Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What will you do when One Day comes?

One day, I will look at my pile if bills and be able to pay them all. (maybe even on time)

One day, my puppy will finish digging to China and I'll fall in the hole with a suitcase and travelers checks.

One day, the number of hot dog buns in a package will match the number of hot dogs in a pack.

One day, everyone will stop worrying about the end of the world and start fixing it for the long haul instead

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One day, I will write something awesome here and everyone reading it will leave me a comment (and I'll dance for every one of them).

One day, someone will be completely smitten with me (even the parts of me I am not happy with).

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One day, I will be able to buy my kids some of what they want and all of what they need.

One day, Doctors, Specialists and Surgeons will be on a TV drama I am watching and NOT who I go to see (so often).

One day, I will have a book on the Top 10 list.

One day, my sex won't be self service (blush).

One day, I will be able to help as many people as I would like (anonymously).

One day, I will look to my right and my "forever" love will be there, holding my hand, smiling at me (even if it's a bad hair day).

One day, I will fall asleep in Alaska under the Northern lit skies
(and not be eaten "like corn" by a bear).

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One day, I will trek around the country and ride all the best roller coasters with someone special (shall I pencil you in?).

One day, I will know how to cook a roast (cook a roast "well" * sigh*).

One day, I won't physically hear that bag of Oreo's calling my name at night.

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One day, Brendan Frasier will LUST ME. (please)

One day, Oprah will wake up and say: "I HAVE TO MEET THAT WOMAN!!" (and I will let her meet me because I'm cool like that).

One day, I won't be in pain (unless I'm getting a cool tattoo).

One day, a "fart" joke will unite the Nations (farts are always funny people).

One day, my son will not poo his "AHSS" or his pantz (but if he does, he'll clean it himself).

One day, a certain man will come to his senses and find me.

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He'll do,,,,, I suppose...

One day, I will be working at a job I love and people will see my brand of genius (again).

One day, instead of staring at me when I am "breaking it down" in a parking lot, my kids will join me in my "busting of a move" and my "shaking of my money maker" in no particular order...

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One day, occupational therapy will be blowing bubbles with your kids.

One day, people who have everything will realize it.

One day, the people who DON'T, but know they really DO, will get cut a break (wink).

One day, our kids will ask why bad things happen.

One day, we'll have an answer.

One day, the people who want to work and get off the system will find work.

One day, people who don't want to work and abuse the system, will stop being able to.

One day, I will wake up and smell the coffee, and then turn it into a Jamocha shake for US!

One day, "Social Status" will be what you DID,,, NOT what you HAVE.

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One day, there will be a grand monument to the Green Olive.

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One day, the medical term for "Obsessive Green Olive Compulsion" will have my name in it.

One day, my gravestone will read: I told ya I was sick!!

One day, your dreams will be reality and your reality like a wonderful dream.

One day, people will realize it's OK if they are different than you.

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One day, the bully will pray that HE will one day STOP getting bullied.

One day, the rich girl who made fun of those without, will feel POOR.

One day, Justin Bieber will have "man boobs" and a comb over.

One day, the Circus Peanut will rise to international snack greatness!

One day, He will say "I'm sorry".

One day, I will think "I KNOW YOU ARE!"

One day, I wish,,,will turn into: I will. I will,,, will turn into: I can.

I can,,, will turn into: I DID!!!

One day, we will all realize...........

our ONE DAY.........
.......... can be TODAY!

11 Seducing Deductions:

Anonymous said...

"One day, I will write something awesome here and everyone reading it will leave me a comment (and I'll dance for every one of them)."

Today IS the day you wrote something awesome here ;)

This made me laugh:
"One day, Justin Bieber will have "man boobs" and a comb over."

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

These are all fabulous. What you do with graphics and words is incredible, hon. I will be first in line to get your book and autograph.
I especially like the one about farting uniting the nations. It's worth a try!
Lots of love and strength (and money and sexy men - at least one- and tons of olives, and more) to you,

IT said...

I tried to fart.
Instead, I poohed my ahss.
So much for nation uniting...

Anonymous said...

I think... it might just be me that a few of those days have come for you.... Call me crazy and again its just me saying it. But i think you have a few of them checked off and don't even know it...

I know I smitten you... *grins*

Blasé said...

One day I will figure out why I'm usually missing a sock...

Heff said...

Sometimes "one day" never comes :(

The Invisible Seductress said...

Snafu-My girlz did not like the Justin Beiber one AT ALL...laughing...glad you did...wink

RRG-It was the Beckham pic right..incredible...Love ya lots!!

IT-ya cracked me up!!! :) ..They always say the older you get the less you can trust a fart!! ahahaha ewwwwww.

Sir- Smitten back...wink

Blase- One day I'll go to Sams and buy you a carton of them...wink..hug

Heff- Too sad...But so true... hugs...

Ken said...

Will you really dance for my comment? Tango, cha-cha, waltz... or even the macarena?

Jane said...

I feel compelled to leave a comment because of the "One day..." about comments. But, just know that a lot of times people are appreciating your writing even if they aren't commenting.

The Invisible Seductress said...

Ken- I chose a nice quick Jive for your comment..It was extraordinary!! hugs

Jane-I am glad to hear that Thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Put on your dancing shoes because I think today might be your day! Awesome and hilarious post! - G

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