Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just sayn'----what a useless post THIS IS!!!

"It IS what it IS"

....does that mean it will never be what it WAS? Can we never have what we HAD? Could it never be what it's BEEN? Will we never do what we've DONE? Will we never see what we've SEEN? Will we speak again what we SPOKE? Should we ever love again what we already LOVED? Will we get a chance to hold what we HELD? Can we cry when we previously CRIED?

Just sayn'

Is the glass HALF FULL or HALF EMPTY?

Well, if you are an optimist half full, a pessimist half empty ,,right??? but shouldn't it really depend on:


Wouldn't a optimist still be an optimist if he/she said the glass was HALF EMPTY,, say ,,if it was filled with poop or clown tears???


Wouldn't the pessimist STILL be a pessimist if he/she said it was HALF FULL,
(because of it's negative contents, and he/she would be obviously complaining about the high level of contents?)

just sayn'

If someone says :

Can I help you?

Is it really SO out of line if I say: Yes, my gutters are falling off my house, when will you arrive? .....I mean THEY asked ME!!!!!

just sayn'

Can I take a moment and think about which one I want when the hostess says:

Have A Seat??

I mean there are bar stools and benches and wooden chairs with different color pads and upholstered pieces in the waiting area, wooden benches outside, garden tables with striped umbrellas.... gimme a damn minuite!!!

just sayn'

Play Doh
Fun to play with, not to eat!! image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
REALLY Hasbro?? WTF????

just sayn'

Reach for the stars!!!

I reach for everything,, What The Halibut,, I'm short....but OK,, we'll do it YOUR way!! (wait...can you reach them? Could ya hand me one?)

just sayn'

...if TODAY is the FIRST day of the REST of MY LIFE, why would I do anything?

Everybody knows nothing gets accomplished on the FIRST day of your life!! You just lay there, I'm going back to bed.

just sayn'

..if pork is "The OTHER white meat" shouldn't there be a third?

I mean really,, that's not a good position,the "other",, like a pathetic understudy meat. I demand a meat trifecta!!!!!!
(it's telling me "trifecta" is not a word, but it SOOOOOO sounds like a word, I will use it and take the penalty in the great boggle game of life)

just sayn'

What says YOU?????

Please enjoy this picture of a ,,,, ah hell,, I don't what you'd call it...:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Grandma's "Working People's Cozy"?
..and yes she IS sitting on a lace doily!

11 Seducing Deductions:

Heff said...

"Can I come when I previously came ?!?!?"

Um, YES, LOL !

Anonymous said...

I think you can still do the same things just as you did before… but its not the same.. Nothing ever is.

That is a total mind blowing event to think of it like that…

Heff had a good question and yes he was right, but still it was not the same..

Oh hell..

The eyes.. the eyes…

Spuds said...

Wait... What if I have a shot of Jack and it my friend tries to pull an "Obama" and take half? So if he has half and the shot glass still has half in it.. is my half my full amount and should I be happy to still have half or would that make me a pessimist? Or should I pound my friend until he buys me another shot? Giving me a shot and a half... which would make me much more optimistic. Or does that rule apply when pork is being served?

The Savage said...

The glass is completely full. Half is whatever the substance is, water, clown tears, etc....
The other half is air. Unless you have the glass in a vacuum tube with all the air sucked out.
Now with an observation like that, what does that make me?

Anonymous said...

What we have here, has nothing to do with what we do in there, what we do in there is there, what we do here, is here. Why can't we take what we do here and just have that in there?

f1trey said...

get it out darlin...... :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

I don't know what to say,,, I love the responses here, all of you have cracked me hug and a shot of Grey Goose to "us"!!!! but wait,,,, ya'll aren't supposed to have more intelligent rationalities then I had in the post!!! is what it is I guess!!! hugs

Dutch donut girl said...

"Everybody knows nothing gets accomplished on the FIRST day of your life!! You just lay there, I'm going back to bed".

Bwahahaha.... you're so right. I'm going to lie down now.

Hmm.. that last picture is fascinating.

Blasé said...

She is really focused in her work!

What's in the Glass? It is what it is!
ah HAH!

mac said...

Why is it I have to put in my two cents worth, yet they only give me a penny for my thoughts?

Where's all that extra money going?

An optimist is one who will lend his car to a friend. A pessimist is one who will not lend his car to a friend...A cynic is one who has lent his car.

If pork is the other white meat, I guess I'll have to rethink my summer time motto;

"Suntanned women are like chicken... The white meat is the best"

(but, sometimes, the dark meat is juicier?)

Anonymous said...

I lock you in my bedroom and stare at you through the mirror

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