Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random stupidity with a sweet ending......

Recent encounters of the dim-witted kind:

I bought vacuum cleaner and was offered help transporting it to the car. I was told to drive up to the store front and introduced to the loading guy who was smiling sweetly. I buckle my son in and motor around to the front. I put the car in park and step out to open the back hatch. Loading guy says:

Is this your car?

When I got my vacuum cleaner home and tried to put it together I noticed it was missing vital pieces for assembly. I decided not to super-glue or duct tape it together and drove back to the store in "someone else's" car (sarcastically laughing). I explained to the returns worker that it had been previously opened and was missing a lot of vital pieces. She asked:

Why are you returning it?

I am walking up to the door of a grocery store with a toddler already in a buggy and two Tweenie-boppers giggling beside me. I get to the door (which was manual,, I know,, criminey,, it's 2010!!!) and a gentleman was walking in at the same time. He turns and asks:

You coming in?

Me and Traxx were thirsty and I decided to buy a bottled water from a machine. The machine took my money in defiance of my direct command. I went to customer service for assistance. I explained that the machine took my money. The representative asked:

Did you want a refund?

I decided to buy grilled chicken from a place with three capital letters in the name. I order and pay through the drive in. At the next window I am notified that they only had 3 pieces of grilled chicken left-- out of a 8 piece dinner. I am asked if I could take original recipe instead. I say "NO" emphatically and smile while I explain my dietary need for grilled. I await the the memo stating my option to wait a few extra moments for fresh grilled chicken, but instead the server says:

Would you like EXTRA CRISPY then?

I am in front of the K-to-the-mart when I decide to be hero mom and let my son ride the "horse" machine. He is ecstatic and sits angelically on the blue horse prompting it to race. I put my quarters in and await squeals of toddler bliss. I hear no squeals. The machine took my money. I go to the customer service area and explain the situation longing for a refund and justice for Traxx. My non-smiley-tear streaming-visibly upset toddler boy is also trying to explain the tragedy to the clerk. The representative says:

Does he still want to ride?

Please enjoy this picture of a Snickerdoodle:

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9 Seducing Deductions:

Blasé said...

Something 'sugary' always helps me to overlook a day of stupidity!

I don't know what a "snickerdoodle" is, but it sure looks sugary.

f1trey said...

can i get one with peanut butter on it? hehehe

The Invisible Seductress said...

Blase--Snickerdoodles= Christmas joy!!! I'll hafta make you and Trey some!!
Trey- adding peanut butter chips to recipe....wink

Dutch donut girl said...

People say the funniest things :-)
I made snickerdoodles once, they didn't turn out great. Maybe I did something wrong.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Ddg- My dad made the best ones in the world!..droooooooool.....great memory coma....hold on............OK I'm back.... I have never duplicated his,, sigh..will have to make extra next time to send to you all! smiling

Spuds said...

I want a cookie...

The Invisible Seductress said...

Spuds-smile---if I don't burn them!!! wink

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Please add chocolate chips to mine. Thanks!

Love the scenarios and stupid statements. So many 'special' people out there.

xo Robyn

The Invisible Seductress said...

RR-noting to add the finest of chocolate to your batch!! hugs

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