Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh, you're such a weiner!!!! Come VOTE!!!!!!

Tap Tap Tap... Is this thing on??? Testing....1....3.....B......

Today is the day that YOU decide who wins the idiom contest!!! Yes you!!!! Mind you, it is a very important decision with what's up for grabs.... artwork.... from me...... No stop,, stop,, sit down,, no ovation necessary.... no wait.. you're LEAVING????? Don't leave!! You must stay and decide the future of one follower!! Certainly after they win this it will propel them into the spotlight, they will live in the lap of luxury, they could quit their jobs and live off fame and notoriety!

So buckle up....it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!!!

Here is the contest paragraph followed by the submissions.... You can vote in the comments section!!!

My followers love to play with me! They're funner than a (#1. insert idiom here)! Everyday I wake up and look forward to their intelligent banter with me, I love it when they say that I am (#2. insert idiom here)! One day I would like to pick them all up and take them on a road trip longer than (#3. insert idiom here). We would eat roadkill from Route 66 and laugh and laugh. The roadkill will smell worse than (#4. insert idiom here), but all in all we will have a most wonderful time (except when that one follower has to pee every 10 seconds!! I swear their bladder is as small as a (#5. insert idiom here).). I love my followers! That's why I will buy them all Ice Cream in any flavor they want (except banana), and hold them tight while I sing the theme song to "Beaches" softly in their ears. I think they are greater than (#6. insert self serving idiom here). And I know a good (restate noun from #6) when I see it!!!

1. green turd
2. on the rag
3. Burrito Farts
4. Burrito Farts
5. Hamsters Penis
6. sliced bread

Sir Thomas
1. cock and bull story
2. finger lickin' good
3. arm and a leg
4. road kill
5. nest egg
6. blow job

1. smart like a dump truck
2. my time in jail
3. my ass
4. Paris Hilton's brain
5. Beer

Ricky Shambles
1. dunk clown in a bear suit at a party store
2. eating kielbasa with a pickle fork
3. Ron Jeremy's IMDB listing
4. Michele Bachman's quote list
5. Taylor Lautner's IMDB list
6. beach sand in my lady crack

1. monkey in a hat
2. bananas
3. Old Testament
4. Robinson Crusoe's underwear
5. gnats eyebrow
6.anchovies in a Ceasar salad

1. car load of clowns dressed like Elvis eating bananas
2. sexier than socks on a rooster
3. grandma's nose hairs
4. Ida Mae on a 3 day drunk
5. flea's saddle
6. cheese grater

1. 400 pound woman eating donuts in a smart car
2. my jugs are 2 die 4
3. enough for Blase to suck my nipples until I pass out
4. Lady Ga Ga's snatch
5. Obama's list of credentials
6. a penis with stamina

Lazarus Lupin
1. Eunuch at an orgy
2. centipede's knees
3. line at the DMV
4. Rosie's fingers after she had a really long workout and was annoyed cause she was listening to FOX news then before she showered she put her hands under her armpits for ten minutes for reasons I can't explain then almost fell and saved herself by putting her hands forward but her hands landed in poop from an emotionally distressed rottweiler who had just ate a terrier with colic
5. Glenn Beck's humility
6. truffle bunnies

Powdered Toast Man
1. jar full of pennies
2. sexier than a rhino in a polka-dot bikini
3. Lindsay Lohan's criminal record
4. Skunk after a wild night of sex
5. really, really small bladder
6. taco's after midnight

1. son of a gun
2. enemy of the State
3. flash in the pan
4. cutting the cheese
5. piece of cake
6. bump in the night

also submitted dogs bullock as a fill in for all blanks.. ;}

Rawkyn Robyn
1. coed naked sun swimming
2. the cat's meow
3. the short-bus that transports them home from school
4. plumbers crack
5. Justin Beiber's manliness
6. one taco short of a fiesta


15 Seducing Deductions:

Kal said...

Not mentioned once - I think our olive and snack cake romance in over.

Crunk said...

Sir T gets my vote.

And with such a prestigious prize up for grabs I have to say: a lot of these are NOT idioms! Just sayin'


Hawkeyemkn said...

sir t

Jim said...

This is like "Mad Libs," or something . . .


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Couple were close - I vote Lazarus's.

Marlene said...

Gonna have to go with BLASE here....that was some funny shit!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

(Did I put sun swimming? I'm such a weirdo; I meant synchronized swimming - not that it matters.) The others are hilarious! It's tough, but SirT gets my vote.

mac said...

I'll throw my vote towards IT.

Missed Periods said...

Powdered Toast Man!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I'll vote for RawknRobyn cuz she bribed me with marshmallow peeps.

Anonymous said...

yeah... I tryig to win... who would not with such a great prize... but idioms were suspose to have been used... ;p

Anonymous said...

wait peps really... oh damn it i can be bought too... send peps my way please....

Anonymous said...

I liked IT's responses. PTM's were pretty funny too! It's hard to just pick one..:( - G

Dutch donut girl said...

My vote goes to my sweetheart Blasé.

"400 pound woman eating donuts in a smart car"
Gosh, I hope he wasn't talking about me.

Blasé said...

I agree with Marlene and Double D!

Those are two smart women...

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