Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have a lot of decisions to make in a really short time. Not like "paper or plastic" decisions or "would you LIKE fries with that" questions (we all would LIKE fries,, BUT its not healthy, so there). But the kind of decisions I could really screw up.

I hate staring at the ceiling at night with my head in overdrive. At some point I get wrapped up in how much I hate popcorn ceilings and why the hell did anyone EVER think they were attractive and I really need to scrape it off but that involves tarps and tarps are aggravating and then if I do this room I really should do the rest of the house and I really need a Jello or maybe a beer or 6 and some olives, I love olives and sex, I need sex, wonder what sex feels like in Jello with olives, giggle, but damn its 4am and I gotta get up in 2 hours and act like I slept and am rested and calm, man I hope we still have GREEN Jello, I love green Jello,,, with pineapple..I am sure we are out of pineapple,,,,,, I may never get laid,,, but,, I CAN BUY PINEAPPLE for my damn Jello!!!!!,,,.hmmpf........

......well get the staring at a ceiling trying to "think" turns into a mental run-on sentence and makes NO progress at all (except maybe a small grocery list).

A meeting of the minds at my house would not work either.

This is us sitting around the table:

Clink, clink clink... I call this meeting to order..

DramaGirl: How looooong is thiiiiis gonnnnnna beeeeeeeeee (womp)...... head hits table.

Traxx: This meetings got ISSUES!!

MsDebate: ......asleep.........(cause that apparently is what they do at this age, well, that AND EAT!)

Me: Meeting concluded!!!! (swigging my grape juice,,,,,,,Yes, I DID provide snacks to make it an authentic meeting, it’s all in the details people!)

I used to be able to talk to my dog. He would sit right beside me with his paw on my lap transfixed with every word spoken. Nothing really got accomplished there either but it was sure nice having someone’s full attention who would love you no matter how bad you were about to screw up.

My friends all come to me for advice. I listen and render back sage snippits of information that always seems to work for them. But when it comes to my own situations, lately I am at a loss. A loss with a shortening time line that will effect me in a BIG way.

So I suggest a blog friend party at my place. Say 8ish on Friday. Bring your thinking caps and footed jammies...I love footed jammies, they’re just so warm and cozy like a snuggie or a hot dog bun for people, mmmm hot dogs wonder what’s in ‘em. Can’t be as bad as they say, bet beef jerky is worse, I still love beef jerky, reminds me of my ex- well the jerky part not the "beef" part sadly! I’m craving cream of wheat now.......dang it.....I need help people!!!!!

But,,,if ya’ll can’t make it and......

…you happen to see me standing on the side of the interstate with a cardboard sign…and you wish to assist me…please do the following:

Drive directly to Walgreen’s and get me the newest, blackest, most fluffiest lash creating mascara on the shelf and a medium sized jar of Green Olives-----I will really want to keep things as "normal" as possible!

Please enjoy this video of a baby polar bear with soft enchanting Russian music:

5 Seducing Deductions:

Dutch donut girl said...

I don't have (footed) jammies, but I'll bring a long tshirt :)
Knut, the baby polar bear, was sooo cute. Who can resist that soft and innocent cub?

f1trey said...

oh gosh........chin up! :)

Anonymous said...

Well -- you are a mess now, aren't you??? haha. But I do get it. Those popcorn ceilings will do that to you. Now listen to me -- DO NOT take it down. You will be in for a world of hurt. If you can look at it no longer, then you must get something else to put up on the ceiling and cover it beadboard, or tin. We would have to research it a bit. I removed the popcorn from ONE CEILING and learned my lesson. You know the ceiling it all up. You have to constantly be looking up. It falls in your eyes. You have to sand it.

Did you know that I gave you an award, btw?

I featured your Valentine post as a "featured presentation. If you want the button, let me know and I'll get it for you.

Start sleeping on your stomach.

Ca88andra said...

I need sex too - but probably without the olives! I like olives, but I'm thinking I'd probably like to eat them without sex at the same time... :-)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Ddg- i want a polar bear now too!! T-shirt will be fine--there will be board games and food!! smiling
Trey- Thanks!! I will..I promise ;)
Jan- Thanks for the warning!! sigh--and I'm a goober with the award..I'll have to see if I can figure it out-Thank you so much -it means the world to me to have blogger family! I don't really have a lot of real ones so I adopt the ones--their hand chosen :)
Ca88andra- Yes maybe the first time I should leave the olives out--smiling--that might freak a boy out!!! hugs

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