Monday, February 21, 2011

There's an app for that!

I feel really blessed to have found the way to post. With that being said, you would think I would have something to say that is genuinely amazing and for all intended purposes the most exciting thing you will read today!

But sadly, that is not the case.

Although words ARE swirling in my head like pink cotton candy----- they will not change your life---- they will not enter your head and refuse to leave as they resonate so deeply with you they sting like Justin Beiber ringtone.

But they might just make you feel warm and fuzzy----

Fuzzy like when you are curled up wearing footed PJ's on the velvety soft underbelly of a sweet gigantic bunny who smells like jasmine and strokes your hair softly whilst he sings you to sleep and orders his flop earred minions to make you fresh mozzarella cheese sticks and ice cold beer served in the finest of stemware.

Warm like the time you were swimming in the shallow side of the public pool and as you serenly dog paddle past a kid who looked perfectly contented just moments before---- you realize that you are currently enjoying the comfort of HIS liquified body temperature on your skin.

Warm AND fuzzy like nuzzling up in the underarm of a Sasquatch who just got out of the tanning bed to color his bare rear because he is obsessed with Jersey shore and desires to dress you up like Snookie and feed you pickles by the glow of a neon sign that is incessantly blinking: Hot Donuts~~ Hot Donuts~~ Hot Donuts~~ Hot Donuts!! (I must take a moment to share with you my excitment of being able to use the "~" sign.. I was not previously privvy to the "~" sign, and now I am jubilant to share the "~" sign with you!!)

I only wish I could give that warm fuzzy amazing post to you-- but instead-- I filled your head with sweet warm desirable moments that might never happen in real life--

--- except for the pool infraction-- you know THAT'S already happened to you!!
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2 Seducing Deductions:

Anonymous said...

you in my head like pink cotton candy....

oh it stays there, i promise you that...

mac said...

When one is feeling kinda down, warm and fuzzy can be so good :-)

Thanks !

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