Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm not leaving it like this!

Ever hear a song at the right time?

Please play:

"Put another candle in the wind, it's just another thing that I can't fix..."

What "reason" justifies bad things happening to someone?

Don't tell me to be strong for my kids, because if I am not strong for me first, I will NEVER be strong enough for them. Don't I count?

I'll still light those candles in the wind even if I get burned.

"Play another game that I can't win"

I will play your game..... I will alter the outcome that YOU think YOU know already.

Shake your head and tell me you told me so....You told me I should give my son up for adoption...YOU told me I should abort him because it would be too rough on the girls and that I was being selfish..... selfish for what.... hoping for the best outcome?

"But I'm not leaving it like this"

I'll tell you that I am stronger than you will ever know. I'll tell you that I am scared but not because my world is collapsing.... But because people that were supposed to be on my side.... aren't.....They would rather stand back and watch me fall for the satisfaction of being right...

...If you end up being right.....do you get to use the pieces of my spiraling reality as your trophy?


"Maybe I should find the common ground, scratch another problem off my list"

I will never agree to do things that my heart stops at the mention of. I will not walk in your row with my head down or sit in your pew under the guise of a righteous judgment. My bed will be warm wherever it is. In my heart I will know I did the best I can, no matter how many pieces I end up in. Scars strengthen the areas around them. A stubbed toe will take you out.

After all is said and done, I would still pick you up, without judgment or consequence.

Does that make me strong or stupid?

"Make another note,
letters that I wrote,
...I guess you should have known,

I'd let you down"

You were right,,,,,, it is hard......BUT.......... I didn't let you down..........
.......you let me down
..........case closed.....

.........go "help" someone else......

"Don't you be so quick to count me out"

Round 10....Lets go....Where's the bell........
I don't need a break..lets do this...

Now bring me my damn "spit bucket"!!!

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Comedy will be resumed tomorrow........

8 Seducing Deductions:

The Invisible Seductress said...

Downer post...sorry...

Blasé said...

OH, I know what you are saying...all too much.

I like a Pussy with a Punch!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Oh sweetie, it's when you pour your heart out that your writing is most beautiful. I'm hoping that, despite the fact that the people who are supposed to be there aren't, others of us (me, for example) ARE THERE unexpectedly (if only virtually..sorry). When you do get up, you're gonna knock 'em dead and come out a winner.
Lots of hugs,

mac said...

Have no fear, ma dear.
I'll be there like Rick Flair....Woooooo!

Ca88andra said...

You are an incredibly strong woman and I like you for that! Don't worry about being down, it happens. Just know that something inside you will bring you up again and you will fight on!

The Savage said...


The Invisible Seductress said...

Blase-Punching Pussy rocks!!

RRG- it helps more than you know..It really does..sniffle

Mac- smiling.....

Ca88andra-thanks----chining up for the next blow...

Savage- That was a nice warm hug,,,is that your hand in my..... wink

Anonymous said...

baby your not a pussy by a long shot.... you may have punch.... and you may have a pussy////

but....*grins* your no pussy/..

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