you will come out and made cookies and junk...

IT- I can't wait... <3

SLYDE- laughing....meow

SAGE-I'll deliver to you.... ;)

KAL- I got it addressed already..I did Circus Peanuts instead of packing peanuts...hugs

DDG- Aw shucks,,, kicking dust

MAC- winking..

Cheeseboy-Insanity. Its that simple, oh and I really wanted a hot dog..

Georgina- They don't have to know you got this wrapped up.. ;} might disappoint them...

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