Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another cold day warmed.....

Sometimes you wake up cold. Other times everything in the world feels like a nice warm safe haven. You don't get to choose. But you CAN choose how to proceed. It's been really chilly in my world. Through my chattering and sometimes frigid mind, I have been doing a slow calm thaw. For me it's a lesson in accepting help when you need it, knowing that you will give it back when you have it.

I need the warmth today. The warmth of my children. The warmth of friends that speak but don't judge. The warmth of security when everything is topsy turvy.

This Christmas I bought polar fleece blankets for my kids from Old Navy. They were on sale and I thought they would be a nice addition for the story time and hot chocolate escapades we often have. The problem is I have stolen one. Well actually two. OK three!!! When DramaGirl isn't looking, I'll take hers (until she notices). If the other leaves hers unattended, I nab that one (until it is again is found missing from a happy snuggly moment). If my son is busy playing, I take his (and keep it the longest because in full toddler motion, you are never cold).

I realize this sounds horrible. But it's not.

When the girls are at their dads, I sleep with BOTH of their blankets. It's not because these are the softest and warmest polar fleece comfies in the world,, and I HAVE to have them... It's because every time I have seen those blankets, they have been hugging someone I cherish - and - that someone-- is laughing and carrying on.

Snuggling up nice and tight with THEIR blankets, I feel them with me, I smell MY perfume (because DramaGirl steals it) and see the marker lines (because things in my house get "tagged" all the time). And they are there with me. It's not the aggravating or dramatic part of them being there that I feel, but the essence of the two most lovely creatures in the world being right by my side.

These blankets smell and feel like home.

It's been around 7 years since their dad and I split up. I still don't know how to graciously share them.

I hope I never do!

Luckily, I have Traxx with me 24-7!!! And even though a lot of days he is EXACTLY like the video above....

I'm OK with that!!!!

Because my kids will only be this EXACT age TODAY!

**Tomorrow they will be one day older**One day just a little more jaded with the world**One day smarter than me (and one day more vocal about it)**


**One day closer to leaving my household and starting their own**

So today,, we will all ACT our ages..(except me,, obviously)

7 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said...

have some hotchocolate for me.....wish you were able to share it up here!

Blasé said...

Make sure you encourage your kids to see their father, regardless of how yours and his relationship is. It will pay-off in the long run instead of your kids resenting you later for not doing it.

I love a warm blanket to sleep with, but I'd rather have a pair of warm female titties pressing against my back...

Dutch donut girl said...

Ah, they grow up so fast. Um, no, I don't have children.
Keep warm and have a nice Sunday.

p.s. Blasé, I hope you have a warm back.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Trey-Hot Choco Mmmmmmm--I could be perceived as a weather wimp though because I own a blanket and this IS Florida--cybersnuggles!!

Mr. B.- Heres to you having many a back pressed tittie night...But turn around every once in a while--wink--And my kids have full daddy access-no bad words there-he loves them-I love them-we love them-smile

Purty DDG- Hope you have a wonderful day as well!! And any time you want to borrow a kid-there is always one here kicking up some trouble!! smile

Anonymous said...

great "family guy" clip, i remember that episode fondly

be dangerous, make that hot chocolate a hot COCOA ;)


The Invisible Seductress said...

Hot Cocoa DOES sound better!!! Following you Eternal--be gentle!

Geof said...

My friend has that sound clip of Stewie on her cell phone alarm because it is so annoying that she HAS to get up and shut it off in the morning.

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