Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's so easy, really!!!!!!

Perhaps I need to take a journey back, to the last truly wonderful dating experience I had. I must dissect it and analyze it's core properties.........But HOLY HALIBUT, it was a long ways back and time travel is so expensive and hard on your body!!!!

There is also the fact that every time I start to think about dating an involuntary twitch starts in my neck (sexy little things like this encompass my being, yes, you may fantasize about me for,, 10,,9,,8,,7,,6,,5,,4,,3,,STOP!!!! You're welcome!).

The married people I know are jealous of my freedom. They say they are happy but long for the excitement of the hunt. I tell them it's been like picking up after a dog. You love the dog but every time you pick up it's scat you wish it weren't there.

I've heard that men are like parking spots:

The good ones are taken and the rest are handicapped!!!!

I don't really think this is true.

I am sure that good available men and women are everywhere.
Good men are hiding.

Where are the men?

In sport equipment stores?
At gyms? (wink, slight secret code msg to someone)
At Home depot in the Dremel aisle?
Eating wings at a dive?
At the lake fishing?
At a blind hunting?
A corner bookstore?
A pet store with their fur buddy?
Circus Peanut conventions? (shiver)

And then there are the Geico Caveman!!!! Where are they???? I have been hunting them since day one to hug their scruffiness, sigh {{{{{{{call me}}}}}}}}}}.


Oh wait!!!! They HAVE been calling me!!!!! sigh!!!!!

I have taken a completely laid back approach to finding someone. I have a few interested parties texting and calling and trying to control me, so I abstain from them. I do not wish to be owned at this time. Rented maybe, completely owned this early in, no thanks. I have things I want to do and I hope my partner will too, then we can have US things.

So if you are texting me like I owe you 10 back, get over it, it's not gonna happen.

The following text sequence happened in a 10 minute span-----seriously-----really-----it did!!!!!!

"Helllloooooo????"--"anybody there????"--"What u doing????"--"Guess you are busy????"--

"Why don't you text me????"--"Haven't heard from you!!!!"----------------------------------------

-------------------{{{{{{{PHONE RINGS}}}}}}}}----------------message tone------{{{{{{{{PHONE

RINGS}}}}}}}}------------------------message tone-----------------------------------------------------

--"I just called you"--"You OK???"--"Left u a MSG"------------------------------"call me"---------

I wasn't ignoring him UNTIL it became obvious he wouldn't LET me ignore him. I was just busy with life.

A life I will enjoy to the fullest dancing happy little jigs.

Wanna come along???????


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you silly!

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