Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010 at exactly 3:10PM

...........IT HAPPENED

Well,,,,,, let me go back to 2:57PM so you will understand.

I was cleaning up another mess and there was a knock at the Seductress residential grand entryway. I was a hot mess so my first thought was: DAMMIT', people always come when I look like Fiona the Ogre, not Fiona the Princess.*sigh*. But then,,, I trumped that line of thinking with this one: if I was Judy Jetson I could put a face on BEFORE I actually GOT to the door......but no.....wait,,,,,, if I WAS in fact Judy Jetson, Rosie the robot would GET the door -and- if I was still needed, I could actually project a hologram image of myself, all dolled up, to the doorway and handle the situation from another room, while still looking like Fiona the Ogre....and then I think I sighed again (but I'm not sure it may have been a muffled burp).

It was the mail person (see how political correct I was saying mail person instead of mail man, yes I paid attention to Mr. Rogers).

She had a letter that needed to be signed for (never good) and another pile of envelopes, handed to me with a smile (as a bonus)... WHAT!!!!!????? No Sephora Summer Campaign book??(DAMMIT' # Dos) I sighed again, (it was really a sigh this time) and plopped down on the chair, noticing that my son had uncleaned what I just cleaned,,,(DAMMIT' # Tres).

So at exactly 3:10PM,,, after reading my mail:

I threw my paws in the air and gave up.

That's it! I give up! I can't fight 24 hours a day. Nothing good is happening. The bad is compounding. So, I give up!!!! I JUST GIVE UP!!!!!!

Wait,,,I'll go into a Que Sera, Sera mode, I thought.. You know the.. "whatever will be, will be!" philosophy crap. I'll make a fine Doris Day..... And then my mind traveled back to bonfire singing, with goopy shamores (say it my way please) and wishing the lightening bugs would spell out my name in the dark summer sky...and... Sneaking away from camp to kiss sticky shamore faced boys.... and.... feet so dirty they were black for a week.

.....And for a moment,,,,, I was relieved of stress. (Until the Animal Planet imagery of a bear attack jumped into my head and dammed my wonderful camping trip hallucination all to hell... (DAMMIT # Cuatro).

I tried to told ya!!!

It's been a bumpy road folks, I won't bore you with the details. But not a lot of happy things have been happening. A good friend said to me "keep on dancing and pretty soon YOUR song will come up". Now that was solid advice from a wise man, but the last time I "danced", a clutzy drunk guy "twirled" me with no notice, my foot got stuck to something on the dance floor (it was a ritzy establishment) and I ended up in the ER all night -and- my knee is STILL screwed up!!!! (DAMMIT #Cinco)

....But I liked that statement a lot! It is really a sweet way to look at it.

I think maybe I need to look life as a pool game. I've been behind the eight a lot of times and came out victorious. But some games when I am a few balls down, I have to stop and think: "what am I doing differently here?" The truth is, most games you lose, you lose because you didn't do YOUR best, not because the other player/game was actually better than you. Maybe I am focusing too much on my NEXT shot and not enough on the one right in front of me. Well, if I don't make the shot right here, right now, I will never get the chance to make the next one. I need to slow down.

If I stop and follow through every shot, most of the time I will get back on track. And then, when I hear that eight ball make its un-mistakeably wonderful "CRACK" on the inside of the pocket that I previously proclaimed it would, it is so so much sweeter. (And I get to "brain dance" to victories wonderful music, it sounds like "Eye of the Tiger" in my head)

So maybe the fight reminds you of how nice the calm really is. And maybe I wouldn't appreciate the simple things like I do if I haven't had to fight so hard for all of them. And maybe,,,,,, I am strong enough to keep the fight up for the duration, because the alternative is being bear bait (cringe,,,,eeeep).

So at 4:28 PM on March 29, 2010..... I decided,,, NOT to give up.

Even if I don't make it through this life the way I envision or wished I would, I know my song WILL come up. And although I may not dance to it, and risk a: (DAMMIT' #Seis),,,, you can be damn sure I will be singing out loud and awaiting my STANDING OVATION!

OH,,,,,,COME ON,,,,REALLY??????!!!!!!!

At exactly 8:04PM my puppy shit on my floor,,,,, (DAMMIT SEIS!!!!)

You knew I would get there didn't ya?????...smiling....I heart you all for listening!!!

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The Savage said...


jinksy said...

Who ever said life should be perfect? Keep waiting for your song to dance to anyway! X

Anonymous said...

ok beofre I go on and for the record you lay down like that and throw your paws up over your head like that... We are in trouble...*winks*

Anonymous said...


So you like camping do you... I hope you dont imnd if I sling a few questions back at you here... and for the record what is your song, so when I hear it paying I can make sure to swing you around unitl you get dizzy, we fall in a heap or...

mac said...

The only thing I worry about when I answer the door?
Am I wearing pants?

It's the little things that get us. Just one would be OK, But they PILE up, dammit after dammit.
When all seems gloomy, look to those wonderful children, they have magic that can cure those days :-)

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Your sense of humour and awesomeness will keep pulling you through, hon. Plus, we always have Boccia ball to fall back on. We better start practicing, huh? OY!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Things go better with Coke.

Crunk said...

Ok, I'm stupid and very tired so please forgive me if I have misunderstood your post in any aspect, big or small.


I won't allow it and neither will you!

The second you give up and stop fighting is the same second you allow yourself to become defeated and everything you've fought so hard for up to the point before you gave up will be in vain.

Bad things happen but they make us appreciate the good more.

Imagine two men:

The first has recently eaten a meal at home and then is invited to a feast.

The second has starved for weeks and is invited to the same feast.

They both will enjoy the luxuries of the feast. But to which man will the food taste that bit sweeter.

You must first starve in order to fully appreciated a feast.

With Love and a sincere hope that your difficulties will eventually fade and turn into a feast...



f1trey said...

I wish I had some green jello to make ya feel better.....

Anonymous said...

Now you made me remember when someone told me to keep on dancing, cause I would hear the song eventually and I'd miss it if I went to the bathroom.


The Invisible Seductress said...

Savage- Thanks!!! hugs back two fold!!!

Jinsky-You are so right-the song will be to die for I promise

Sir- I'll know the song when I hear it. Not sure yet, it'll have a sweet beat though. gentle with me, I break bones a lot!!! wink

Mac- You are right! They rock! It's still lonely sometimes though.even with them peeping in...hugs..

RRg- Most people journal about bad times, I write comedy routines, I have thousands of them stashed away. Comedy def. helps me. I laugh at myself A LOT!! And yes I look forward to us in unitards!!!! I needed your hugs today!!! :)

Crunk- Guess I am not giving up yet, just reloading....hugs and smiles fro the nice words,, I appreciate them so much!!!

Trey- just the thought of you smiling holding green jello helps tremendously..xoxo

Secretia- I always end up in the bathroom when my karaoke song comes up--thats pretty embarrassing--laughing-running out everyone staring at ya...crimineys

Blasé said...

I was a "mailman" for 9 years. The women never had a problem with calling me "mailman" when I needed their signiture...

The Invisible Seductress said...

blase-I bet the ladyfolk loved u!!!!!

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