Thursday, April 22, 2010

%$#%@#$%$%^ FLAN!!!!!!!

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Do you know what the best time to tell your mom that you have to make an AUTHENTIC Dominican Republic recipe for a project that is due the next day that will have a huge impact on your final grade is?

Do ya?

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Well,,,,, I'll tell ya!

It is exactly AFTER everyone is bathed and in jammies!

Do you know that we were supposed to make *&^%$%^#%^ FLAN and I had NO ingredients and no idea how to make %$#!@$@%^ FLAN? Do you know that if you buy *&%%$%#%^ FLAN at the store for that many kids you need to put it on a monthly payment plan?

Do you know who did not get any (*^&%&%$#$ FLAN ????

I bet you do!!

Instead, I bought Rice Pudding and large cinnamon sticks.

I put the:


... Recipe... Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

... in a fancy:


... palmetto leaf bowl.....

... sprinkled cinnamon on it

... and adorned it with masterfully placed large:


... cinnamon sticks.

In the words of my daughter after grumbling apologies:


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BUT......Do you know who forgot to get light bulbs.........again..........
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You know,,,,, there really should be a responsible adult in this household...

And now let me tell you a little story I like to call:

"Try not to poke your eyes out in frustration"

By: The Invisible Seductress


(she's the whiny one)

Only my daughter would model a broken foot


The Invisible
(she's the one who is hotter Megan Fox)
(picture currently unavailable)

..just believe it's true,,, what???
...well that's a bit harsh don't ya think?
...Yes,, but reality is no fun!!
(I don't think I like you very much anymore)

We begin our story here:

(cue the sound of birds singing and a happy tune of your choice)

(wait,,,, let me choose the music,,,, it's my dang story)

Cue the sound of birds chirping and THIS song:

(Please play for the maximum interactive blog experience)

Enter DramaGirl with a broke foot.....

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................. Winning the Academy Award for:

"Most consecutive whines...
... in an oral sentence or paragraph"

...and this is what I have been hearing all day and night...

The End

You can pre-order an autographed hardback edition of :

"Try not to poke your eyes out in frustration"
By: The Invisible Seductress

By sending $19.95

plus shipping and handling of $39.95

The Invisible Seductress
1 Hot Lady Drive
Nowhere Fun, Florida


Order NOW.....

and I'll even throw in a PREMIUM Bikini Line Stencil!!
(as seen in COSMO MAGAZINE)

a $159.95 value!!
just add $159.95 for Shipping and Handling


9 Seducing Deductions:

IT said...

That frog sounds just like the new kid next door.
I just figured that I can buy a printer and make my own stencils for $12.78 less than the S&H.

Blasé said...

You are such a Sexy, Silly lil' Girl!

If SB were to make that frog sound whenever I spanked her...I'd stop forever.

mac said...

You're better off not having that much Flan.

Hey, Drama Girl is cute! Where might she have gotten that From?

mac said...

Oh, the music!!

The Happy Song is kind of catchy :-)
But, I kept wanting that person to let the poor frog go!

Curious, the Hitler 'Stache is not in the stencil set?
That's a good thing ;-)

Crunk said...

I went away on a "business trip" for a few days and the whole time I kept thinking,"I wonder what the seductress has written today!"

When I finally returned home and checked the webernet, there they were, 4 glorious posts full of fun and lunacy for my reading pleasure. I read them, I laughed, it was good.


Powdered Toast Man said...

That frog sounded like an effing cat. It was hilarious. I also love the Ren & Stimpy plug, where was Powdered Toast Man I ask you?


mac said...

I awoke from a terrible dream. I hope The Happy Song can ease me nack to sleep.

The Invisible Seductress said...

It- Shhh...some people may have fallen for this offer...wink

Blase- Winking...thanks... Now I will smile all day!!

Mac- You nut--The stache is in the DELUXE kit!! Hope the song helped you!! wink hug

Crunk- I wondered where you were!! Missed you!! Glad you are back safe!! xxx's

PTM- I hope to remember light bulbs mind is cluttered! Loved Ren and Stimpy...Will hafta research Powdered Toast Man..But he'd make me salivate all day!!

Anonymous said...

Now thats just good TV!!!

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