Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh Sandi, the musical...No wait I have been corrected!!


Look, I'm not smarter than the average bear sometimes. Well at least my imagination isn't. Sometimes it dreams up that a story ends a specific way or that a song sounds has a particular rhythm and I am way wrong. Lately I have been thinking about losing my Sandi a lot. Powdered Toast man asked me if I was going to draw a chalk outline around her when she goes. I said: "NO,, that's just silly Powdered Toast Man,, the patrolling dust bunnies would have pretty much done that for me.. But,, there will be a picture and a nice flower arrangement left at the site as a makeshift memorial for her."

And then I wrote a song for her!!!

Now originally,, I was writing it to the tune of "Oh Sandy" from Grease movie fame. That song sucks and did not sound as good as I remembered it staring at the ceiling in the dark at 3:34AM. So now,, this is just a poem,, with no music accompaniment to time it out unless you use your Spidey powers and imagine one up (please do,, you know,, for Sandi).. It may be sub-par in recognizable music fan fare or poetic pentameter,, but still,, it stems from the heart..

NOTE: It was a version of "Mandy" by Barry Manilow that I was thinking about NOT Sandy from Grease!!

Thank You MAC for pointing that out and unwrapping the mystery in my brain!!

I will no longer talk about Sandi after today other than to say "she's gone". I may however start to obsess again over two pieces of artwork that the potential new owners of Sandi asked about.


(Seductress collapses to the ground poking her eyes and rocking until she decides to "Suck it up,, Nancy!!"....She bravely stands to present Sandi with her final musical repose,, already in progress..... Please place one hand over your heart as you read...Thank You!!)

To the tune of Mandy from Barry Manilow!
It all makes sense now!!


Today is our last day togeth-er-er-er,,
-so I think I'm gonna sit on yoooou!!


We've weathered these storms togeth-er-er-er,,
-remember-- "jelly hands" 2002!!


They should buy these 3 kids- instea-ea-ea-ead,,
-but it's kinda hard to sit on them!!


I've cherished you more than that Fre-eh-eh-ed,,
-but Fred's a stu-pid ottoman!!


I could have sat on your cushions forev-er-er-er!!
-and let the kids sit on you too!!


But then,,, you'd look like crap,,, so,,,,,,,, whatev-er-er-er,,
-no one would want to purchase you...


Oh Sandi,, Oh Sandi,, you're dandi-ee-ee-ee!!
Oh Sandi,, Oh Sandi,, plastic-- woulda-- been handi-ee-ee
Oh Sand-eh-eh-eh!!
Oh Sandi,, Oh Sandi,, oh,, oh ,, ooooooh...



(jazz hands)

(clap Dammit)

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Anonymous said...

its hard to see but was sandi a blonde?

and since is this the last day of sandi talk is there any.... at all things you might like to tell us about her.... I sure she has stories but she wont say...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You ended with the JAZZ HANDS? That is pure Broadway baby. I promise not to laugh or enjoy that post until the pain is gone. What is that formula again - comedy x time? I don't remember. I love how you keep your spirit and actually get funnier, the worst things get. Got to be a song or a 'little match girl' style musical in all that.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

That Sandi, she kept giving and giving and asked nothing in return. I know it's hard to give up something that means and represents so much to you. I'll miss your kids too. J/K. Lots and lots of hugs. Breath by breath..

mac said...

With a little work, you could work this to the tune of "Mandy" by Barry Manilow ???

The Invisible Seductress said...

Sir-Yes Sandi is blonde...sniffle

Cal- I love the show tunes ya know :)

RRG- laughing...yes she did...

Mac- YOU NAILED IT!!!IT WAS "MANDY" ALL ALONG!!! I'M NOT CRAZY AFTERALL!!!! what a relief that is,,woosh,, wiping brow..

The Invisible Seductress said...

..now you all have to re-read it and SING DAMMIT,,SING LIKE YOU NEVER SANG BEFORE!! SING FOR MANDY--ER-- SANDI!!! <3

Dutch donut girl said...

Tee hee, great song.
We will miss you Sandi.
I have been a bad blogger/commenter, but I'll try to make it up to Sandi... Um, I mean you.

Mike said...

OK it sucks that you had to sell your beloved sofa. I am not sure it warranted a song. It's ok I write stupid songs too.

Ca88andra said...

OK, I did try to sing it but my singing is so bad! I don't think I've ever written a song for a sofa. Well before this sofa I had a futon, but that wasn't worth a song. Hope you don't miss your sofa too much!

Anonymous said...

Is this the next best seller!

Anonymous said...

I'm clapping, I'm clapping - just give me a second while I wipe my tears. That was beautiful *sniff*. Is Sandi going to go live on a farm out in the country where there are lots of other Sandi's running around and playing in the fields and frollicking in the sun, forever and ever? Please tell me that is where she is going, 'cuz otherwise I'll be really really sad. - G

The Invisible Seductress said...

DDG- Everything can be a song at my house..its bizarre

Mike- But it did...its Sandi--I love that damn couch..


Gingey- Ya think, I wonder if there is a sofa musical market.. winks

Georgina-Yay!!! I think you are the only one who clapped!!! Smiling.. I hope she goes there too...

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