Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jan Brady wants to do YOU...I mean THIS...but maybe you a 'lil too...

So Jan Brady stopped by because I was talking about the conclusion to my IDIOM contest. She thought I said it was an IDIOT contest and wanted to nominate Marsha. I don't think those two will ever get along. I explained to her that you,, (my lovely followers and friends of all that is 70's inspired) will be choosing the winner of the contest. She said something like: "YOU, YOU, YOU!!!!!" and started sobbing as she pointed at you all, not sure what that was all about.

Jan Brady Pictures, Images and Photos

But,, she WAS all dressed up and even had those strange curly tendril things so I said she could stay and help.

Here's the dealio. Last shot at submission today. So if you had an IDIOM enlightenment seminar in the past few weeks maybe you should submit now. The prize is grand!!! The cat inspired Seductress artwork (featured to your right) that will be worth probably $1.50 after I die because things always skyrocket after the demise of the tortured artist,,, and because I have been eating too much SPAM lately,, death is probably the next logical step.

Excuse me for a moment.


"Jan, why are you swigging my mouthwash dear?"

"I thought it was a bottle of Jack"

"Stop it, You're no KESHA!!"

"When are the guys going to show up for the IDIOM partay, partay?"

"There are no guys, this is not a par-tay,, and why exactly DO you have a ball gag???"

"I am open to new things, unlike Marsha, and when I finally do "DO" Greg, she'll see....

"She'll see"

(awkward silence)

"Is that a dead gerbil?

.....AND the cursed TIKI idol From Brady's go to Hawaii lure??"

Brady Bunch Tiki idol Pictures, Images and Photos
I is cursed

"Uh, Jan,, why is your head spinning all Exorcistically?"

"Jan,,, Jan,,, JAN!!!!????"

"Wher'd you get that wig???"

\"Its the new Jan Brady\" Pictures, Images and Photos

"It's the NEW JAN BRADY BITCH!!!!"

"I remember that episode Jan, things didn't turn out that great for ya..."

(Jan begins to sing and dance and cry a 'lil)

"I feel pretty,, I feel pretty"

"Can someone please get Dr. Drew?? I need his help STAT!!"


...submit your IDIOMS to the comment section below........

... or I will get Jan to follow your blogs....................................

My followers love to play with me! They're funner than a (#1. insert idiom here)! Everyday I wake up and look forward to their intelligent banter with me, I love it when they say that I am (#2. insert idiom here)! One day I would like to pick them all up and take them on a road trip longer than (#3. insert idiom here). We would eat roadkill from Route 66 and laugh and laugh. The roadkill will smell worse than (#4. insert idiom here), but all in all we will have a most wonderful time (except when that one follower has to pee every 10 seconds!! I swear their bladder is as small as a (#5. insert idiom here).). I love my followers! That's why I will buy them all Ice Cream in any flavor they want (except banana), and hold them tight while I sing the theme song to "Beaches" softly in their ears. I think they are greater than (#6. insert self serving idiom here). And I know a good (restate noun from #6) when I see it!!!

"I love you all!!!"

"..... and marshmallows!!"

"Get it???? You thought I was going to say MARSHA!!!!"

"Don't you just love my NEW braces???"

"Hold me"

Tomorrow you can vote on a winner.....and block your newest follower.......

15 Seducing Deductions:

The Urban Cowboy said...

I'm no good with idioms, but I do think your work is awesome. Someone will be lucky to adorn their abode with a fantastical piece of yours.

Heff said...


There's a giant hairy spider on you....

mac said...

I'm going with my first submission. If I were to use more, it would give be unfair to the others ;-)

I always liked Jan a little better anyway.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

"Babytalk, babytalk, it's a wonder you can walk!" Oops, that was meant for Cindy.
Love ya, and this post, and you again, and I kinda had a crush on Peter. That is, until he married a porn star.

JC said...

"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"

You have a writing style very similar to mine, except for the fact that your posts are much longer, meaning that you put more effort into them (as opposed to grabbing a video from Youtube and passing it off as a post :))

I'll have to think about the idioms for a while to come up with some good ones. A "cat wearing a mink fur coat" seems like it would fit somewhere, but where . . .

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am your newest follower.

Midwestern Mama Holly said...

Its always Marsha Marsha Marsha.. Jan Jan Jan... everyone forgets Cindy. No wonder she packed up Kitty Karryall and hit the road! Now because of this she is dry humping some circus freak for a place to live.... and Kitty?? Well she'll never be the same.

Miguel said...

After I Googled idiom I came up with "Fuck it...."

The Invisible Seductress said...

Urban-Awwww you should try to win........


Mac-Yep your right!!


JC- You should try!!!! smiling...I enjoyed reading..

Mama-Too funny!!!!

Miguel-Well you won't win with THAT!! Ahahahahaha

Cheeseboy said...

If there was a box, I'd mark this one "hilarious".

Jan was cursed. Probably still is. And that wig actually made her look BETTER. I bet Greg got with both Jan and Marsha

lisleman said...

Ok I'll try one but I can't help but notice the followers seem to be stuck with this assignment.

For #1 insert "puppy rolling in toilet paper"

Hey thanks for following and I decided to follow on the networked blog thing. I think FB can help spread the word (just need to find the right word).

Powdered Toast Man said...

damn, it looks like nobody wants to participate. I had to look up the word idiom. I won't let you down seductress. Let's see...

1. jar full of pennis
2. sexier than a rhino in a polk-a-dotted bikini
3. Lindsay Lohan's criminal record
4. a skunk after a wild night of sex
5. really, really small bladder
6. tacos after midnight
7. taco

I hope those work for you. That was fun.

Anonymous said...

Did you lend your mascara to Marsha too? I remember when she went from being a girl to a teenager wearing make-up and those curly things in her hair. It was about the time that cousin Oliver showed up and then the show "jumped the shark" (<---- idiom alert) as they say. - G

Anonymous said...

wow my lovely lady you are goig to find it hard to judge this I'm sure...

spam spam who said spam...

I'll take one spam sandwich please...

IT said...

You had me at "idiot."

The Invisible Seductress said...

Cheeseboy- You think?? Ewwww....bad visuals just climbed in to my head and shat...eeeeep

Lisleman- I have entries on it from a few weeks ago. The followers will vote Friday and through the weekend..Do more Do more ;}

PTM-AWESOME!!!!!! I'll add yours in...;}

Georgina-Too funny--And I love,love,love your IDIOM...

Sir-No you guys are...hee hee.....


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