Saturday, September 25, 2010

Combatting Swamp Ass/Bog Butt- A world-wide PSA event

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Oh,, it does so!!!
Wanna race me and find out?
And I see through your clothes too!!
And the third arm is "handy" sometimes!!
But it's even more of an important issue than THIS
(if you can believe that!!)

I would like to take time out of my regular posting frivolity to talk candidly to you about an issue that seems to be plaguing the men of the world.

I am confused. Very confused. I got an email from a guy who said that he saw my blog on Swamp Ass. He said he had to write me because I was cute/funny and he just had to tell me that. This confuses me because I don't have a blog on "Swamp Ass". And it doesn't sound like a very pleasant blog to visit, and I certainly wouldn't want to live vicariously through other bloggers THERE!! There are enough loonies on Blogger for me to stay addicted!! (you know who you are!!). I tried to look up Swamp and could not find it (don't cry, I'm sure it's a nice place if you're on it, I won't judge you).

The Urban dictionary saved the day and cured my Swamp Ass ignorance issues by defining what Swamp Ass is for me. I had no idea. So now my blog is Edutaining (educated + entertaining)..

I'm a giver.

This is the definition according to the Urban Dictionary:

Swamp Ass:
A condition where you sweat a lot in the ball/ass region and it releases a terrible smell. Other factors contributing to the condition is not wiping properly or not showering.

Can also be called "Bog Butt". (ie: "Bubba's got Bog Butt again!")

Here is an example of the word being used in a sentence.

I was standing behind Jordan and he smelled bad I said: "wow you have some bad swamp ass!"

Now I can categorize the problem with terminology conducive to a medical condition and not just say:

"Holy Halibut, WTF is THAT smell!!!!!"

.....Instead, I can be more empathetic and throw out a:

"Holy Halibutt, WTF, Swamp Ass got you coming AND going didn't it???!!!"

I wonder if the red bears in the Charmin commercial have been diagnosed yet?

Are you laughing because I should have known what this was?? Are you laughing because everybody else in bloggyland knows what Swamp Ass is and my innocence is sweet and endearing?


is it because I got another "interesting" dating opportunity "with a special twist" and you are a bit jealous of my game and swagga? Hate the game not the player people!! I would have rather had another unsolicited "pipe pic" to add to my deleted collection (Ok maybe I kept one)

No really.....I kept 2..... laughing

To further "edutain" you and arm you with the latest in Swamp Ass knowledge needed to combat this little spoken about issue, I submit the following video of a product that is recommended to cure Swamp Ass!!

(Stay tuned (if you can) until at least 1:14 when Lanny the contractor gives his glowing testimonial,,well,, not much,,,,,, he cracked me up!!! Get it? CRACK...I slay me....)

They should have hired "The Hoff" I am sure he wouldn't have cost much more than the Hoff look-a-like they got!!

You're Welcome!!! Now go get some Aspray and have a Kickin' Swamp Ass-less Day!!!

10 Seducing Deductions:

Dazee Dreamer said...

omg, that contractor dude cracked me up.

Ratty said...

Where i come from, we call that scent Ball Musk..and from the right guy, that scent can be positively intoxicating! yummy smooches

diane rene said...

and for the younger men, there is this ...

Heff said...

They SHOULD have hired Hoff !!!

After that crushing Dancing With The Stars defeat, THE MAN NEEDS A GIG !!

IT said...

Thank you.
I knew there had to be an official name for it.

Now can you imagine suffering from Monkey Butt and Swamp Ass at the same time?

Cheeseboy said...

That dude sounds beyond creepy. However, I do suffer from that malledy and it is horrific. It is the region where I suffer the most.

As always, funny post Seductress.

Missed Periods said...

Well, that took care of about half of my Christmas presents.

mac said...

I guess these guys never heard of bathing?

Yes, a clean ass is a happy ass.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am both creeped out and intriqued. Someone is stealing your great posts and claiming them for themselves. But then they make it possible for others to find you. Then there is the swamp ass things. Sounds like you have found another winner there. Good luck.

Papa K said...

Wow. That video CANT be real. That's insane. I'm stealing it.

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