Friday, May 21, 2010

This is my brain...

Hamster in wheel Pictures, Images and Photos

Endlessly running in circles, making no forward progress!

Please join me as I celebrate the randomosity of a brain depraved of oxygen at some point in it's crucial stages of development. Feel free to hold your breath until you experience a little brain damage and the things I write begin to make sense. That would be helpful and I would send you manufacturers coupons. But only for the things I don't buy or possibly the expired ones,never mind you can't have my coupons. And now back to:
The randomosity of a brain depraved of oxygen at some point in it's crucial stages of development. (already in progress)

Please keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times.

<span class=


I will have a room

in which the
whole floor will be



trampoline. Pictures, Images and Photos

I would paint the ceiling in the hues of a perfectly cloud dotted blue sky, and the walls, a beautiful cascading of swollen Hydrangea flowers.

hydrangea Pictures, Images and Photos
A Seductresses favorite flower

There will be a cotton candy machine that never stops swirling and twirling out pink and blue cotton candy clouds for you.
Cotton Candy Pictures, Images and Photos

And a "Millions of Bubble's" bubble machine hangs inconspicuously in the corner so that we can jump into the happy arms of a million rainbow clad bubbles any time we would like.

Rainbow Bubbles Pictures, Images and Photos

There would be very few rules in the Trampoline Room


We would have a dress code


Women would be required to wear a white cotton eyelet dress complete with a billowy skirt, so that when she jumps, the skirt comes up and envelopes her in a cloud of cottony goodness.
(A minimal support bra is also mandatory as this is not a Maxim shoot ladies. I, of course, can clad myself in whatever I'd like because this is my Trampoline Room fantasy and I am wearing the tiara afterall).

Women would also be given a complimentary yummy candy necklace to wear and eat at their leisure.

candy necklaces Pictures, Images and Photos


Men would be required to wear brief like undergarments and no shirt. Looking like David Beckham in his Calvin Klein's is of course:


BEND IT FOR <span class=

(but WOULD elicit a response that would be very favorable)

if you looked like this guy:

Sheldon Pictures, Images and Photos
And did indeed talk nerdy to me.... would be OK too...
Although, I am not sure exactly why,,,
But ,, he does something to me......
And AGAIN,,, this is my Trampoline Fantasy..

So deal with it!


The Trampoline Room

Has a special clause that states:


!!!! YES YOU !!!!


always welcome Pictures, Images and Photos

To come and play!!

**Note: If David Beckham has reserved a private time slot with me then you will just have to wait, but, you ARE advised strongly not to listen to the sounds coming out of the trampoline room during said time slot as David Beckham really loves trampolines and sometimes we get very religious as we jump together.

The management of this fantasy (herein known as: the girl wearing the tiara) would like to announce that the Trampoline Room modification is now complete!!

The Trampoline Room is now


clapping Pictures, Images and Photos

Please jump responsibly!

Opening in the Fall of 2010:

The Velcro Room!!!

velcro wall Pictures, Images and Photos
Robin Williams will be the first guest!!

(because his whole body is kinda like the furry side of velcro and I just thought is was fitting)

9 Seducing Deductions:

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

How do you do it, my friend? The images and wording take me into a wonderfully beautiful fantasy world. I want the cotton candy machine, the candy necklaces, the trampoline room, and of course David. But I'll settle for the nerd, at least until you are done with him. What I'd do with the nerd- well- I'd trim him bangs. They look ridiculous.
Love you, my bloggy sis.
Keep smiling.

The Invisible Seductress said...

RRG- :) :) come jump with me and David!!! Love you too!! Smiling now cause you thought of me!! ;)

Cheeseboy said...

LOL! This is so stinking funny.

My only complaint is that men don't get a candy necklace.

Marnie said...

My daughter would love your home :0) A big play ground. YOu have a great imagination.

Anonymous said...

I really don't know how you do it, but you do...

you make me love you.... *grins*

with laughter...

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hate trampoline's that are outside ones. I have never known anyone that had one who didn't have a horror story to tell. The stories usually involve some poor kid that went flying off the trampoline or getting an injury by landing wrong.

But a whole room with a trampoline floor that stretched from wall to padded wall would be the most awesome thing ever - until a kid or me bounced off the wall and then crashed into another kid's head.

But if it was just you and my and if we had the rule to only bounce into each other gently, then I would totally convert a room for that purpose.

Ricky Shambles said...

Found you at Cal's and the Hedberg quote won you an instant follower. Great flow and build on your posts - just like this one! Looking forward to more reading!

Blasé said...

Will that audience ever stop clapping??

"This is my brain". I was hoping you'd have a pic of your tits and say- "These are my tits"!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Cheeseboy-I will be making a modification so that you may have a candy necklace. I see my error...winks would be a fun place!!

Sir- Awwwww.xoxoxoxo

Cal- Extreme safety measures will be taken in this room. I broke my leg on a trampoline so I am aware of the dangers...Jumping with you would be worth the risk...wink,,,

Ricky- Hi welcome and tons of hugs.....Mitch Rocked!!! Hope I make you smile here!!

Blase-I was saving that post, but maybe I will bring em out early.....wink hug

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