Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smiles,,,,, and lots of em

A line in my post from yesterday jumped out at me:

"Because you can't suck Jello through a straw without smiling"

I've said that many times before about the Jello,,,,, but,,,,

What else can't you do/see/experience WITHOUT smiling???

Here are some of mine......add your's please!!!

Hearing a baby belly laugh

While being barraged with puppy licks

Hugs-----( I heart hugs!!)

Seeing someone fall clumsily (evil to laugh,,,but...)

Jumping on a trampoline (except the time I jumped too far to the right, with no net, and broke my leg.....BUT......see above line for karma lesson 101)

When your toddler swears (and uses it in the right context,,, gasp)

Soda coming out ya nose, FROM laughing

Someone farts when they sneeze OR farts when they laugh (farts are ALWAYS funny
people,, they really are)

When someone is obviously holding back a fart and they "fartle" (whistle fart)

When you PASS by the a-hole that PASSED you by recklessly a mile back in his Lil' Red SC and he is handing an officer his drivers license and registration

When that gorgeous Blondie has a toilet paper streamer on her shoe (you really should tell her,,, laughing)

While eating mini-marshmallows (bonus points if you laugh sooo hard one turns into a flying projectile!)

While watching "The Office" (yep,,,,, that's what SHE said!!)

The first day you wear a slammin' new outfit

When someone steps in poop (bonus if they are barefoot and it squishes through their toes)

A bird poops on someones head in front of you (this ALWAYS happened to me in Charleston SC by the Battery with the biggest seagulls you ever saw,, it is awful,, but funny,, all that land around you and you have a head bulls eye thing going on!!)

When you been talking for 5 minutes from a bathroom stall and you realize your friend walked out 4 minutes ago

When you overhear your kid tell another kid how cool you are

The "HOT DOUGHNUTS" sign is flashing in red in the Krispy Creme window

You slice a pool ball impossibly paper thin into a corner pocket (bonus points if you are playing a cocky guy,, I myself always stop to parody the Vanilla Ice song "Ice Ice baby" with my own expertly choreographed version called "Slice Slice baby", it really is something you should see before you perish, it is THAT good!)

On a perfect hair day

On a fierce make-up day

On a perfect hair day + fierce make-up day

You find a kick ass necklace at one outlet *smile*,, few weeks later find the matching kick ass earrings **SMILE** and a month later find the matching kick ass bracelet ***SMILE***(bonus points for trilogy orgasm)

You took the last brownie (and it was an edge piece!)

You drive up right as someone is backing out of the PERFECT parking spot

The day after the perfect hair cut and it STILL looks good

The second realize you took an awesome drivers license picture (for once) and you are not sentenced to bad picture purgatory FOR YEARS!!

After eating the first Green Olive out of the jar (maybe this one is just me)

Immediately after the first kiss with someone amazing

While telling your friend about the first kiss with someone amazing

You see the "McRib is Back!!" sign

When the McRib is gone

Someone makes a nice comment on your post

2 for 1 anything

A bully gets beat up (if you smile--but then feel bad for them--you are a good person...wink)

You find money that you hid

You find money that SOMEONE ELSE hid

Flowers arrive from ?????????

????????? is :) ........(been a while but still in memory bank as :) worthy moment)

Someone you love does something great

Eating Oreo's and then going to the mean dental hygienist (laughing,, I mean really,,, WHO would do this???????)

Any time I hear DJ Jazzy Jeff's "It takes two" (because I know ALL the words and I'm fly like that!)

Any time I hear any AC/DC song (same reason as above only I'm rockin' like that!!)

I don't burn dinner (it's my stove I SWEAR)

T-shirt sheets come in rotation (*sigh*)

When all the kids are asleep and it is just me and the moon

The fact that you are still reading my non-sense and still like me a lil bit!!

14 Seducing Deductions:

jinksy said...

One of my favourite family sayings whne feeling giggly, " I could laught at a cat's ass on fire!" or arse, for the English...

Doctor FTSE said...

One of mine (when I was much younger and Very Silly) was . .
"The funniest thing since Granny got her t**s caught in the mangle."
(I appreciate that the under 40's might not know what a mangle was, or its function. Use yer imagination . . . )

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Getting a salsa move just right and without falling on my face, with a good dance partner.

Any bite, whiff, or even thought of chocolate. Aww.

Talking with a 2-3 year old, which goes like this but for much much longer: "babeasielyxz fffbkto ddvuoo, right Robyn?"

Your comments and your posts always make me smile.


The Savage said...

I smile every time I read your blog or think of you so I've been smiling a hell of a lot lately....

mac said...

Sleeping in on the first day of a four day weekend... HUGE smile !


Crunk said...

1. Going in for a tackle/block and utterly pancaking the other guy. I have issues!

2. At the kick off when the ball comes my way! Sweet, lineman don't often get hold of the ball!

3. Checking blogger and seeing that the seductress has posted!

4. Making the seductress laugh/smile with a stupid comment!

5. Seeing some boobs.

Stealth said...

I love t shirt sheets...thanks for all the smiles, I have been needing those...

The Invisible Seductress said...

Jinsky- stealing it...

Doctor-mangle---hmmmm-that's a bad visual---yowie

RR- too funny with the 2 year old--it's perfect!!
hugs!! u always make me smile too!!!

Savage- awwwwwwww--melting

Mac- that one IS awesome!!!!!

Crunk-I always laugh and smile when you show up!! But I am not sure I can show boobs here...laughing

Stealth- You are soooo welcome!!!! adding hugs to the smiles!!!

f1trey said...


Anonymous said...

hmmm how about you in nothing else but a smile..

now that would make me smile...*winks*

I mean there are others, but hell no bigger smiles...

Ca88andra said...

I can't read your blog without smiling! Always makes me feel better :-)

Anonymous said...

Your post hear makes me smile, it's fun to read. I smile if I wake up first and see that my boyfriend has an erection. :)


The Invisible Seductress said...

Trey baby--- wink hug

Sir- I heart that comment!!!

Ca88andra- awww---that is an awesome compliment-and makes me smile

Secretia- I haven't had THAT reason to smile...but thinkin' of it makes me blush AND SMILE!!!! wink

Anonymous said...

smiling again....

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