Thursday, August 12, 2010

Never forget to believe in fairies!!!!!

I have a blogger buddy (Ca88andra this is for you!) that wrote about fairies and how she forgot to believe in them as an adult. I wrote this poem for her. Lets never forget to believe in something, no matter what form it takes, that is magical and pure. The world will still go on around us if we take a few moments out of our day to be childlike and "believe" again. The gravity of the "little things" is so much greater than the weight of the "bigger" ones because we experience them so much more often. Lets take in all the little things we miss each day by sharing our smiles with everyone around us. It's free ya know!

Last night I saw a single firefly. I thought of how lonely it must be flying there all alone, but it shone so brightly, only flickering to gain height in the dark sky. Was it traveling to look for someone to share the night with? Or simply enjoying the breeze on a buggy face and the stars above writing it's name in sparkles?

Let the stars write your name tonight, it's better than any Broadway billboard could ever be!!

And never forget to believe in fairies!!

Have you ever seen a lone sparkle fall?
Well, it's not "just" a sparkle, after all.
If you have no clue, I'll give you a hint,
That shimmer is a single fairy footprint.
She was supposed to stay hidden, to keep us aloof,
And just flutter in, and just leave with a poof.
She stepped so lightly, but made a mistake.
She's not perfect you know, just give her a break!
She giggled as she left you that magical kiss,
To take as your own for a moment of bliss!
Share it with loves, or keep it all to yourself.
I have a whole jar full, I keep on my shelf.
I take them by handfuls, and as they blow in the wind.
I Wish for you true love, that will never find end.


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Anonymous said...

I've never seen a real firefly. It's too cold up here and I've never been to a region where they lived. I've promised myself that I will see on before I leave this world. Thanks again for another great reminder to appreciate the little things everyday. - G

jinksy said...

Why, fairies are everywhere, if you but look -
in the heart of a flower, on a tree leaf that shook
as the gentle wind passed by and asked it to play -
there's fairies, just out of sight, all through each day!

Jim said...

There's a lot to believe in, and it's important that we DO believe. Otherwise, life is too predictable and boring.

Spirits . . . the hand of some higher being . . . people's own good nature . . . the unshakeable love of parents and children . . . chocolate brownie chunk ice cream, that's really fat free . . . :-)


Dutch donut girl said...

Lovely poem.

I believe in the good, the bad and the ugly of life.

And I believe in gnomes, witches and trolls.

Cheeseboy said...

That was genius. I feel like I need to shake off the fairy dust.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

That is so sweet and whimsical. I love it, especially the "give her a break" line. I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again: YOU ARE A VERY TALENTED WRITER.
Hugs from your bloggy sis,

Ca88andra said...

That is AWESOME!!! Thank you for writing it for me. I will treasure it forever and I'll be looking out for those lone sparkles. May we both find many fairies along our paths... xo

Powdered Toast Man said...

I once caught a fairy and kept it in a pickle jar but I forgot to punch holes in the top and she died (tear)

Mike said...

Faries wear boots and you gotta believe me. I saw 'em I saw 'em and I tell you no lies. There I go showing my age again.

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