Monday, October 12, 2009

Department Store Romance

The other day I was shoplifting with my kids (insert a hopeful laugh that I'm joking-here). We walked past the men's section and I glanced over and saw him. He was beautiful. Although he was pale and stoic, there was a mesmerizing quality within him. Garnering a strong fashion sense, he engaged me with his unyielding smile. His hair was plastic-like and unmoving, perfectly coiffed. Notably a very young man, yet not too juvenile for me to fawn over openly. His pose struck me as odd, however this world is whacked and his age group feisty so whatever. Sadly, he never addressed me or ogled me. I yearned for his wolf call and a stupid pick up line. I went totally unnoticed. It was just I, mentally undressing him (and then putting outfits together in my head and dressing him again). My kids pulled me by my hands and back to reality. I did so realizing I would never hold him or whisper sweet fashion secrets in his slightly raised lobes.

My Mannequin fascination HAD to end here in the men's department of Bealls.

I write this laughingly as I am insane and need medication. Yet still I was taken aback at the pose that was supposed to sell clothing to young men. I know MOST men have personal shoppers. Most couldn't care less what their attire consists of, but I can't see one who DOES thinking "Damn, I would look SO good standing straddled in THAT!!". I have never seen a man stand in that pose, EVER. Well,,maybe while laying by my side, champagne chilled, cheese and fruit positioned perfectly on a platter, staring up at the stars, talking about my beauty and forever in a deep hot steamy sexy voice,,,uh,,,sorry,,,,nopo,,,,,,,, NEV'A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I took the time to snap these pictures and share with you my thoughts on mannequin posture and lure. I did so ONLY because I care immensely about you and don't want you swept in as I was, in love for a short time with a plastic shell of a man (....not to mention it embarrassed the heck outta Dramagirl and MsDebate!.....and also a little because as previously noted, I really need medication and an "AWWW, I love ME man!" hug shirt)........But mostly for you.....You're Welcome!

3 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said...

Hey ! I know this guy!!...not a big like the silent plastic type?

The Invisible Seductress said...

He is quiet,,too quiet,,makes me think he's up to no good!!! Ha!!! You always make me smile--silent plastic men scare me, it's GI Joe's fault, I confessed my love to him and he just stared at Barbie,,loser!

Anonymous said...

Hi -- I just wanted to let you know that I chose your blog to receive an award. I was going to email you, but didn't see your address.
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Congratulations on having such a great blog! You are so entertaining. I love reading your posts! Keep it up!

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