Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.....and then she said what?????

I realize in telling this story I jeopardize the very intelligence that draws you into my blog (My keen sense of street smarts and savvy, suave sensuality is bound to keep you here though, aha-ha,,, ye-a, not supposed to be funny).

In driving around town I was neglecting my little beeping gas pump light thingie. It kept warning me of my ultimate demise and I kept shrugging in the face of danger (AHA! Danger!! How darest you face me).

Well it finally caught up with me. Stupid girl was trying to make it to the gas station and had just pulled into the lot when her car died. No matter how hard I lunged forward and back with the proven swing-set inertia motion, it was to no avail. This happened a car length away from the pump. I had to leave my car flashers blinking (she's dumb,, BLINK,, she's dumb,, BLINK,, she's dumb,, BLINK....).

I walked into a packed line and waited patiently for the two girls behind the counter. They served customers diligently although mechanical and dry in delivery. I bee-bopped up and asked for a gas can in a very sweet voice explaining my plight.

Then SHE said looking at her cohort: "We don't have gas cans layn' around, you need to buy one" piercing me with her coldness and kicking me with the cruelty of her tone.

I had to cock my head like a puppy hearing a screechy noise because I SAW a gas tank right behind her.

"Really" I said masking my sarcasm "that's all you two lovely Santa hat wearing agents can offer a weary traveler?" giving the sad eye.

and SHE said: "this line is for paying customers ma'am".

"Well,, I will BE a PAYING customer in a few minutes-----gas in a can, in my car, kinda WHY I'm here!" I said again masking my anger. "Let me speak with your manager, please".

She gets on the phone complaining about me. I hear her say "really" and he comes around the corner giving her the stink eye. Hands me the tank with a wink to which I reply in my best sarcastic drawl:

"OMG!!!!!-It was RIGHT behind you, like the WHOLE time----how funny----and-------- (adding in laughter for a sarcasm bite)----EMBARRASSING------- for you BOTH!!"

Walking off I knew I would have to face them again. My little mind chirped with anticipation of that conversation, but I had other matters to deal with.

PT Reindeer needed saving and I was just the one to nourish it. But before I did, a man ran up to help me. I thought "wow I must look cute" and flipped my hair, but he wanted money.

.......So I then felt ugly, stupid and angry at the register Santa's. Luckily the manager came and apologized and took the can from me or else I' don't wanna know.....

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