Saturday, August 14, 2010

From the attic of the Seductress...

Quick partial repost but I will be back reading your blogs commenting and taking on full blogger friend capacity tomorrow.... Please enjoy Vintage Seductress.. but without all that funny mildew smell..

Growing up I had a good friend who lived out in the country. We were always outside and always eating Pringles at her house. I remember smiling while I fed apples to one of the horses and my bare feet sunk in the sandy road. There were huge trees lined all down our path and I would look up with wind blowing through my hair in amazement of nature. Spanish moss danced in the air and the smell of hay was always prevalent. Our feet were always black. Our tongues, always kissed with the taste of fresh honeysuckle.

She had a little brother named Shane. He would annoy us continuously. I actually thought he was fun to have around because he was such a live wire, but I never told her. One day as it grew dark, we sat on the porch drinking coke in the bottle with peanuts added. Her mom stuck her head out the door and beckoned "Time to come in!” Us girls knew we could hide out in a pink room and giggle all night. Shane on the other hand wanted to stay out and play. His mom grew angry and told him sternly "you come in now or you'll get a spanking!” Now the words coming out of Shane's mouth next, for some reason, struck a chord with me. To this day I can remember his dirty brown disheveled hair and even dirtier face making a decision on how to proceed in this moment. In a rough little boy voice he proclaimed: "BEAT ME MOMMY!" with total confidence.

You see Shane knew that he wanted to stay outside and play; he was willing to be in discomfort for this. He thought he was given an option and he chose accordingly. As a parent, I now know it doesn't work that way but back then I marveled at him. So happy running outside, so dedicated to retaining the moment that he would sacrifice his rear end for it.

I found my friend just recently and was told that Shane had passed in a car accident. It choked me up to think such a young man to be gone. In my head he will always be that rebel child with the determination to achieve what he wanted.

We all need to say "BEAT ME MOMMY" to the world sometimes. Taking your "hits" when faced with decisions is the right and most obvious thing to do. We are so scared to make sacrifices that we miss the point; Some things are WORTH making sacrifices for.

An extra hour or two outside on a beautiful summer day in the country is worth a spanking.

Would having many years in a good relationship be worth a few years of discomfort when it goes bad?

Would the ache of losing another relationship or challenge outweigh the bliss/pride it would give?

Are we so scared to face hurt that we are missing out on joy?

I think a lot of us are.

So we live in a bubble full of our own fresh air of mediocrity and compliance.

I know I have been for far too long now.

I have a book to publish. I have a crowd to sing in front of. I have men to woo (Yes you can woo too!! Which will also be the title of my 7th book). I have far off places to travel to by piggy-back on the Yeti I discovered deep in the forest. I have a home on an island that has a great view of another island with a volcano in the middle that I can watch bubble and hiss everyday from my front windows to purchase with the proceeds of my memoirs and Diane Sawyer interviews (excuse the run-on sentence, but that thought excited me!!). Bobby Flay has a specialty dinner menu to prepare in my kitchen whilst we gab about "our" future menus (sorry Mrs. Bobby, I'm THAT fantastic and I wooooed him with my stainless steel utensil collection ...buwahahahaha)

This will all take time to accomplish. But, I think now may be the time for us all to stop over analyzing every possible "spanking" the world may give, take some risks and let great things happen naturally.

I just hope my heart will let me take chances again.

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Copyboy said...

never quite heard that kiss description before. Love it.

Jim said...

Excellent sentiments . . . better get started on that list of stuff.

I'd hang out and talk about it more, but Giada DeLaurentis is due to stop by my kitchen any minute . . .


Domestic Minx said...

I'm thinking that little boy was also a bit of a masochist too but none the less - agree with you. So did Garth Brooks when he sang the song The Dance.

Nice post - thanks.

Cheeseboy said...

That is so sad.

I just found out that one of my blog followers and regular commenters passed away suddenly. She was 40. So sad.

The Wolf said...

How true I think too often we get stuck doing what's easy and comfortable. Sorry to hear about you're freinds passing.

mac said...

Shane learned at young age what many adults never do... Life exists in the moment !

Ca88andra said...

Ahhh vintage Seductress is still good! Take care xo

Dutch donut girl said...


To Sephora and beyond :)

Have a nice Sunday.

Slyde said...

that was beautifully written. it brought got me all emotional. really. Why the hell did you have to do that to me on a grumpy monday morning?

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Of course your heart will let you take chances again. You are and always will be an open hearted person.

I don't like the ending of the kissing behind the pig shed story. Stupid, stupid boys!

Hugs to you, my bloggy sis,

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