Friday, March 12, 2010

I'll wait for you-oooo,,,OH,,,, I'll wait for you-ooo!!
How do you feel today?

I am a little lonely and overwhelmed today. I have that urge to go out and annihilate people on the pool table, but I can not. I want a first kiss today, but I will not get one. I want to pay that bill that is overdue, but I can not. I want to get a standing ovation, but it won't happen. I want a hot guy to slap me on the ass and say "good job" when I do something great today (more for the slap and less for the encouragement *wink*) but he's not here yet. I want to be a couple instead of watching everyone around me be one, but it won't happen today. I want to eat my weight in fine chocolate and not see the pounds tomorrow, laughing. I want an awesome job to come up and bite me in the ass (it's more about the bite than the job *wink*,,, I kid,,, I kid!!). I want my book published so I can do what I want to do for a career not what I have to accept, but it's not the day for that. Truth is I want a lot of things today but they won't happen. But today is still a good day! And I have made you a list because I heart you (and I needed to feel better *sigh*).

Wanna hear what today is a good day for? Of course you do!!! Here I go:

Today is a good day to call someone you have not spoken to in a while. Recap a memory with them and let them know they make your life better and you would do anything for them.

Today is a good day to dance like a fool with your girls and have a picnic on your living room floor with nothing but PINK foods and drink.

Today is a good day to KNOW every one in the cars jetting around you are thinking how HOT you look today, do them a favor and wink at them (you little hottie you!!).

Today is a good day to say the opposite of what you would like to say to someone who is being rude to you.

Today is a good day to give to the guy on the corner instead of assuming he is not legitimate, what if he is, and he is hungry and you could have made that better for a few hours?

Today is a good day to look someone in the eye and give them a genuine compliment.

Today is a good day to take a walk and let the sun tickle your nose (except it is raining here, so save this one for tomorrow).

Today is a good day to ride the red horse outside of K-mart
(you know you want to!).

Today is a good day to forget you are an adult, just for a few hours (see above).

Today is a good day to forgive someone for hurting you because it will make YOU stronger in the end.

Today is a good day to call for pizza and re-arrange the pepperoni to make a huge smiley face,,,, spend a little extra time with your family instead of a pot.

Today is a good day to realize you are not who you were and not yet who you are going to be.

Today is a good day to buy that little thing you have been wanting for months (that sick pair of earrings I saw last week).

Today is a good day for sparkles!! (but EVERYDAY IS!! wink, wink...)

Today is a good day to let a little bit of that pretty frilly bra peek out (just to feel sexy)

Today is a good day to buy a greeting card and flowers for someone for no reason at all (may I suggest a Hoops and Yo-Yo card--so funny).

Today is a good day to hug your blessings (I am sure you already counted them today).

Today is a good day to write a letter to yourself about how you feel at this very moment and put it somewhere to be opened a year from now.

Today is a good day to save a dog at the shelter (mine is in my lap looking up at me thanking me with wags).

Today is a good day to adopt grandparents at the old folks home (they will not mess your carpet like the shelter puppy and,,,,,,, if you want to see smiles and feel gratitude..... Someone there is lonely and has stories that will enrich your life (trust me, just don't eat the candy the force on you!).

Today is a great day to forgive yourself (it's time).

Today is a good day for Pop Rocks at the office.

Today is a great day to take the first step in making your dream a reality or a selfless step in making your reality help someone with their dreams.

Today is a great day to paint a picture with words, music, movement OR paint.

Today is a good day for cereal (man I love cereal!)

Today is a good day NOT to clean the house (I'm not! Screw it! I'll do it tomorrow)

Today is a great day to know people are not necessarily what their outsides dictate.

Today is a good day to try and burp the alphabet for your kids.

Today is a good day to put candy on the desks of your co-workers anonymously, and join in with the "wonder who's" (may I suggest NERDS?) .

Today is a great day to grow as a person.

Today is a good day for alone time (wink) or together time (wink).

Today is a good day to have smiley faced pancakes for dinner, with bacon hair and banana eyes.

Today is a good day to realize you HAVE come a long way even if it only looks like a couple of feet.

Today is a good day to buy a Chia pet or invest in some Sea Monkeys.

Today is a good day for wax lips.

Today is a good day to add a comment about what today is a good day for.


Today is a good day to watch "The Cheeseburger Song" :



15 Seducing Deductions:

The Savage said... because today is a good day to get an email from you.... Just sayin....

Crunk said...

A picnic with just pink foods?? Mmmmmm, diabetes tastes goooooooood!

Another nice one Seductress!


Zsuzsi said...

Yes, because today is a good day :)

jinksy said...

Today's a good day for visiting the blog of yet another kindred spirit! LOL

NK said...

If I was a hot guy I would help you out. :) ~

Today is a good day for some ibuprophen, a ice pack on the back and a long nap. God, I hate my back!

Dutch donut girl said...

Great post Ms. Sexy.
You get a standing ovation from me.
I won't slap your ass, though. That's a man's job ;)

Spuds said...

I'm surprisingly bored. I would give you a good pop on the hind end but I can't reach. So I will just give you a standing ovation. :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Savage-;) ;}
Crunk- If you come over I will cook==I mean I will BUY pink snowballs and fruit juice with strawberry applesauce..laughing..we do it once every few months..wink

Zsuzsi- I agree !!!! I bought those sick earrings today :)

Jinski--welcome--cyber hugging you!!

NK-Awwww---rubbing back--feel better!!

DDG- Thanks for the ovation!!! no man has slapped my ass today :( probably not tomorrow either, my life suxs,,, *sigh*

Spuds- xoxo always!

Blasé said...

I hope you will sign your book for me when it is published.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Blase-I certainly will--and put a big smooch on it with red lipstick too!!! Hugs for the encouragement!!

mac said...

Today is a good day to stay up late just to post a smile on your blog.


Oh, and one more thing....
Slappin' ass is a good thing? No, It's a very good thing!

The Invisible Seductress said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Invisible Seductress said...

Thanks Mac!! I needed that smile!!!

Anonymous said...

-I can’t call you but I remember the first time I saw you… yours eyes, OMG your eyes

-Quick somebody slap was barry white on now…. So we can dance

-wink wink wink wink wink wink wink

-Sorry no ones been rude to me today…

-I could that, giving is easy

-Ok back to the wink wink wink wink wink and OMG your eyes……

-oh its raining here too… *pouts*

-ok I’m not riding the red horse but I will watch you do it….

-Laughs… I always for this, but Im still not getting on that horse.

-you made me get on the horse…. But I’m still not mad

-so true…

-I love sparkles… omg your eyes

-oh yeah… wait… omg your eyes

-hallmark on the way


-a letter… this is so fun and have done it before….

-awe omg you just scored the biggest points with me…

-awe more points

-maybe the hardest one to do…

-I always try to do this… hard sometimes…

-I did it….

-I wanted to and still might for late night snack chocolate cheerios


-hmmm might have to work on this

-oh my… need beer for this one….

-Nerds is funny… or may I suggest super sour patch kids…*snickers*


-done…. Omg those eyes wink wink wink

-oh Im so there for pancakes for dinner….

-the first few feet are the hardest…. So that’s good!!!

-Hmm chia huh… only if I can have a obama one

-today is good for you

The Invisible Seductress said...

Sir---what perfect answers ;}

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