Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Very Christmas Duping Charlie Brown

We were pretty poor growing up and yet my parental units always tried to make holidays a grand event. Some years were better than others and when they could they did spoil us (of course with me being such a wonderful perfect child, how could they resist?).

One year we were told we weren't getting anything. It was just too rough a year to spend frivolously on wants when we had needs. I was always very understanding to this as my kids are now. If you raise them openly talking about things it returns in understanding.

But still that is no fun!!!!!!

So that year my dad asked if we still wanted to open presents, even if they were not new? We were confused until he explained the rules. They would go in our rooms and take things that we already had. Then wrap them and put them under the tree (wait, it gets better). Then we would have to guess what was missing. (see,,, a lesson in: love what you haveology). So that's what happened. Our rooms were ransacked and toys were maliciously stolen.

Wanna hear the rest??? Of course you do!! here I go:

There were about 10 presents for each of us by the tree. Under thorough examination in my room, I guessed almost all of the missing items correctly (guess I'm anal like that! Hush yo mouth!). We had to then guess from size and shape and shake which present under the tree was the one taken from our rooms. This was trickier but I thought I had it. My first stolen item present was a monkey stuffed animal. I found a package around the same size and shape and determined that was MY monkey. Opening it I was startled, it was not MY monkey but a NEW monkey puppet, his face was so real I jumped back 50 feet screaming.

My parents had duped us! All the presents under the tree were new! I later found out that they had to smuggle the new presents in through the back window. I relish that memory and the thought that went with it. The game factor really made it special for us and that is what growing up is all about. Little memories with grand impact on your life. That was also "Make-up Tin" Christmas year (The official start of all the divalisciousness that I am today, snap in a circle, ya-huh)

When I can, I do a Christmas string....A tag under the tree attached to a string reads:

Hello I am a "Christmas string" attached you'll find a Christmas thing! Follow me and you will see, just how fun Christmas can be!!!!

I wrap this string around everything I can and in every room. Sometimes there are skips of string and notes to pick up the trail. It ends with a "Family Fun" gift like a bowling night, trip, game or books. One year bikes were at the end. Just something a little different.

This year I have bought bags of huge multi-colored balloons and am going to fill the whole living room with them covering the presents and hopefully adding a bit of fun to bopping them around to find things (I will let you know how that works out, tonight will BLOW!!!!!).

I want Christmas to be special for my kids and everyone around me so today I will smile and present a Christmas cheer ditty to anyone who darest cross my seasonally happy ass!!

Starting with you!!!!!


..........AND TO ALL...................


(Santa loves them!!! He is over the cookie jig people, get with the times!!!)

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shari said...

very cool ideas to make Christmas extra special!!

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