Sunday, May 30, 2010

Seriously!!!! This is a PSA!!! Warning!!!

I don't care what you say....Bears ARE NOT cute and cuddly.. They WILL eat you like corn. I am just saying,,,,,,

They try to look all cute like this:

bear smiling Pictures, Images and Photos
"I'd like to buy you a strawberry milkshake,,,, and
crochet you a cozy cover for your extra toilet paper rolls"

...and this one is all like:

Happy Bear Pictures, Images and Photos
I wanna dedicate this next song to the Seductress!!
"Lean on Meeeeee,,, when you're not stroooong,,,"

This guy came to my Birthday party:

Bear Pictures, Images and Photos
"I paid for the stripper!!"

Uh,,, Whateva' !!! He lies a lot, there was no stripper,, you believe me right??

This was the stripper:

<span class=
"I Got a Rumbly, but it's NOT in my Tumbly!!"

Oh yes, Now I remember,, big Honey fetish..

(embarrassed cough)

This guy had too much Jaeger and gakked on my rug:

Bear Pictures, Images and Photos
"Will I ever F'n live THAT down?? Dammit!!"

Seriously Dude,, that was a lot of Gak!! So ,,, No!!

We gave this one WAAAAAY too much responsibility too soon:

smokey <span class=
"Got any chips man?? I Gots tha mad munchies!!"

Funny Smokey,, show the nice people what you did next,, people munchies??!!

Observe his confession:

Smokey Pictures, Images and Photos
"No evidence!! I walk every time!!"

That's Nice there Smokey!! I'm just saying I think you guys are getting really comfortable around humans...

Take this guy for example:

Bear Pictures, Images and Photos
"Would the real Slim Shady,, Please Stand up!!"

Even his choice of music is,, well,, disturbing!!....

So this is just a warning before you get sucked in to a relationship...

...and get all romantic with a bear like this guy:

bear Pictures, Images and Photos
"nom, nom, nom"

Poor bear,, that's just WRONG.... Let me try again..

Before you fall for the fun antics of sweet bears like these:

Bear Head Pictures, Images and Photos
"Oh Smokey,, Oh Smokey!!!"

Wait...Is she..OMG... is he getting a .....really??!!

(embarrassed cough)

I'll try once more...

Before you fall for the sweet bear charm, like this:

Funny Bear Pictures, Images and Photos

(embarrassed cough)


funny bear Pictures, Images and Photos
" Hey!!! 'Sup?? Steaks are on the grill,, Beer is,, Iceeee!!"

Just know that this is what they are thinking about:

Bear Pictures, Images and Photos
"30 minutes or it's free!!!! Aha ha It's ALWAYS Free"

Do you EAT the pizza delivery guy?? Is that what you are eluding to??

Just heed my warning....

This is what YOU look like to a bear:

corn Pictures, Images and Photos

Or at least that's what you looked like with a 70's porn stache... Oh,,, you still have it??

(embarrassed cough)

Please enjoy this video of a bear going through extensive karate training to prepare for your arrival in the woods:

Laugh now,, Little Nibblet-O-Mine.......

Awwww,,, I agree with THIS bear!!

Funny Bear Pictures, Images and Photos


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Cheeseboy said...

Best bear post of all time.

Blasé said...

I've been referred to as a Bear, and you remind me of 'honey', so...

That being the case, I'd like to dip my tongue into your bee-hive!

Dutch donut girl said...

This post put a big smile on my face.
"oh smokey oh smokey"

The Invisible Seductress said...

Cheeseboy- Oh goody...I hope I retain that title!! Smiling...hugz

Blase-yes sir!!!!!!!! smiling...

DDG- weird right?? Who knew bears did that??? hee hee...least someone's gettin' lucky!

Anonymous said...

You and Steven Colbert should get along fine. That is the most impressive collection of bear pics I have ever seen. So funny. Love it. Thanks!

Ken said...

Too funny! I'm still trying to figure out the pic of the polar bear in the bathroom.

Powdered Toast Man said...

the stripper one was the best one.

So it's not enough that bears have razor sharp claws and teeth and weigh like over 500lbs, they have to learn karate now?

Maybe I did enjoy Rob Lowe's ass a little bit. Do you have an email I can respond to?

IT said...

Way to bear down

The Invisible Seductress said...

FabuLeslie- Maybe I'll call him!! Thank you! I am glad I made you smile today!!! ;)

Ken- You never saw a polar bear in the bathroom? laughing...

PTM-Scary Ninja Bears!!! Hee hee,, and I knew it!! No one can resist Rob Lowe's butt!! Hahahah

IT-Someone had to do it!!! wink

Anonymous said...

"Oh Smokey,, Oh Smokey!!!"

best quote ever....

Blogger said...

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