Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vienna sausages and jazz hands!!

I ate a jumbo sized can of Vienna Sausages this morning for breakfast. I am not sure why ANYONE would be stupid enough to eat a jumbo sized can of Vienna sausages, but now I feel like a disgruntled cat. I swatted at my kids ankle when she walked by and I am thinking about curling up in the sink for a nap (and then pooing in it to spite the world).

When I go to Big Lots, I always end up buying "SPAM like" products. It's bizarre, I think I need to have this looked at but I am not sure where to find a medical professional that specializes in this sort of mental ailment.. For lunch: Deviled Ham, because I like my processed meat products a little questionable in their moral status, makes me feel like a sexy animal by-product rebel.

I took the spawns on a brief school starting "I need, I want" session. I am poor so I have to be extremely creative and thrifty when it comes to shopping. I think the plastic Sears bag is going to look the nicest on my older girl, while the blue of the Wal-mart bag accentuates my little one's eyes!

We were in the middle aisle of Kohls when DramaGirl did something that pulled at my heartstrings.

I am getting all befuddles just thinking about it.

She stopped, gasped and screamed out:


And then she ran to the make-up aisle while squealing my name and gesturing me to run with my awesome "jazz hands". Of course I did and added my patented "I love mascara" skip to emphasize my excitement. I am so proud! My eldest just rolled her eyes with a look on her face that read: I'll be over here in the "misunderstood tween" clothes section, trying to erase this moment from my memory bank.

School starts Thursday. Here are a few stylish animals getting ready on their first day of school!


Feeling confident with his freshly whitened teeth,
Trigger made an attempt at a pick-up line.





9 Seducing Deductions:

Jim said...

Lol . . . how do you feel about Scrapple? That's an interesting product that you don't see served in most of this nation's finest restaurants.

Then again, you could always try one of these . . .


Anonymous said...

in Hawaii Spam is the national meat.... could they be wrong?

I think not

Anonymous said...

I lived on questionable "mystery meat" processed into a can for many years. Nothing cures the munchies like a spam sandwich :-)I have seen platic bag clothes being shown at fashion shows in New York so maybe you are onto something

Anonymous said...

I don't eat V. sausages (Monkey peters) but I loveeeeeeeeeeee me some potted meat (rat meat)

yummy scrummy

Dutch donut girl said...

Poor Ms. Fartle.

Have a sparkly weekend.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

aww how cute! love the justin bieber hair pic! LOL
xox alison

Marnie said...

I love sparkles and mascara too, so I can understand your excitment.

mac said...

I AM a fan of sparkles....just not on me, unless they get there by osmosis.


SPAM SCARES ME...but I "get down" on it anyway... O.o

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