Saturday, January 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have a screened in, solar heated pool (oh yes fancy me,, holding pinkie out!!). It's a little guy but has nice benches all around and if I fill it two inches shorter than normal it is not over my head (insert well worded small pool and "you're so short" joke here,,,, go ahead,, I'll wait........).

When we moved in this pool was sparkling clear and pristine. We used it a few times that season and the next as I had someone who took care of it. Shortly after that, the pump broke. I was doing better in those days financially but still being a single mom means prioritizing and I couldn't put that on top of the list. The estimates were outrageous!! I did try to at least keep it clean even though we couldn't swim in it but even that got too expensive and toxic. So I let go and let nature run it's course.

One year I had a little bonus and decided to get a new pump put in. I also knew someone that would do it cheaply and thought I could swing it. So he put in the pump and the pool was on it's way again to not being a Jello pit (Bonus note: apparently,, it is illegal to charge admission for Jello wrestling, if it's not REAL Jello,, whateva!!!).

A few months later my pool was blue and almost ready to be enjoyed.

Until the solar heating system sprung a leak.

When the pump is on you'll see it. Majestically spraying from the top of my house, a huge water fountain. My own National Park replica of a geyser. I thought if I added music, a timer and colored lights it would be a nice attraction, but I didn't because I am at least a little sane (laughing). There is no way that I or anyone else can find to bypass the solar heating plumbing.

So the pool is black and green and slimy all over and has been for years. I am not proud of this. But it is what happens when home repairs skyrocket on an older home and you are a girl with a can of corn for a hammer.

Lately the HOA has been sending a notice every time a leaf touches down. And now they are threatening to charge me a daily fee if the pool is not cleaned.....This pool is on the side of the house and covered. No one can see it from the street AND it is in a locked screened room (what's it hurting?).

But the drug dealers and punk kids that live here must be complaining about it's unsightly appearance when they cut through my yard to break the law. And it's OK for me to live in a neighborhood where there is constant crime and people banging on your windows screaming profanities at all hours of the night AS LONG AS YOUR POOL IS CLEAN!!!

Who knew?????!!!

Home Sweet Home!!!!

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f1trey said...

you know what this means? .......we may have to plan a beach trip to swim! :)

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