Tuesday, October 20, 2009

so, SO WHAT!!! I'm STILL a ROCK STAR, I got my ROCK moves!!!

Yesterday morning's car line at school was ordinary. I danced to the rock-n-roll I love soooo much. Younger spawns were banging heads and screaming along, older spawn (more refined) would be floorboard huggin' till the absolute LAST minute of departure. Yesterday we had a tag along. Their older step brother (not mine, but I "adopted" him) came along to be dropped off at the middle school. We'll call him SilverSpoon (cause he looks like Ricky Schroeder before his head and nose grew waaay out of proportion with his body,, I know,, weird). In the mind of MY kids, if you are older than they by a year or two, you know all. Even though I am like two times their age, (I had them so young) I still, by comparison am an idiot of magnituded levels (just made that word right up didn't I? I like it,, it stays,, calling Webster). If your age has sumthin-teen in it, to a "non-teen numbered" aged person-----YOU ROCK!!! So, as I was dancing in my seat being hot MILF on campus (laughing,, she said MILF) I was hindering their popularity for at least 7 years.

But something beautiful happened. I asked SilverSpoon if I was embarrassing him (at this very point a rousing collaboration of Linkin Park/Jay-z was playing. And I WAS feelin' like a pimp so I went on and brushed my shoulda's off). He says "No. You're not embarrassing me AT ALL,, I'm gonna do the same thing with my kids, your cool." I was a bit shocked that God took the time to open up the heavens and send down a choir of angels to sing just for me in my moment of joy,, but whatever,, I WAS good all of 2008 and MOST of 2009 and 2010 is looking good for behavior as well (except for July 12th). So I relished my happiness hot dog.

MsDebate slowly came up like a prairie dog after a hawk attack and looked at SilverSpoon with surprise. Her face clearly said "this popular teenager just said MY dancing schizophrenically mom was COOL????" Just then Dramagirl piped in "I told you that thousands of times!! Your fun AND HOT!!" I lept out of the car, jumped on the hood and dropped it like it was "Hawwwwt" RIGHT THEN!!! (not really). But it did feel good to be a bit justified.

My dad was the Emperor of embarrassment. He would take me to the mall with the SOLE intent of ruining my chances of dating,,, EVER. One day he was walking beside me down the main drag (see,, I was even nice enough to LET him walk beside me as a teenager!!). He all of the sudden started to drag one leg, swing one arm (as if it had no bone mass AT ALL) and stutter my name loudly. He even threw in drool just for good measure. I was horrified. But I got him back. I snapped into "I'm a Teen Volunteer" mode loudly proclaiming to "Skippy Joe" that we needed to get him back in his helmet and back in the short bus to the group home before his bed time at 8.... And "YES" I would allow him to have ONE "Rocket" ride in the play place first because he had been good.

My dad was a comedic genius. Back then I thought of him as just a liability of my popularity. Now I'd give anything to see him come around the corner and walk into something,, just to make me laugh. He committed to his humor and his love for me full on.

I will do that for my kids. They will thank me later (maybe)!

6 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said...

Just wanted to take the time to say I appreciate all the effort you put into your blog...it shows....even though things might be tough in the real world i hope its turning out to be a good outlet for you :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Sadly,,this is the last for a while. I'll be bursting at the seams when I get back!! Hugs till then!! Keep a spot warm for me here (no,,don't pee on it,,snicker,snort)!!! smile....xoxo

Kate said...

Noooooo don't disappear! Well come back soon

Kate x

Ms. Sylaneous said...

LOL.. my dad is a comedian too... he looks pretty mean as hell though. He says he keeps his mean face on to scare off the weaklings... he only surrounds him self with strong people...with good humor LOL

Lucia Phillips said...

I really like you blog. I think I will come back a read it as-well.

Please check mine out sometime

f1trey said...

checkin in...you ok?

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