Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Seductress Sleeps In

And damn it was nice. I do not know what happened but for some reason everyone decided to sleep late today. 8AM late!!! I actually woke up normal time because I am not allowed to experience joy in this life,, but I crawled back in bed and snoozed a little longer, when I realized that fate had spun the wheel and decided that maybe another hour in a quiet house would benefit me!! It is all over now. Flashes of color (Traxx and Kaia) are buzzing by me and the scream-laugh factor is high. All is well here.

We celebrated Easter early because the girls are with their dad today. He has a large family and since I have no family, I let him take them on the holidays so they can celebrate the right way-surrounded by loved ones. Me and Traxx will hang out and I will try not to eat his candy..
****update: I am failing at trying not to eat his candy....sigh*****


I always know I hit it on the head when they say:

"It looks like a party in here!!!!!"

I love that!!! It looks nice but was pretty cheap. The girls got purses instead of baskets (they were on sale for $3 each!!!) And Traxx got storage baskets that matched his theme (Dragon). The pink and purple on the table are scarfs to wear (the girls love wearing light scarves with T's). And I bought them the Justin Beiber CD they have been begging me for......gasp.....
(because: I hate my,, baby,, baby,, Ooooooh,,, like,,,,baby, baby, baby!!).

The rest is candy and plastic eggs......yummo....(I eat plastic eggs,,, don't you?)

Oh,,, and I got them these little guys:

Pretty cute right??? Well,, they were bought spur of the moment as I had the kids WITH ME and was hiding stuff on them. I did not check them out in detail other than,, I thought they bounced and I knew they had candy in them, and they made cute "Eastery" sounds.

But how do you get the candy out?

"They poop candy!!!!!!! They POOP THE CANDY!!!!!"

Was the "scream theme" throughout the day!!! Because they do. They shat multicolored candies. And the kids eat the multicolored shat candy while laughing at the fact that they are eating the bunny/frog/chick shat..... And now these cute little creatures have "added" realistic "pooping" sound effects courtesy of my kids. Well actually "added" realistic "straining to poop" sound effects would be more accurate. They also fart (because farts are ALWAYS funny people).

Speaking of farts,,, my puppy farted RIGHT in my face last night!!! I had my head lovingly laying on her back petting her when the "FFFFFffffffpbfst" rang out loud and infested me with "Beagle puppy butt funk air". She even lifted her tail up for better fart conduction. After I jumped up she looked at me,,, smelled the air,, looked at me again like I did it,,,, and left.

Please enjoy this "FACEPALM" montage:

Happy Easter Everybody!!!

May your bunnies NOT shat candy and your intelligence NOT lapse enough to buy Justin Beiber CD's for screamy girls!!

OYE !!!

13 Seducing Deductions:

sarahjayne smythe said...

They are cute. And the Easter spread looks great. Looks like everybody ahd a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

hey if it poops candy... its a keeper..

omg you been sanked!!! how long does puppy farts last... last time I heard it was close to 15 years...

oh hell come here and get me a shitty

Blasé said...

I got up @ 10:06am, today, myself. Feels damn good, too!

I've never tried "plastic eggs", but I'm willing to try it with you as long as you lick it real good (the plastic) before you attempt to eat it.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Sarah- come over for chocolate and laughs!! hug

Sir- The kids got a kick out of the vulgar little things...laughing..actually the candy in 'em was rather good..muah muah!!

Blase-We could soak them in vodka first....lick lick.... wink

The Savage said...

I like toast....

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

So glad you slept in and did not do well with resisting Traxx's candy. Sorry about Justin Beiber.
Love to you for a fun Easter,

Crunk said...

Why am I affraid of those toys?!?!?!

I think it's the eyes!

Anonymous said...

wondering is all the candy gone now?

The Invisible Seductress said...

Savage-I will make your basket out of toast then...xoxo

RRG- the candy never stood a chance! Depression hit it like a mack truck!!! Justin is better than Kesha at least. And my son is cute singing it.. hugs to you!!!

Crunk- I think you are right,,they are looking at me right now!!! Easter hugs and pecks

Sir-it is all gone.... :( ...xoxo

Zsuzsi said...

Plastic eggs? What are plastic eggs? Do you eat them? (yes, you are confusing me!!:)).

The Invisible Seductress said...

Zsuzsi- smiling--they are just the little eggs that you can fill with jellybeans and such for the kids..You don't really eat them unless you are strange,, very strange..I am strange,, but not VERY strange...wink...hugs Happy Easter!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

PS Blog sis, if you want to connect, feel free to email me (through my blog profile page - I couldn't see how to contact you that way). I sense that the universe is similarly aligned against us these days. But we're so nice, cute, and little!? Take care. xoRobyn

The Invisible Seductress said...

Robyn you can find me at do write!!! hugs!!

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