Saturday, January 16, 2010

Actual size!!!!

I think maybe in life I expect too much. Not that I don't deserve it, it's just that I wonder: do I really have the right to EXPECT it??

Traxx turned 4 Today!! I can't believe it, but it's true. At some point I am going to have to give up on keeping him a baby. But because I know he is my last child, it is hard for me to let go.

.....And then just to add to that equation.................................................................................

.....he falls asleep like this:

...taken just moments after a "you are in BIG trouble mister" speech!!!!

.....How can I not turn into a sucker again????!!!!

There is something about fat little cheeks and mispronounced words that keeps me young. And now faced with a young boy instead of a baby I am concerned I will need a rest home and a mega bottle of Aspercreme soon.

This morning Traxx woke me up singing his own birthday tunes. He also stated that he had fixed his own "ceerweeal" (because he is 4 now and that's what they do apparently).

I went to the kitchen to find this bowl poured:

The spoon is there for size reference

He was totally content with the size of his bowl and was miffed when I shared my plan to empty it into a bigger one. Even the concept of giving him more that 5 Honeycombs didn't budge his agitation.

That's what pride of accomplishment will do for you. It's not how grand the outcome of a task is, it's the heart you put into it and actually finishing it that matters.

But, are we expecting too much and not enjoying what is in front of us??

What a waste of the good "ceerweeal" in life if we are!!!!

Always busy looking for that bigger better bowl...Not contented...

I let Traxx eat his 3 bites of breakfast today. Half of it spilling on the table and being retrieved with milky hands. I am blissfully aware that these days will quickly pass me by and that the milky fingered little 4 year old will soon transform into a drinking from the milk carton smart mouthed teenager.

And I will STILL be transfixed by him.

3 Seducing Deductions:

Spuds said...

Sometimes, especially when I'm worn out from chasing the pygmies around all day, I get the feeling that kids come at this point in our lives to remind us how to be a kid for the next 50 years of our life.

Happy B-Day Big Man!

Great Post Mom!!

f1trey said... CANT yell at someone eating honeycomb..its like a rule or something.... :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

The Honeycomb clause,,,hmmmm,, do adults get to use that one too? Noted in data base!!! smile!!!

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