Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Vixen and The Chihuahua


The following stories are true.
Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

My bestest friend has always been a little wild. Hell, scratch that--my best friend has always been Hella wild! I came from such a strict background that I gravitated to her. The freedom and spark she showed was something I was lacking.

I transferred to a secular high school in the 10th grade. I came from a small Christian school where everyone was family, I was always in the top class and we ran the school. I was a little bit of a trouble maker and at least in my mind was "cool".

The first day of high school with 300 plus kids was terrifying! I don't think I talked for a semester. No one knew me and I was petrified. Three months into the year my "cute" button down skirt unbuttoned down at a very bad time, I stood exposed in the hallway. Now at least a few people knew who I was (Yippee for accidental nudity)!! My brother fit in well and adjusted to the change swimmingly. I felt I had lost my identity and was too scared to forge a new one. Until..... I met Vixen (insert ominous music here).

I met Vixen in a vocational Graphic Arts class, she was from a rival High School. My first image of her was her leaning over a light table with 5 guys looking at her ass. My hero! Vixen was hot. She had long dark hair and searing blue eyes. And Vixen knew how to control boys. She had one from each class eating out of her hands and legions of long haired followers. I was sugary sweet next to her but took in every side glance and lingering stroll she made in an attempt to hijack her sensuality. I had a lot of first experiences with Vixen. Lost my AC/DC virginity with her and I drank and smoked happy plant for the first time under her un-watchful eye.

She was a pro at "calm and cool" while I was a jittery mess. Her parents were very open to us having a life and gave her freedom I never had. We still got caught quite a few times in questionable situations. One more notable time was when we were drunk at Alex's restaurant after sneaking out and realized her mom was three booths up. Hmmmmmmm, crap!!!!

Operation "Ditch the waffles" was poorly orchestrated.

Close to graduation there was an off campus school function. This was her school's senior celebration type dance. We were trashed. There were poles. And there was dancing. And there was pole dancing by Vixen. And the Chihuahua tried to mirror this. I think one leg was wrapped around the pole for two seconds before I fell on my face. The school officials took us out by the scruff of our necks to thunderous wolf calls and applause. She stood up proud and tall while I slouched and covered my face like a hooker in a "cops" episode.

I had only been in trouble at my school one other time. I was on the bus with my Graphic Arts supply kit complete with rubber cement. A piece of the bus trim fell off and I jokingly pulled my glue out pretending to fix it. A hot boy took the glue and sniffed it. I laughed.......he passed it back......we sniffed together.

.........I was deemed to be the ring leader of an elite underground glue sniffing ring!!!!

SERIOUSLY...........It went down like THAT!!!!

I was called in with all the principals and school DEA for interrogation. I was pissed because it was SO off base and actually verbally stood up to them a bit. I did not like the feeling of not having my shiny halo. My rep was tarnished unfairly. But it helped my social life and people actually knew who I was after words. So now I had something to live up to. I needed to hone my "bad girl" skills and knew EXACTLY who to mimic...........VIXEN.

When the news of the pole dancing got to my school I was called in again to explain my behavior. Once again it was thrown WAY out of proportion. Vixen and I were threatened with not being able to graduate. I was exonerated because it was not my school and no one had witnessed the crime, but she battled to graduate.

I was once again sitting in the office surrounded by scowls. The first thing my principal said was: "So, you get cheap highs off of dancing like a stripper and sniffing glue????" PERFECT!!!

The Seductress was voted

"Most likely to get blamed for something she did not do"......

.....Well,,,,, I was ALMOST a bad-ass!!!!

Bowing,,, form a line,,,, autographs are 1$!!!

Please enjoy this picture of Rubber Cement:


11 Seducing Deductions:

mac said...

If only I had been at your school that day!!!!

I was always a quiet bad boy. The only thing I was caught doing was beating up school bullies. That did give me a rep... MAC, defender of nerds. I guess we all have our superpowers ;-)

Anonymous said...

But -- you prevailed. You were able to walk that very fine line between "doing" and others "wondering if you were doing". Not a bad position to be in actually. I hated high school (once I figured out what it was).

The Savage said...

I wanna marry you now.... to whom?.. no clue.. I just wanna conduct the ceremony...

The Invisible Seductress said...

Mac-What an awesome superpower! :)

Jan-Was always just on the safe side of "bad". Laughing--but I always do have fun now!!! Hugs!!

Savage-You cracked me up with that one!!!! I'd be honored for you to perform the ceremony!!! Or how 'bout I just skip the marriage thing and get another tattoo. Yup,, that sounds much better!It is still technically a long term relationship.... smiling

f1trey said...

oh what a fun time with glue..i have my own bad stories!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Trey- Do tell--do tell!!! wink---

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This was such a fun post, Seductress. Are you the one who started the liquid paper inhaling too? That was a big thing when I was in high school. I didn't partake; I was a nerd. I'm jealous of you and Vixen.

The Invisible Seductress said...

No being jealous of me--be jealous of Vixen-she had a lot more fun than I did! i got a lot of catching up to do!!! wink...hug...smile

trace said...

lol if only these folks knew how bad you and "vixen" really were!

The Invisible Seductress said...


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