Monday, January 11, 2010

Self Portraits

From time to time I really try to see where my girls are with themselves. There is no question that they probably do not regard themselves as highly as I do. It is my job to pedestal them a little bit and nurture the insides. They both have qualities that I admire and a spirit that shines. I think raising girls is an art. I am trying to study and perfect that art with mine but am left wanting at times. There are always questions that are asked in dealing with everyday life that I may or may not have the right response to. I think as long as I am honest about my own short comings they will understand.

Imperfections are the little cracks of perfection


Imperfections can be beautiful

We are not always going to be stunning on the outside but we can always make sure our insides are. That is what truly makes us unbelievably sexy and longed after. Being on the dating scene has ground that into my head. If you are the hottest man in the world but I don't LIKE you-- where will that lead (but I may have to try a few things to fully figure that out,, ha,, nudge,, dang it,, does that make me shallow???!!! giggle-snort)? I need to see your true heart and spirit to fall in love with you (and a daily offering of Circus Peanuts and Mascara will help too!!).

The picture below was DramaGirl's self portrait.

"How do you see yourself today?" I asked delving straight into 9yo "dramaland".
"What do you mean by that?" She countered sweetly.
"Draw a picture of you as you are RIGHT now for me". Was the last of my direction given.

And she did,,,,, and this is what I got:

There are a few issues here. For one, this girl has blue eyes and Drama has the prettiest brown eyes you can get. This girl also has boobs, or a BOOB hanging out on the left, either way she is endowed in that department. She also has one big fused phalanges mitten and no feet. And she appears to be floating, but we can chalk that up to drawing style.

What she DOES have is a perfectly happy smile, fashion sense, bright eyes, nice hair and of course a DramaGirl tiara. She's even kinda " Vanna Whitein' " it a bit with the hands. I would say that I scored in that DramaGirl is happy with her appearance at least for the day.

I think she came pretty close, don't you???

MsDebate's self portrait was not as promising. She held her head down and was very sullen in appearance. I didn't pounce at that time to over analyze it, but it opened my eyes up a bit to where there was much work to do. And she got hugged even more and praised even more for little things that day.

We'll open up that can of worms later in conversation. It was a telling experience.

Lets pray that we all successfully nurture our girls and keep them away from the ugly side of the world's "you'll never be pretty enough" mentality.

Do I live by my own words? Of course!!!!!

(laughing aloud at myself because we all have our own appearance issues,,, but........still.....)


...............KNOW THAT..................


What would your self portrait be today?

What would mine be??


A set of horns holding up my halo and naughty but nice eyes with LOVE in them.

I photo shopped for you,,,, wanna see?? Of course you do here I go:

Have a great day and wink at yourself in the mirror ---- because I said so----don't sass me!!!

And if I find out you didn't there will be consequences!!!

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