Friday, January 1, 2010

little RANDOM posts

My first post of 2010 was going to be spectacular. I was going to blow you away with my wit and charm. Instead this happened:

RANDOM POSTS..........

For about a week I was craving French Fries. I am trying really hard not to eat a lot of junk food and burgers and fries have been banished from our menu. But I figured after a week's craving, maybe a trip to the Mcheadquarters was justified.

A small fry and a Diet Coke to offset would be ordered. I watched the worker prepare my order. She dumped the fries totally out in the bag looking at me and not correcting her obvious lack of fry etiquette. Still I thought, that job sucks so I'll throw her a break and not pelt her with my paintball gun (loaded and ready for just instances like this).

It's things like that, simple in nature that define us. I have friends that would have went off on her even though the fry integrity or enjoyment really was not affected.

I try to be a happy person, stupid people seldom allow me to do so.

random post.............

Lately my quirkiness has been palatable. I know my elevator skips a few floors but it always goes to the top. I have been getting thoughts in my mind about things I'd like to experience.

Going to Alaska and sleeping under a northern lit sky (heaven's light show)
Galapagos Islands to see nature in it's rarest form
Egypt to marvel at man made wonders

There are so many things to do and see in this world, but realistically I am a simple person and OK with the wait. But with that being said sometimes my mind focuses on something silly to try and it permeates and percolates like life's black coffee.

My new obsession is courtesy of Zane Lamprey of "Three Sheets". He is a comedian that travels the world sharing history, scenery and the wonderful world of people. He also drinks A LOT. It is his job to meet people in exotic bars and dissect culture and alcohol (and drink the various animal penis infused vodkas). Add sophomoric drinking games and comedy and the show I refused to watch (until absolutely nothing else was on) has hooked me (simple pleasures).

On the show he does a stupid human trick called bottle "sabering" (normally champagne bottles). You do this with well, a saber (dur). You essentially slice the top off of the bottle while looking cool. One time he "sabered" beer bottles with a snowboard (ya-huh, a snowboard). He even sliced the top off of a bottle with a wine glass (this caught my attention).

I am now obsessed with trying this..... But scared because of my level of advanced idiot-cy and clutzy nature. Maybe I'd like to keep my appendages. Plus I have no business getting a saber,, right???

So what do I do???

I think I'll be buying a few cheap bottles of champagne and a few sturdy wine glasses. BUT I will make sure there is a reserve at the blood bank first.

Come on over to watch... This should be good!!!

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random post......

My power got cut off the other day. I had forgotten to pay the bill while I was in the hospital and DID NOT get a late notice...... It was only $100 bill. The problem is they demanded a $350 deposit plus the whole bill amount to get it turned back on!!! And when I cried and explained the circumstance I was denied my rightful sympathy. This is a job I would not be good at.

I sat without power until I got a check in. I was camping. I was roughing it. I am woman hear my hair cry to be curled...It's STILL in shock!!!!

random post.........

I was in the K to the Mart the other day (I heart the W Mart but the K to the Mart was closer).
I am ALWAYS sorry I go there,, sigh. As a kid I remember being embarrassed to be seen there. But then,,,,, if someone actually DID see me there, that would mean THEY were THERE too, so that philosophy was just stupid.

random post.........

Was thinking the other day of grade school. I went to a Christian school for around 6 years (that's why I am sooooooo saweeet). We were always upper class men there, we ruled the school. Some of the things we did were not so wholesome. We had this idea of putting a tape player outfitted with AC/DC in the venting. This would send Hells bells and Highway to Hell screaming through each classroom. It was a success, the principle/pastor came directly to our class demanding to know the following:

"What is the meaning of this?"

This was one of his favorite sayings, the other went like this:

"The evil is so deep in here I could cut it with a knife!"

When we got in trouble we were given "flag duty". Me and my best friend were ALWAYS in trouble. We had "flag duty" together. It was an extra 30 minutes of fun every morning and afternoon. That punishment rocked!!!!! It was our goal to be punished every day of the year. We were pretty successful at that!

random post........

I am out of green olives. I do not feel like going to the store. This sucks because I LOVE me some green olives. Set me down with a relish tray and I'm good to go. Please bring green olives and Circus Peanuts--- so I can be productive. I know you want me to be productive, you're so good that way!

I will sit on the couch until you arrive, and no I am not sharing my olives. You can however have some cereal (you're welcome). + The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. + YOU =

(she is simple in nature)

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f1trey said...

got some blood going again aye? XXX OOO Nice paost as always!

The Invisible Seductress said...

xoxoxo to you my baby pot pie!!!! Happy New Year!!! Care to saber a bottle of champagne with me tonight?

BarryWrites said...

Have a drink and chill out, again. Life is short. Hey, you've gotta write that fantasy novel. We noticed you, however, on google's coffee shop. Return and have a hot cup with us.
barrywrites.blogspot and jaguarexpressinc.blogspot.
Follow us.
Until then, chill.


Barry Hamdani

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