Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Seductress Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore!

No, not really. But I could if I want to, you're not the boss of me!

Welcome to another arousing episode of:
The Saturday Seductress!!

(The show where anything goes and green olives are suggested but not mandatory)
**not available in WI..While supplies last..No Purchase necessary..
Batteries not Included (dammit)**

Today is Saturday March 27th 2010. There are 279 days left in 2010. the following is a list of pertinent National Holidays:

The Month is March is:

"Sing With Your Child Month"

The week of:
March 21st-March 28th is:

" National Bubble Blowers Week"

March 27th 2010 is:

"Quirky Country Song Title Day"

"Four shirtless, shoe less cowboys on a pole, welcome you"


****Please celebrate responsibly !!

In celebration of :

"National Sing With Your Child Week"

Please enjoy this sing-a-long song appropriate for children of all ages:

There's nothing more irritating than a song that gets in your head and does not leave!! Especially if it's THIS one.....I am very sorry but I believe in celebrating each holiday to the fullest, there needed to be drastic measures to assure you partook in proper celebration of this National Holiday!! You're Welcome!!!!

11 Seducing Deductions:

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You are so fun! I'm with you on the welcome. Welcome cowboys! Thanks for the sweet sweet lambchop memory too.
Happy Saturday, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Well are we going to hear you sing it or what?

you got us all gathered around and for what?

sing baby sing

julie said...

I kinda like the Bubble Blowers Week. I guess I just missed that one. Have a happy weekend you funny happy girl...julie

jinksy said...

I had lamb chops for dinner yesterday - does that count?!

The Savage said...

Are them cowboys competing for a chance to become the new cowboy in "The Village People"....
The look like they all have fun at the YMCA....

You're pretty

Anonymous said...

You had me at bubble blowing ;) *muah*

Crunk said...

100 FOLLOWERS WOOT WOOT *air five*

Crunk said...

P.S I am your boss! Now make me some tea!

Please?! :S

The Invisible Seductress said...

RR-The cowboys were wondering when you were gonna get your fine tail over here!!! (hurry)

Sir- lalalalalalallllllaaaaa wink..hug

Julie- I blew some bubbles for you-me and the kids celebrated with a new power bubble gun!!! ;)

Jinsky-Noooooooo---But then again--maybe the song can end now!! :) ..BTW whens Easter dinner--thought you adopted me,, I don't get no ham, ma??? wink hug

Savage--laughing..maybe..but would you stand shoe less and shirt less on a pole for me???

Bama- kisses back sweet man!!

Crunk= yes sir!!! and I know you are my boss and all, but do I really need to wear a French Maid's outfit to bring you tea? :S back!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That happens when I walk the dog, one song will go thru my head the whole time.

Crunk said...

You can take it off if you want! ;)

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