Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Insanity as Defined by Websters Dictionary

Yes,, My picture was there.........

in-sane adj
2. Legally incompetent or irresponsible
because of psychiatric disorder

1. Showing a complete lack of reason or
foresight (informal)
(expample: The insane woman got her children
a puppy.)

We digz to China and getz da bonz?

Pup-py n
1. a dog under a year old
(see also insanity)
(example: It would be insane to bring a puppy home.)

I'll be back with a regular post soon. Not feeling well and lots on the proverbial plate-o-life right now (and it's one of those flimsy paper plates, you know the ones that will hold one drumstick and a scoop of potato salad but if you add one pea after that,,, the plate has reached it's capacity and it folds down releasing your food on the floor in your uptight Aunt Betty's new kitchen and she never invites you to your cousins birthday parties again because she feels you are a liability to the cleanliness of her home even though she's the one who chose sub par plating options in the first place,, but you don't care because she NEVER has a relish tray, I mean REALLY,,,, who doesn't make a relish tray for a picnic??... not that that EVER happened, it's hypothetical and all, but she should have at least had olives,,, don't you agree??).

And..... I will announce the Weiner, Weiner of the contest then as well.

Thank you all so much for the well wishes!!! I heart you all!!!!!!! I will survive if it kills me!!! We are planning CT Scans and pinching and prodding,,,,,,,, OH MY!!! But I will keep everyone posted when we get the surgery planned.

13 Seducing Deductions:

Spuds said...

I don't like drumsticks... well, I do like the ice cream drumsticks.

Dutch donut girl said...

Those damn paper plates.
You take care, now.

Anonymous said...

I hate those plates... with all the good food to have to go back for seconds and then all the good stuff you wanted to try is gone.....

you take care baby cakes....

ranfuchs said...

If in-sane is the opposite of out-sane, then Sane must be a very interesting place that scares everyone who is afraid of new experiences.

Blasé said... better, or I'll "pinch and Prod"!

The Savage said...

That's why I grab three plates... It's not gluttony... it's reinforcement

Ken said...

Feel better soon!

Autumn said...

ok, new here. i must say that i LOVE the way you write. so off the cuff and funny. i do hope you're feeling better as well and i love your picture. you have amazing eyes. just sayin. :)

*i've also done the kid/puppy thing... absolute insanity*

mac said...

Maybe if Aunt Betty would have had a puppy of her own, it wouldn't have mattered if some food hit the floor!

Again, with the precision that that dog digs, you could hire her out to escavating companies...pools, footers, ponds, and such could be right up her alley ;-)

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

That Aunt Betty is such a b*tch anyway. Plus, those kitchen floor tiles are obnoxious. Spilt food helps. Let the plate spill over, hon, but pile all the olives you can onto it first. I heart you too, sis. Hang tough.

Cheeseboy said...

No worries. I'm with Rawkn Robyn and the New Kids on the block - hang tough!

mac said...

I looked up insane in my dictionary. Nope, you weren't there.

BUT, you were a few entries later, under Insanely cute. It seems they were as fond of that pic as I am :-)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Hope you feel better. You are honestly one of the most unique voices on my blog roll so you have to be better. You just have to be. (cue sobbing adult) I love they way one minute I am enjoying potatoe salad and the next I am no longer invited to Aunt Betty's. Paper plates screwed me again. That is sooooo my life. And I hate to do dishes, so I do buy alot of paper plates so I should know a shoddy plate when I see one, right? And I think you already know of my feeling for the 'relish' side of the condiment arguement. I am staunching, almost religiously PR0-RELISH. I mistrust anyone who has a fridge WITHOUT relish. If you make YOUR OWN relish I will stalk you and maybe break into your home. I would say I 'relish' talking and thinking about 'relish' but that would only prove that I am witty and I am.

p.s. I LOVE that picture of you.

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