Saturday, February 20, 2010

Funny meeting YOU here!!!

Today I dyed my hair a little bit redder. As the dye fell to the shower floor and swirled around the drain I went to my "Psycho shower scene place" as I always do in that situation. I had yet to actually follow through with the acting out of this scene but today was not an ordinary day.

The "blood" mingled between my toes and I let out my best "psycho" scream. This is not smart when there are children in the house but mine know to expect the unexpected and were laughing as they ran in. Me,, only I was cuter....wink,,,giggle,,snort

"I was acting out a scene in from a horror movie" I explained to them. "Scream queens have to have a convincing "signature" scream, that was mine." I said smiling.

"Well you laughed after it so that kind ruined it" MsDebate pointed out, and you ARE a little weird mom".

She is right ya know. I don't live by everyone else's rules. I kinda take the little "normal" things and turn them into little "fun" things. I don't know any other way to traverse this depressing life BUT to try and make every moment special in some way. If that makes me "weird", I am OK with that.

It's fun going places and smiling at everyone. Most people smile back, but there are those who just stare at you like you spit on them. I am not sure why they act soooo surprised when I DO spit on them (shrugging shoulders). I guess they hate their life or something. How could you look at someone in a negative way when they are just trying to be sweet to you?

My son is an entertainer. He rocks a fauxhawk and huge brown smiling eyes wherever we go. He is the one that screams "Rock on ladies!!" and shoots the hand sign when he sees a group of girls. He also runs up and tries to open doors for women (seldom being quick and successful because doors are freaking heavy). Most people love this because of the sweet nature behind it. But some people are in such a hurry that this irritates them and they grumble at him. In rare occasions some have even tried to push him away. So I quickly intervene and with a some what agitated voice say: "He is learning to open the door out of respect for a lady, I am sorry this irritated you, most LADIES appreciate it". Traxx doesn't pick up on their irritation and usually smiles and says "Thank you", which adds to the levity of a lesson THEY SHOULD take the time to learn,, but won't.

Today try and make a point of complimenting 10 people. Hair, clothes, smile, children, car, whatever just say something nice to them.

You'd be surprised how much that could really mean to someone having a crappy day, and surprised how good it will make you feel.

On another note... I want to ask a favor of you all. I want to start a question and answer series here on the weekends. Any random question you want an unconventional answer on just ask. Advice or whatever....Just ask....anything...............

Here are a few I have been asked recently:

Q: Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

A: Well thank you for asking. I, to my knowledge, was not dropped on my head as a baby. I did however have an older brother who put me in the dryer as a toddler and turned it on. As my head thumped continuously on the walls of the basin he nicknamed me "boom-boom head".

Q: Why didn't therapy help you?

A: Great question! I am assuming it didn't help because I sleep with my therapists and then CHARGE them for the services rendered (of course this is not true---the REAL reason it didn't help is between them and me and their lack of educational preparedness for my case, it's not ME it's THEM!!)

Q: Solve the mystery.....Circus Peanuts or Green Olives on a deserted island.

A: Brendan Frasier

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. See,,, that WAS a good answer (You're welcome!)!!!!!

I await your pondering's to life's greatest questions with baited breath and a lack of any actual life of my own...sigh.......until then........

Please enjoy this picture of two camels in a tiny car:
"Ooooh baby,,,, is that booty a mirage? Cause it sure looks
like a loooove oasis to me!!!!

16 Seducing Deductions:

mac said...

What a funny coincidence. I died my hair a little grayer today ;-)

I didn't scream in the shower, but, I was interupted by my dog. She didn't say anything, she just sit there staring.

I can ask anything?
No seriously, nobody ever answers that question. They just look at me oddly, especially at the bank.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Mac-ya left me laughing---I love that!!!
I'll come up with an answer for ya on that one...stay tuned....smiling..wink...that shade of gray looks awesome on you!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that some women are not used to someone doing that. I recently went on a date with a woman I have not seen in 25 years, since high school, and I opened the car door for her, she giggled, opened the restaurant door for her and pulled her chair out for her and she giggled again and said, "you're so funny." I was taught as a child to do that for women, man was my dad sharp, it works wonders when you become a man and it is second nature to do those things.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I would have paid god money to see your shower shot with the red dye running down… good money!!!

Your style…. I love it….

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Any woman who is annoyed by your sweet son opening a door for her deserves to be spit on and worse. I love your silly ramblings and the picture of the camels.
Hmm, a question: If you could be an animal what animal would you be and why? (How hokey this is, but I know your answer will entertain.)
Big hugs, and chocolate covered olives,

The Invisible Seductress said...

Bama- I would be thrilled to have that done for me-sigh..That's what I am trying to teach my son as well..He "gets it" at 4!! hugs!!

Sir Thomas-it's on Youtube--laughing--I heart your style too!!

RR--num num Choco Olives!!! Love the question!! Thanks..Will answer next blog..Hugs back!!!

The Savage said...

I couldn't find plaid hair dye so I just went and shaved it all off....

Pat said...

How good are you at picking the Psycho? Take the free Psycho Quiz below to see how you do;
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Anonymous said...

This was so funny. I pictured this redhead with two kids tagging along spitting on a walker (hahaha). I know YOU understand. My question is -- how much sleep do you routinely get each night?

Anissa said...

"Rock on, ladies!" I love that. :)

Jon Paul said...

Nova--Somehow, every time I see a camel in a tiny car, that's exactly what I think they're going to say!

Thanks for stopping by my place and for becoming a follower. Rocks. Truly.

Ca88andra said...

I've got to watch Psycho for one of my subjects this semester. I really don't want to cos I don't like horror movies, but I've got my son lined up to watch it with me! I'll think of you when I hear the scream!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Savage- you could always tattoo the plaid on your head...just a dont--but if you do,,call me Id love to watch!! wink--smiling

Pat- Would fail miserably as I have a thing for the --er--ahem--eccentric male..

Jan- yup that would be me in my red headed glory not scared to spit on the spit worthy--laughing--thanks for being the smile on my comment board!! love the new pic!! and remember I adopted you so you cant leave!! wink

Anissa- he is quite the showman!! I should profit on him but all showbiz moms are ugly and overbearing,, so maybe I wont..welcome!! I love your blog by the way!!

Jon- Ya had me at "SeaMonkey"!! I am glad I found ya!! And all camels are playas!!

Ca88andra- I am honored to be thought of as your scream queen. laughing!! I hate horror movies too..shiver....hugs!!

f1trey said...

yer gonna son and i are going to see dokken and great white in roanoke in april.....wish you could be there!

The Invisible Seductress said...

OMG!!!! DOKKEN!!! arg--you're right! I am so Jealous!! I love seeing Great White!! think of me when they do "Rock Me"....sooooo good in concert...and I was backstage---wink--so I was spec. smiling

Anonymous said...

Compliment ten people a day? May i will.


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