Saturday, December 26, 2009

....and the presents were hidden under 100's of balloons!

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I knew the night before Christmas was gonna BLOW!!!!!!!!! My living room was filled knee high in balloons!!!! I did not know I was sooo full of hot air (silence I beg of you!).. All different shapes and sizes covered up the gifts!!! It was a popping good time!!!!

Thank you to everyone who made this years Christmas memories possible. The love that was shown brings me to tears. My kids were none the wiser that Santa came in a different and unexpected form this year. It was the most precious form he could have arrived in, eyes glowing and not expecting anything in return. Looking after a small posse of kids who deserved a break after a long year and a sick mom who had no clue how to make that happen! Without asking he made a trip to my house and heart. Those responsible for giving him directions and suggestions (wink) will be thanked as best as I can as soon as I can!! I love you all and for now hope these smiles and words bring Holiday joy to you

3 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said... cool! wish I had been there to help!! :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

me tooo! I could have buried you and then found you again!!! ;) xoxo

Patrice S. said...

:) that's cute! I trust u had a wonderful Christmas :) I see the boys are keeping you busy as usual. Be thankful for the joys u have in your life. Sometimes you don't really sit back and appreciate it until a time like this comes around.
BE well and have a happy new year!

PS: I apologize for not being up to date with all your posts. Sometimes they get a bit lengthy for me, esp with all the other blogs I read, plus work, plus school...U get the idea.


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