Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weird thoughts of an overactive mind..

I believe sometimes the bully is hurting more than the bullied.

I believe cotton candy would make a fabulous pillow, unless you drool a lot.

I believe the people who feel the weakest are almost always the strongest.

I believe that when I sing, my dad hears me in heaven.

I believe in blowing bubbles as therapy.

I believe a mason jar with holes poked in the top should be a kid's standard summer issue.

I believe today is the first day of the rest of my life, but if nothing great happens, obviously, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.

I believe you can't cry with pop rocks bursting in your mouth.

I believe we should all wear a tool belt that has a can of Reddi-whip in it, if anyone looks sad, offer them a squirt straight in the mouth.

I believe stars sing, but only if the moon is in the mood.

I believe dodge ball is the meanest game in the world..... DUCK!!

I believe every huge oak tree should have a tire swing.

I believe there is a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro (Slate blue with black racing stripes on the hood and custom black leather interior, dual exhaust with a tag that says "try me") that is supposed to be mine. If you are currently driving it, please deliver it to me soon!!

I believe a picture is worth 1,ooo words, but 975 usually are best left unspoken.

I believe Lassie only saved Timmy from the well because Timmy was the one who fed her.

I believe all Oompa, Loompa's were originally from Jersey Shore.

I believe every time I hug someone, another hug is reserved for me when I need it.

I believe milk coming out of your nose from laughter is sexy.

I believe good guys always do finish last but only because they always stop to help.

I believe God counts our every tear and sheds one with us (yes, even cartoon Hippo tears!)

I believe blogging is addictive (twitching uncontrollably)

I believe just because an item says "one size fits all", "all" shouldn't try to fit into it.

I believe the word "EPIC" is an EPIC word.

I believe "Wise" is not a really good name for a potato chip (they really aren't that intuitive)

I believe roots are never square.

I believe those who need the most, also give the most.

I believe that I actually DO care if Jimmy cracks corn.

I believe my sparkles shine brighter when I smile.

I believe my dog knew me better than most humans do.

I believe the stairway to heaven is so long, it would be hell to really have to walk up it...but I can't wait to try!

I believe Jello contains healing properties.

I believe that money can't buy happiness, but it'd be fun to try.

I believe that Unicorns exist, but they are disguised as Ninja's during the day.

I believe the name "Funiuns" was a marketing ploy as I almost never categorize my time as "fun" if I eat them.

I believe Unicorn kisses taste like cherry.

I believe there is a Smurf Utopia and I want to wear white pants and live there.

I believe that when a squirrel initiates a staring contest with a human, he is saying "Yea, that's WHAT I THOUGHT PUNK!" after he wins and runs away.

I believe while driving on a rainy night, you should always swerve to miss the toads playing in the rain.

I believe Nuttella is a crappy imitation of chocolate.

I believe at least one of these touched you.

I believe in you.... and that I am a dork!

4 Seducing Deductions: said...

I believe I am grinning after reading this. I believe in you, bloggy sis. Lots of love,

DCHY said...

I'm a nice guy so I definitely liked that. Thanks!

Slyde said...

i believe that you are one sexy chick...

Kimberly said...

Love this post!

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