Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Your feet stink!....and the first ever installment of: What the B-list pets are sayn'!!

I really should be doing something amazing right now.

Like figuring out why pickles have expiration dates when theoretically the continuation of the pickling process should only enhance the flavor of said pickles.

Or possibly trying to invent different colored misc. silly-shaped plastic bracelets that kids will pay loads of their parents hard earned money on to wear and collect (or did some rocket scientist beat me to that?).

I wonder things like why in the hell I bought my children the same brand and patterns of Fruit of the Loom bikini briefs as I have and now every other day I get an atomic wedgie because I over-enthusiastically put THEIRS on.

Maybe I should stop thinking that I should have become a stunt woman because I have learned to "tuck and roll" so well in my daily fall routines, surely there is more to that job.

Did you know that if you "burst" a grape in your mouth while simultaneously flipping your head over to continue the blow drying process you will feel like you are drowning for 10 whole minutes?

If I stare at my thumbs they start to look like big toes and freak me out.

"Every time you go awaaaaaay, you take a piece of meat with yooooooou" I love that song.

Is it possible that I am destined to create a mind shattering invention that you find out you can not live without?

Not today..

Today my brain is like peanut butter. It is tasty and chopped full of verbal protein that is getting stuck to the roof of my mouth.

I will not rape your mind with my swirly fantabulous nonsensical ramblings today.

I will save that for tomorrow!


Today I give you the first installment of :

"What the B-list pets are saying"!!

The part of the post where B-list pets get some LOL love!!

No A-lister ZOMG cats or dogs here!!

Just your everyday "lesser loved" animal companions!!








13 Seducing Deductions:

TS Hendrik said...

I love the bunny and hedgehog one. Hilarious and cute!

Tantaluran said...

Just want to say that I read your blog every day!

Anonymous said...

If you aren't already, you should really be writing children's books, or fantasy fiction for adults ;)

Anonymous said...

lets get back to the peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth...

*evil grin*

sorry feeling frisky this morning

mac said...

You are the mind shattering invention ;-)

Heff said...

Sea-Monkeys !!!

Anonymous said...

great pics, you're giving the motivational posters a run for their money!

Andrew Green said...

What was that thing?
A ferret???

He must have been horrified.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Agree with Snafugirl - you really should be writing fantasy books.

Mustang Mike said...

Sooo cute!! Just loved the writing. Hope you do some professional writing somewhere. Extremely good stuff! Now, how about coming over and visiting my website! Neat pics of classic cars, reviews of neat products and the like. for some pics. If you don't like the pics, maybe your boyfriend will!!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I love your ramblings. I can't wait for one of your inventions. Don't ever stop blogging!!!!

The Invisible Seductress said...

TS-I don't think Snookie would approve though! ;}

Tantaluran-Just stopped by your place to visit!!

Snafu-That statement makes me very happy!!

Sir-When are you NOT frisky??

Mac- Awwwwwwe,, No YOU ARE!!!

Heff-Wonder how many sea monkeys die everyday??

Eternal-Thanks!! Love that compliment from a blog hero like you!

Andrew-Yep...pooor ferret!!

Mama- Again that statement makes me very happy..that is the dream!!

Mustang-I'm gonna check you out!! I'm an extreme Mustang lover,, slate blur racer back if you will please!!

PTM-With great places like yours to read and marvel at, I could never stop!! smiling

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Photos are funny. And the thing about the underwear... I'm not going there.

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