Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sharing the Funk Bugs

I knew exactly when it happened. But I wouldn't change it. I was dropping something off for my kid at her dads house. MsDebate has been very sick and we decided it would be best to separate the two girls. NO ONE----and I mean NO ONE wants DramaGirl to get sick (trust me on that).

MsDebate ran out to the car, long pajamas slippers and a hoodie looking like my kid, to talk with me. She jumped in the front seat to be warm and we hugged. It had only been a day or two but I hate not having my kids around. You really have to learn that acceptance after a divorce.

As she hugged me I saw the little funk bugs leaving her body and jumping to mine. I was happy they were jumping her ship and finding a new home, just not my vessel. They sat idle for a day strengthening in my fresh blood.

With a vengeance, they came out yesterday.

As they scream through my ears and empty the contents of my brain through my nose I battle them (I'm so hot today!! Really,, I can say that today without laughing because I have a fever, sigh). And as I hit the I want MY MOMMY wall, I have to be the MOM. Hoover needs food and a butt scrub as he had a "is this REALLY happening??" poop experience. And DramaGirl needs an avenue to share her drama.

But I do love my job!! Healthy kids who smile and do stupid things amaze me.

And I am thankful

.........but,,, if you come hug me today,, I just might let the funk bugs loose on you!! call ahead and wear protection!!

3 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said...

dont I wish I could! sorry your down for the count! If I were there Id get that bath goin that you like and stand guard at the door! :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

you rock!!! xoxo

Patrice S. said...

Awww get well soon :)

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