Friday, March 19, 2010

Lovefest pics fixed!!

I don't get a chance to be alone often. Last night was one of those very rare nights, and what did I do?? I wrote a post about my kids. I know I should be out doing something far more exciting, like sabering beer bottles at a bar, or dancing on a table or a Lil' sunthin' sunthin' else...But really my life is right where it needs to be. And when there is silence in my house it's a creepy place to be (except I took a bath, and it was nice not having a kid sitting on the toilet for once, wink).

I want my kids to know how important they are as people and how amazing I think they are! So this post is for them! You can stick around too though because you were invited to this love fest party specifically for your sweetness and charm,, and not just because you are rich, can score beer and your parents are gone for the weekend,,, I swear.....You CAN get beer right? I mean I would still like you, but some of the other guy's might call you geeky you?????

Back to the love fest party already in progress:


You write beautifully, are stunning and nurturing and have great "make mommy spew drinks" comedic timing! I must brag on you now!!!
Here are two lines from a short story she is working on about a wolf romance:
......his eyes glistened and shined of fear he would never see me again.......
......When I saw her , I was in love at first sight, her black fur was pouring on white fur like black paint on a blank white canvas...
Momma's proud.....Momma's REALLY proud!!!


You are beautifully dramatic with a smile that lights up the world like a rainbow after a summer down pour. You say "People, let's all take a moment and bask in my AWESOMENESS" and then look to the sky in contemplation of the statement. Well, I have been basking since you were born. I have seen awesome, and it is you!

Wow, what can I say, I am enchanted by you! that means I think you are the most wonderful creation there is. And when you say "hands off the FAUX HAWK ladies!! It makes me rumble with laughter. Your hugs rock and you are a gift that I am not sure I deserve!!

Kaia Rose:

Please my dear sweet furbaby,, stop pooping in the direct path of foot traffic..Please...I promise to love you even if you do, but it would be a lot nicer if you did stop!.. Your wags make me smile AND you got the "Innocent" eyes thing down pat,, just like your human mommy!

Mommy Dreams and Realities

One day I pray, when I step in the shower
I don't step on a boat or a cute spraying flower
The counters aren't cluttered with 10,000 glasses
And I'm not being awakened to wipe little asses
The baskets aren't filled with that miniature garb
Every room is not littered with GI-Joe and friend barb.

But that means no cookies and milky moustaches
No little "I love yous" and great matchbox crashes
No he said or she said or "don't touch it, it's mine!"
No "I think I look ugly", no "I SWEAR you look fine"!
The cereal's all packed full of multi-grain fiber
No laughing at mom 'cause we know how to bribe her

In time there's no babies, not a toddler in sight
They'll grow and be gone and I'll sleep through the night
And I hope and I pray that I said the right things
And they all grow up happy with all that life brings
And I know that someday I will look back with a smile
And miss, the counters all cluttered and the clothes in a pile.

Love, Mommy

Thanks for coming to the lovefest party,, next time there will be clowns and animal attractions!!

17 Seducing Deductions:

Crunk said...

From the looks of things you're a great Mum. I don't think you have to worry, they all be little stars. Smaller versions of their mum ;)


sarahjayne smythe said...

Great post. You sound like a terrific mom. :)

mac said...

These kids nowadays are like sponges, I tell ya. They suck up our resources, taking all of our love and support away from us!

...One squeeze, however, and it all comes back :-)

Blasé said...

The pics are not showing up, for me anyways. All I see is Red Xs. But, the reading was sweet and emotional. In fact, I'm looking around for some Kleenex.....[sniff]

You sure are Pretty!

I bet you, Robyn, and me would make a great combination if I were single........if you know what I mean.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You describe your children's unique and amazing traits so wonderfully. The apple clearly has not fallen far from the tree.

I can score beer for you, but I'm not rich. We're talking a six-pack, at most, of the cheapest of beers.


Anonymous said...

I think when we are alone we do what pleases us, with you it’s your kids and that’s commendable. Wait… did you say dancing on a table? I might have to rethink this…oh, maybe not… still commendable. Its funny I love to hear people talk about there kids, you can tell so much about a person by how they talk about there children.

From dancing on the table to lump in my throat… I owe you a good spanking for that….

The Savage said...

Feeling the love....

The Invisible Seductress said...

hope ya'll can see the pics now..

Crunk-Thanks I am trying so hard to be!!

Sarah- smiling- I appreciate that!!

Mac- PERFECT!!!!

Blase- smiling evilly...wink

RR-Beer!! and the great company of u!! sounds like a plan!!!!! hugs

Sir- smiling- I should please myself more when I am alone--wow-did that come out wrong?? a spanking eh,,, what'd I do??? Ward, I think you are being too hard on the Beaver!!! laughing.....AWKWARD!!!!!

Savage- MUAH baby!!!

Dutch donut girl said...

I can't see the pictures either, but what a sweet and lovely post. You're one hot mama, btw.

The Invisible Seductress said...

I fixed the pics I think....

Ddg- coming from a MAJOR hot chic like you!!!! THANKS!!

Crunk said...

She's right though. you should be in an advert for eye make-up or something!!


(I can't believe I just wrote wowza, but still describes you well!)


The Invisible Seductress said...

Crunk- I love that you saud WOWZA!!! smiling a huge smile!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Second comment, since Blase managed to get his in without me reading it. Now I have. I suppose it leave me hoping he's got some bucks. I mean, should he ever find himself single. I'll still bring the beer.

PS I'm also seeing the photos for the first time. Your kids' personalities are jumping off of the computer screen and filling my home with joy. Oh wait, Traxx is doing the potty dance. You can have him back now, mom.


Crunk said...

This is what happens when something makes you go Wowza. You heart get's all big and tries to come out.

Crunk said...

But sometimes it's not just your heart!

The Invisible Seductress said...

RRg- laughing...You Rock!!!
yes, the kids...little characters-guess they see my insanity and play the home game!!

Crunk- smiling-u so sweet..blush

Anonymous said...

Your children are beautiful, they get their good looks from their Mom!


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