Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reality and me

When I was 17 I applied for a job in a small Ice Cream shop. Back then I was very cute and thought there was no way they would pass up THESE power scooping sparkly goods!! It was going to be easy. I dressed up colorfully, (because that's what Ice Cream servers do, right??) and went in to the interview with the owner. He actually asked me questions and did not just hire me because I looked like a good Ice Cream server. I was miffed. I went home and cried for days over that rejection.

I was told that the fun money being issued to me would be stopping. I guess there was some kind of reorganization in my household or I was being called out on being lazy--either way--it was a time of action. So I applied at a little print shop because I had vocational printing experience and knew absolutely everything. This time pity was taken and I was hired.

I actually did very well in a naive teenager way. Even though I was in love with the paper delivery man, I was professional in my behind the scenes drool-fests. I worked hard and really started to like it there. I was pretty good at what I did too so that fueled my fire. One day I was given a very important printing job:


Embossed and printed on fine quality card stock. I was thrilled. The final color of a 4 press run was being added on my watch.

The problem was.............

I was eating gummy bears. Somehow one of my gummy bears got on to the printing plate and stuck. As the invitations came out----the top half looked perfect. The bottom half was covered by the paper holder. I was supposed to pull out every 5th one or so for quality control but was so accomplished as a printer and/or skilled in my job I didn't need to make such a superfluous move.

Out of 150 invites, 97 of them had the imprint of a flattened gummy bear gracing the bottom half.
Evil Beasts of Invitation Destruction

I lost my job that day in a conversation of few words and many many tears. I remember totally understanding the decision and being upset that I had ruined the cards but even more so that I would no longer see the paper man (priorities people). I even stalled departure hoping he would ride in and sweep me up in a pity love display with a white steed and armour. That fantasy never happened (none of my fantasies came true back then, or now, WHAT THE HALIBUT??!!).

My dad picked me up and concreted my stupidity. My last check was docked. And it was then I knew:


so, if you don't mind...

I choose fantasy just for today!!

If you see me smiling for no reason, dancing in my car or talking to the birds.......
(hmmmmm,,, actually that's a normal day for me isn't it......)

Anyway,,,,,, I'm going to go and think of something fantastical I could do today and get back with you....... You can give me suggestions in the comment section as well!!!


When I get taken in for mental evaluation, please vouch for me. I am sure there is SOMETHING sane in at least ONE of my posts that you could highlight in my defense.

Crap,,, I'm doomed!!!!!

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f1trey said...

vouching here.........hehehe

Id pay money to see ya scoop and share! :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

smile-----I woulda been a good scooper

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