Monday, November 9, 2009

Aw GEEZE,,,,,,did I really do THAT?

Well,, I am still down and out health wise so everyday activity is rough. I have had the kids staying with family until my strength comes back ( I love you Christina and Scott!!). It's been lonely and I am finding that I talk to myself a little bit too much to be normal, I'm working on it (no, she's not-yes she is-hush up).

DramaGirl decided that she wanted to spend the weekend with me. I suspected it was to get away from her sister and have free reign on the TV and computer here. I was wrong. She rubbed my feet (with lotion, I was rosy and soft) and brought me blankets and laid with me. And we talked-REALLY talked (mostly about boys, I suspect we both kinda like 'em!). I was impressed at what I raised and sad at how fast it was being raised. It started me thinking on the new mommy mistakes I made, two in particular I will share today.

Wanna hear about them? Of course you do, here I go:

My oldest was the prettiest little toddler EVER and always stopped traffic, my pride and joy. She was around 3 when she got a pretty good sized rash in her diaper and rear area. I babied the heck out of her and wanted to take the pain for her. We had special cream that really helped with the discomfort.

In the middle of the night my footed pajama princess wandered in complaining about the rash. I jumped up loved on her and took her in the bathroom for the cream. Not wanting to fully awaken her I decided to leave the lights off and opened the drawer and grabbed the cream singing sweetly to calm her. I slathered on a large amount before the screams started and the waft of mint hit my nose (turns light on). I had liberally coated my babies cherry red microscopic behind with Arm & Hammer mint tooth paste (with baking soda for extra whiteness!!!) Horrified I bent her in half and in the sink and splashed water on her rear quarter until she stopped crying (it took me a lot longer to stop crying). She did have minty fresh farts for weeks though! ............AWFUL HUH?

Well,, heres the next one,,, geesh.

After the divorce I had bought a small 2 bedroom for us. The girls would share a room. I had the great idea to use a trundle bed so there would be more play room in the day for them. I could pull it out just enough for her tiny body and just shove it back under the main bed in the morning (I am so brilliant,, there touch my sleeve,, ha). It gave them room to move around and play. They were about 5 and 3 at the time and life was hectic. One night the oldest who slept on the top, complained of a stomach ache so I coddled her and put her to bed. At 2AM I hear "Mom, I frowed up!!" in a sad little cry and bounded out of bed thinking "yup, this is bad". It was, I whistled, acted like I saw nothing and walked backward out of the room (well at least that's how I wanted it to play out).

My oldest had not a drop of frow up on her. My youngest still slumbering sweetly was covered head to toe in a nice warm blanket of upchuck. She never woke up. I readied a warm bath and a change of sheets and night clothes before gingerly picking her up and carrying her to the tub. Heaving I worked very hard trying not to add to the frow up situation at hand. She was STILL asleep. She remained asleep until I started washing her hair. With a horrified look and in a completely toddler cute voice she squeaked "What are WHO doin' to meeeeeeeee???" Her sister quickly fessed up "Ri-wey, I frowed up on yoooooooou!". After it was over I cried, praying that I could handle this on my own.

But,,,,,, I AM somehow. I suspect I will never stop worrying about how I will do things but will always know that I WILL do them to the best of my ability and with the love that only parents know.

Cherish your children! TODAY is the last day they will be this EXACT AGE! Everyday we lose another day of childhood.

......and BTW 9 out of 10 dentists agree you should NOT use toothpaste as diaper cream.

7 Seducing Deductions:

f1trey said...

hope you get to feelin better soon..... the downtime might just be the thing to recharge your batteries.... dont despair about being lonely..... :) join the club!

The Perks of Being Young and Married said...

what the. i just wanted to say you are a great writer and i love reading your blog :D

f1trey said...

Are you sure you have time for a cyber boyfriend??? I mean.... theres all that virtual not taking out the trash ill have to do which will give you cyber headaches and stuff... hehehe im just kidding.. I do like the idea of being you think the kids are ready for all that? Honestly i like carrying my weight in a relationship....should i pick up chinese?

The Invisible Seductress said...

We'll have a Grand time of it! The virtual not killing the bugs might be our only issue! You are officially adopted-I don't mind you have so many followers,,I'm not the jealous type, just always come home at night to your nice soft cyber home with me! ha

Chinese sounds divine-I'll cook-You bring you!

S1nnerman said...

lol I enjoyed reading your blog. Made me laugh at work which is never a good thing (as people now know I'm not working!). I'm now a follower :)

The Invisible Seductress said...

Smiling! Welcome to my crazy world!!!!!!

f1trey said...

hehehe no I insist...... you worked hard all bringin chinese home.... and some virtual raid ......(for the virtual bugs).....

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