Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swish, Swish,,Swiiiiiiiirl...Swish, Swish,,Swiiiiiiirl!!!

Today is the perfect day for me to pledge my eternal love to :


I have made a HUGE vat of it.
(I went to Sam's)

I will lay said HUGE vat of

on a

with 2 thick width happy swirly flex straws.

One swirly happy straw will go to the Jello vat
(because you can't suck Jello through a straw without smiling)
and the other swirly happy straw will be going to a bottle of
Lemon-Lime Soda
(possibly Sprite but maybe Squirt *shrugs*).

I will simultaneously suck the straws so that the Jello and the Lemon-Lime Soda
(possibly Sprite but maybe Squirt *shrugs again*),
meld together in my mouth.
I will then make a
Swish, Swish,, Swiiiiiirl....Swish, Swish,, Swiiiiiiirl!!!!
sound effect while pushing the Jello through my teeth and it will taste like
of a
Lemony-Limey Love Child VOLCANO!!

After 8pm but before 9pm,
I will exchange the bottle of lemon-lime Soda
(possibly Sprite but maybe Squirt *see above shoulder movement please*)
with a full bottle of
Lemon infused Vodka.

After 9pm but before 10pm,
I will be sick of Green Jello but not sick of
Lemon infused Vodka.

After 10pm but before 12pm
I will have passed out in my Jello vat while trying to
make Shamrock Jello Angels
(similar to Snow Angels, but shotty alcohol induced renderings -at best)

After 5am but before 6am
I will have awakened from my

St. Patrick's Day extravaganza
only to realize
that I have been tinted green
I am stuck to the bottom of the Jello vat decorated with
Shotty Shamrock Jello Angels
(at best)

I will then shake my head and say something deep like:

"I'm so silly, I should have swam in Absinthe!!!"
and take a long shower.


*none of this is really going to happen, unless you come over to babysit. please. I heart Green Jello!

13 Seducing Deductions:

The Savage said...

Happy Saint Paddy's to ya Lass...

Heff said...

Swap that Sprite for Sierra Mist.

Happy St. Patricks Day.

Anonymous said...


You are good at what you do… refer back to OMG… the eyes, the eyes…

And then your green jello story and I guess I can’t really say what I would like to do with you in the green jello vat now can I?

I knew you were good, but I didn’t have any idea how good.

Here’s jello shots to you baby…..

Anonymous said...

I really can't leave a comment, you see, my mind went somewhere else with the swish, swish, thingy. Happy green lantern day. ;)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Savage- Hugs to you!!!

Heff-Sierra mist- possibly better- ya gonna babysit??

Sir- You like green Jello too????

Bama- laughing--

Everyone- I Wasn't trying to be all Jello wrestle here...I really do heart Green Jello, seemed appropriate on St. Paddy's day!!! Guess I did not plan this out right,,,but Green Olive vat was just weird and Circus Peanuts are ORANGE..But the Absinthe swim------now there's a thought!!!!!.hugs to all

f1trey said...

hehehe you are the ONE..... xxxooo

Dutch donut girl said...

Ok, I will come to your home to babysit :)

Anonymous said...

Are you irish seductress? It sounds like you have this doWn to a science. I feel horrible so tonight my entertainment is going to be laying on the couch and spending the evening reading all your marvelous posts on my new iPhone and laughing out loud. It will be a fun night afterall. It would be a bit easier on my eyes, however, if I had a laptop. This message has taken me half hour to write with one finger. Tap. Tap. Tap

The Invisible Seductress said...

Trey- awwwww.......swooooon

Ddg- You are so awesome!!!!!!! You are the only one that offered,, I love that you are willing to contribute to my insanity!!!

Jan- I am honored you Tap Tap Tapped for me...made my night,, you always do..feel better please!!! Sending hugs your way!!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This was very amusing, Seductress. I would recommend Mountain Dew, though.

mac said...

I likes me some old school Green Jello(now Jelly)!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Rrg- Mountain dew---even better--I love that stuff!!!!!!!!

Mac- with fruit it is divine- I think I was the only kid in grade school that thought that!

hugs to both of ya's

Anonymous said...

You are really a seductress, not so invisible after all...I like you this way!


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