Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Seductress,,, getz personal..

Tap tap tap...May I have your attention please???


...tap tap this thing on?


(that was feedback just in case you missed my attempt at microphone humor)

It has come to my attention that some of you may have some questions about me. I feel that to KNOW your Seductress you must LOVE her.. Wait, maybe that was to LOVE your Seductress,, you must KNOW her? At any rate I suppose both would work,, but I'll answer some questions for you right off the bat because I heart you and my mind is full of wittle tiny words trying to get out so that I can make room for more formidable words in my next post..

You think YOU KNOW???

You have NO IDEA!!!!

This is the Diary of

The Invisible Seductress!!!

....No,, You ARE right,, my shit don't stink...

....Yes,, I do own it... (or at least this little patch of it, drive on it at your own risk)

.... It IS currently revolving around me as a matter of fact... (but you can have it tomorrow 'cause Sunday is my day to watch marathons of sub par reality TV programming!)

No,, I am not made out of Global bartering material... My trees also don't sprout it as leaves... (but I will do tricks for it like Origami and that thing with your hands where you make them look like a church and flip it over and all the people are cute wiggly fingers,, I like that one,, don't you?)

.... I am,, but the Psychiatrists know already,, so it's OK... I am a special case that the medical students can learn from,, I am helping all man kind and should be revered... (I like that word,,, revered.. Yes,, you should do that to me)

.... It IS a Halo,, Thank you for noticing!!

.... It's been a while but they say it's like riding a bike. I like bikes!

.... On a scale of 1 to 10,, I'd say 8.. (if I cock my head just right and have Vodka)

.... The chicken..

.... Because he was curious,, I can't blame him,, I tried it myself,, I inhaled by accident,, but then I exhaled really fast and they all went flying off like little twirly ballerinas.

.... REAL

.... It's complicated but I suppose I would say,, no,, I can't tell you,, it's private..

.... Yes,, but only a small one,, I am Old Fashioned after all.

.... I would support it.. I'm cool like that..

.... 3rd time was the charm!!

.... Metaloxidesiliconediodefieldeffecttransistorcomposablereadonlymemory..

.... Lip gloss

.... I wanna rock right now, I'm Rob Base and I came to get down, I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone, 'cause I get stupid I mean outrageous, stay away from me,,, if you're contagious....(see I told ya I did,, cause I'm freeeki freeeki FRESH!!)

.... Yes,, but it was uncomfortable and I sold the car the next day..

.... 4 but,, I want 1 more..

.... Colonel Mustard was framed (see joke below,, I'm a freaking genius!)..

.... Yes,, I would try anything once,, but THAT,, I tried twice and now I am hooked,, dammit!!

.... You can't prove it,, I have an alibi.. How'd you get in this Q & A session anyways??? GUARD!!!!!!!!!

So, Now you know!! I am sure you will sleep better knowing a bit more about me. I am glad I could help and will conduct another Interview soon.

Please enjoy this picture of a guilty cat:

guilty cat Pictures, Images and Photos

But then we found out.....



( I slay me...get it,, framed!!)
(geeze,, I hope someone gets it...)

10 Seducing Deductions:

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than getting to know someone in all of their random awesomeness!
I love the church-finger thingy! ...Oh, that sounded weird didn't it? Context is everything. - G

Anonymous said...

I got it....

and now I use I could get you...

I'd say 8.. really? who's scale are you using here?

Yes,, but only a small one,, I am Old Fashioned after all....

So can I see it?

IT said...


The Invisible Seductress said...

G- I love church fingers too...uh yeah,, you were right it did sound funny!!

Sir-You think you know the questions...smiling...

It- I love the snorks!! True they were a smurf rip off,, but still....smiling

Nobody laughed at my "framed" Joke....sniffle...sob....I usta be funny,,,,

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I'm laughing at your framed joke, sista. But I'm also quite relieved for you that you were able to find a car buyer the very next day. Good work.
Love to you, creative of the most creative of gorgeous Seductresses of the world.

The Invisible Seductress said...

RRG- Oh yay!!! My girls said it was "lame" at best. The duct tape comes off tomorrow and I will ask them again, I think they will think it's funnier then!!..wink..hee hee hugs

Cheeseboy said...

Nicely done. Although my head is spinning a bit.

Ca88andra said...

Am laughing at everything! and still trying to figure out a couple of the questions...

Dutch donut girl said...

Huh? Please slow down. My brain power shuts down on a Sunday.
Only a small one?

I'm left with more questions ;)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Cheeseboy- This is that kinda post...laughing

Ca88andra- too...wink

DDG- giggle...."a small kiss" on the first date...


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