Monday, June 28, 2010

The Sandcastle

I'm gonna be away for a while, the complications of life are hitting hard right now and I am not sure how to deal with some of it. I wanted to leave you with a story I wrote today. It defines really where my head is and where I am going in my battle. I really do thank you for taking the time to read my posts and all of the hard work that goes into writing yours. Writing heals me, or it tries, humor picks up the slack. I'll stop in here and there when I can to compliment your awesome posts!!! And trust me, I will bring sexy back..err..I mean humor,, I'll bring humor back..

lonely beach  . Pictures, Images and Photos

Lonely Pictures, Images and Photos

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LONELY  BEACH Pictures, Images and Photos

She was walking the beach on a steamy summer day. The wind was casually blowing by her, reminding her of a favorite song she had heard when she was young, when she was carefree.

Her sandcastle had long been destroyed, carelessly built too close to the dangers of sneaky waves that amble up out of nowhere, crashing faith.


Early in the day she had found a little red bucket, the yellow plastic handle was broken on one end, no matter, some rewards have imperfections. She hit her knees and smiled, finding the hope that would help her to rebuild. She knew she would always rebuild, no matter the sacrifice.

Her tousled auburn hair was flowing in the breeze, spirits were lifted, the day looked much brighter, a celebrated moment not lost on her, the work would now begin. She started to sing in anticipation and wonder of what the end result would be.

Days and months rolled by unassumingly.




There were many times sweat and tears flowed from her being, mixing in with the sand, strengthening and binding it together, she was thankful for them all as they would define her spirit in the end. She was working diligently for her family, they were laughter and love, perfectly created from above, jewels in the crown of her life.

Their future hinged on a stable foundation and the assurance that each wall would hold strong through the summer storms and turmoil, the rages of an angry sea.

Many obstacles can threaten a small castle that is not built on faith.

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She still carried faith even in great loss.

When the sun was blocked by dark clouds and rumble, faith dictated that it would reappear, a beam here or there, patches of warmth, always to return to her in some way.


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White waves trespassed onto the shoreline, crashing on the castle, awakening her from slumber. Running out to mend each crack was vital, sometimes she had help, but she never wished or found pleasure in asking for it.

Some walls of the castle were strong and secure, she felt confident they would survive. On calm days, there were hours spent tracing her fingers around the main walls, remembering each plastered crack, smiling and thankful for every grain of sand she was given to mend them.

seagulls on beach Pictures, Images and Photos

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A Hand Full of Glass and Shells (2) Pictures, Images and Photos

Walking through time, looking for the sun, she would find small reminders of hope and resilience. Little pieces of muted colored sea glass, sky blues and greens, rough edged and misshapen, all were placed in the now battered red pail.

Shells that spotted the dunes, deemed imperfect by many, would be held in her hand tightly, treasured for what they had to offer, taken to be given new life.

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hand and shells Pictures, Images and Photos
There was much rejoicing each time glass or shell was placed on the sides of her castle walls, mosaics of experience and struggle, now edge to edge, part of a unified structure.

She was always on the watch, ready to fix any damage that threatened the edifice, never resting unaware.

This would go on and on for her.

Looking up to the sky, she saw castles of stone and mortar, built on firm foundations, dwarfing hers, she often wondered what stories those walls could tell her, what wisdom could she gain from them?

One day she spotted a helicoptering feather, floating and dancing with each gentle gust of wind. It beckoned her to follow, entrancing with the motion and the slow way it hung in the air. While she held her hands out, it decided to take rest, tickling her gently while landing in waiting palms.

Crisp white, with a Stark black tip, it was perfectly balanced in color. The quill was lined with thousands of fine separations, all tied together, dutifully supporting one another. You could pull them apart, but with one quickened swipe, they could be bound together once more.

She would place this feather on top of the castle, a fine embellishment, speaking to the many steps it takes to hold life together, to be unified.

The wind started blowing fiercely, a storm was brewing, she ran out quickly to
fill the bucket with more sand for patching and stabilizing.

But she would return to find the castle leveled, waves taking it for their own.

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She stood, feet sinking into the sand, pulling her under. Tears were flowing as the little bucket floated upon her slowly, lodging between her trembling legs. In the bucket she found the feather, unharmed by the ramblings of wind and sea, speaking to her loudly once more.

She would gather the shells and sea glass. Bucket by bucket, grain by tiny grain, she would rebuild the castle with the tears and sweat of another storm she prayed would soon be quieting down.

One more battle to be feebly but successfully weathered.

She would always rebuild, no matter the sacrifice.

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Powdered Toast Man said...

Great Story.

I gave you an award today.

Blasé said...

The answer to your problem lies at my Blog, today ;)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I sure would love being your writing partner because you have a great way of expressing yourself. I never know where you are going and it makes me want to read, then reread your posts. AND you got an award today. How can I not adore you.

TS Hendrik said...

Just fantastic. I loved the story and the pictures you paired with it were perfect.

Gucci Mama said...

Lovely. I always love reading your stuff.

Powdered Toast Man said...

You need to add an email address so I can reply to your comments via email.

We can def be blogging buddies. We will have so much fun. What kind of cookies?

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you *sniff*, but I understand *sniff*.
Beautiful story. Take care and see you when we see you. Hugs!- G

sexylegsandbody said...

You are a true artist, love your style of putting thoughts into words.

Hope the pain you carry in your heart will turn into joy soon.


Missed Periods said...

So beautiful. I love the image of "mosaics of experience and struggle." I wish you the best.

IT said...

Don't stay away too long... and please, if nothing else leave your laughter in the comments when appropriate.

Crazy Brunette said...


I'll miss you hooker...

Anonymous said...

My heart is left searching when there is no you...

what you have become to us is more then just a story or tale, maybe some laughs. We have become family and your owes are our woes..

lean on us anytime...


Heff said...

Google luck with your troubles.

Ca88andra said...

Beautiful. You are a very talented writer. Please don't be away for any longer than you have to! I'll be thinking of you.

Mike said...

Powerful writing with memorable pictures. Great job. I wish you well.

f1trey said...

call when you can..... :)

Marnie said...

How dare life get in the way ;0) Seriously, go and do what is needed...taking care of yourself is important. All the very best to you.

Dutch donut girl said...

It's so strange, and rather wonderful, how connected we can get to people we know only through their writing and blogging.
Thank you for sharing with us all.
Please take care of yourself in this troubling time.

Hugs to you, dear Seductress.

Slyde said...


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Every piece of your work (true art) is proof that you can survive anything.
Love to you,

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