Monday, January 18, 2010

Self Portraits (part deuce.....)

A few posts ago the girls drew self portraits and I shared them with you. Yesterday they decided to draw pictures of me. I was excited to see what they came up with,,, but this was a process!!! It seems they wanted perfect renditions and did NOT want me to see until they were complete. I bought time by eating pickles and thinking about the jar of green olives I had slaughtered at W mart.

An hour later happy children fast footed it in my direction with my professional artist's imagery.

Wanna see them?? Of course you do!! Here I go:

The first is MsDebate's:

I am pleased because Japanese Anime girls are smokin' hot and obviously I resemble one. The square eye is a dead give away! The other eye (I was told emphatically) is winking because I am flirty and fun. My hair is triangularily pointy and wild (just like I like it!!) My skirt is a bit short but the styling was dead on. I do not however remember ever standing like that, shyly, but maybe I do (hmmmmm, note to self,,, DON'T!). I am witty and I wear witty t-shirts apparently. This one says: "Ohh I just remembered I don't care!" ( I am trying to remember if I do or don't care,,, shrugging). My background is layered with HEARTS!!!! Because the world LOVES me!!! (snicker-snort).

I love the way she drew me!

Next we have DramaGirl's:

Apparently I am ALLLLLLLL diva with DramaGirl! My hair and head is ha-uuuuge in proportion to my curves. I am standing a bit shyly again but it may be because I am dressed hoochily. I suspect if really dressed like that I WOULD be standing trying to hide a bit (I am wondering if she chose to draw the back of me as well,, would she have written "SEXY" on my pants,, hmmmm,, gonna talk to Drama!!). I have breasts here and I am glad about that, they were missing in MsDebate's portrait.

And YES,,,,,,, Sonic the hedgehog already emailed wanting his hairstyle back. So I am sending it.
...peace brother,,,, you'll get your hair back!!!

But I do love the way she drew me too.

I thought maybe just for fun I would draw my own self portrait (oh, what I do for you guys,, wink smoochie!!!).

Please enjoy:

My face was FANTAB-U-LOUS!!!

Damn balloon flew blew in front of it in the last second!!!

Hmmmm, maybe I DO eat too many Circus Peanuts????!!!

Nah-- I look GREAT!!!!!!!!!

4 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said...

minnie mouse called too...she wants her shoes back....but I told her we were at the circus eating peanuts and that.....that.......that there were elephants at the circus ....and....they dont like let you have the shoes........cause you look good in them!

( you look good in ALL those pics! Cool....)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Once again my beverage hits the computer screen....Guess I hadn't noticed the shoe trend there!!! Laughing!! Thanks for saving my behind o that one!!!!!!!!! :}

Nitin said...

haha.. thanks for manga.. haha. well soo much for the details .. kids and their powers for observation.. i think if you had asked anymore kids to draw you.. you would find some totally unexpected stuff.. :P

The Invisible Seductress said...

smiling at ya Nitin!!

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