Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do a jig with me please.

I am stumped. Blank. Befuddled with a loss of words. No really, this can ACTUALLY
happen to me of all people!

The rambling run-on sentence Queen,,, can actually go empty on imagination/motivation/humor/inspiration. It is rare, but it happens. These are the moments
I slip into my striped toe socks, massage the head of a pink haired troll doll (complete with piercings and a tattoo of a purple elephant on a unicycle) and hum. I always hum something patriotic whilst
wearing a tin foil head piece and thinking of corn on the cob (because THAT'S patriotic fare).

Sometimes after humming, I dance.

Well, it's more of a jig actually, but I do it. Not only because jigging is a lost art form, but also
because I imagine I am sexy when I jig. I like imagining I am sexy, but it's a vicious cycle
really, because it forces me to jig more.

Have you ever jigged?

But I know you may be wondering why I am stumped.

You are aren't you???

Well if you are not, then the whole concept of this post is lost on you.

Oh, you are??? Good. I hate lost post concepts.

I am stumped because as I look around this world I see bad people doing well. I mean really
awful people who are selfish and cruel and unapologetic to both, succeeding. At least
from the surface, financially, in their love life and health, they appear to be.

But then, I see people who give when they don't have, love when they should walk away and offer support when they need it the most, failing.

And I don't understand.

But when you ask them....

They say...

They are blessed.

And they are.

Because they get it.

They don't miss noticing and appreciating the smaller things. Like a sunbeam. Or the way the water looks like a jewel box when that sunbeam hits it. The look in someone's eye when they receive a compliment. How a child runs faster in new shoes. The peace someone has before they leave this earth, satisfied that they did their part. A squirrel's chirping in the morning. The duck with her ducklings (your car is actually holding them up from the start of their day too). How intricate a dragonfly's wings are. The wonderful feeling of giving... anonymously.

In all actuality, we should be jealous of them.

So when you feel you are failing.... in love.... in your health... financially... ALL THREE??

There are things you can be doing. I hope and believe that if I inspire just one person,
I have made a difference in this world.

And that is enough of an answer to "Why am I here?". Isn't it?

And people ARE noticing that you glow (not in a toxic way) but in a heavenly way.

And all you awful people don't have to "get" it.

In your awfulness, you cause me to be befuddled, which allows me to wear striped toe
socks, which allows an edgy troll to have a head massage, causes me to don tinfoil, hum patriotically
and most importantly... makes me jig.

And maybe that is the only inspiration you have to give.

But that makes me feel sexy. And for that, I thank you.

2 Seducing Deductions:

Powdered Toast Man said...

I need to start jigging. I will have to get jigging for dummies.

Maalai said...

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